Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bella's Wedding Dress causing a stir?

According to TMZ, girls are faking engagements in order to try on a replica of Bella's wedding dress from Breaking Dawn part 1 and it's causing issues for bridal shop owners. This picture is from their story...

Not to be snotty here, but let's get real. If you put the stand ups of Edward and Jacob in your store window, it's going to attract attention. I think their choice of display could be causing some of the issue. As far as "faking engagements" I doubt they're the first people to ever do that! lol
The replica dress by Alfred Angelo is available for $799 in sizes 0 to 30W. It's breath-taking, without question.
So...would you "fake" an engagement to try it on? That term just makes me lol. If it's causing issues for shops, I hate that, but let's look at how they're advertising and go from there, you know?