Saturday, October 29, 2011

BD Chapter 12. Some People Just Don't Grasp the Concept of "Unwelcome"

Poor Jacob just can't get by without more changes coming at him every single chapter! This time around, the pack he didn't even want to start is growing with the addition Leah. With the exception of maybe Paul, Leah is his least favorite wolf.

Key plot points from The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide
  • Leah also breaks from the pack and joins Jacob
    Leah is irritating; Jacob doesn't want to lead a pack; Leah wants to be free of Sam
  • Carlisle and Jacob talk; Carlisle is frustrated because he can't figure out what the fetus wants; Jacob has a thought about blood, and Edward hears the thought and shares it with the others; Bella agrees to give blood a try
It's completely understandable how Leah would make the choice to join up with Jacob. She gets to stay with her brother and keep an eye on him while escaping from the pain she has to endure as a part of Sam's pack. She feels unwanted by the very person she loved more than anyone else. That is a special kind of pain. She's constantly subjected to Sam's guilt when he sees her. She's dealing with both his pain and hers.

It's also highly understandable that Jacob doesn't want to lead a pack. He didn't go off on his own because he wanted to be the Alpha. He was just able to use his birthright to break from the pack in order to take control of the situation and protect Bella. The addition of Seth and Leah forces him to become an Alpha in daily practice. That's not something he was ready for.

The shared concern of Bella is causing Jacob to form a reluctant bond with Carlisle and Edward. They understood the sacrifices he's made to be there and appreciate that. They all want Bella safe more than anything. Jacob isn't letting that stop his less than positive thoughts about the situation which turns out to be the inspiration for Edward's newest idea to help Bella.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

BD Chapter 11. The Two Things at the Very Top of My Things-I-Never-Want-To-Do List

Told you there were still bigger changes ahead for Jacob. 

Key Plot Points fromThe Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide
  • Jacob struggles against Sam's order to obey
    Jacob is the true Alpha -- he was not born to kneel to Sam
  • Jacob breaks from the pack; he will stand between the pack and the Cullens
  • Jacob leaves to warn the Cullens
    Seth breaks from the pack and joins Jacob; they patrol the Cullens' land
  • Bella's condition worsens
So now he's struck out on his own with Seth following, all to protect Bella and the Cullens. Edward doesn't take lightly the sacrifice that Jacob has made. The situation is definitely tenuous.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twilight on FX and a chance to win a trip to the Breaking Dawn premiere

Twilight Facebook has just announced another opportunity to win a trip to the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1.
Want to go to the premiere of BREAKING DAWN - PART 1? Watch TWILIGHT tonight at 7:30pm on FX and check-in at for your chance to win.
This is the first time that Twilight has aired on FX. Just for fun, here is the movie description from my local cable...
A high-school student is caught up in a romance with a vampire, whose family has renounced the drinking of blood.
 You must be among the first 50 to check-in with GetGlue in order to be eligible to win. You can read the official rules here. If you are in that lucky 50 and don't win the trip, you can still win dinner and a movie.

While you're waiting you can always check out the FX weekly quiz. This week it's Twilight. I don't have Showtime so this will be the first time I've seen Twilight on television. Of course I have the dvd, we're not going to discuss how many copies, but there is something about it coming on tv! lol

Watch the Twilight Hand Print Ceremony LIVE

Can't make it to LA for the hand print ceremony on November 3? No worries! There will be a live feed!
Here are all the links from that tweet. The facebook page. The Ustream channel. Chinese Theatres Red Carpet Live. And of course you can follow the twitter @ChineseTheatres.

I'm VERY happy to hear that they'll be airing this live! Thanks to Team Pattinson UK for the tip!

*update* Thanks to Kimberly for noticing my link wasn't working anymore and sending me the right one!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BD Chapter 10. Why Didn't I Just Walk Away? Oh Right, Because I'm an Idiot.

Jacob's still reeling from his conversation with Edward, but it's time to face Bella now.

Key Plot Points from The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide
  • Jacob and Bella speak privately
    Bella believes Jacob will imprint on someone and everything will make sense; Bella doesn't expect to survive as a human; Bella understands what Edward has sent Jacob to offer, and won't consider it; Jacob feels an addiction to be with Bella, but he wants to leave
  • The pack decides the risk of this new creature is too great -- they will attack the Cullens
    Sam plans their strategy and uses the Alpha voice to ensure obedience
Things really change for Jacob in this chapter. He goes from being ready to take on the Cullens by himself last chapter to defending them. He's still angry at Sam, but this time for the opposite reason. This chapter has some fabulous quotes. Promise I'm going to be doing something with quotes soon. If you have favorites, let me know.

Since near the end of Eclipse, there has been little casual conversation between Jacob and Bella.  If they're talking, it's a heavy thing. Their conversation in Jacob's room after they battled the newborns, their dance at the wedding and now this. Jacob knows that Bella isn't going to listen to him, but he tries anyway. He tries because as much as he wishes he didn't, he still loves her.

There's another change for Jacob in this chapter. He realizes, or at least admits to himself for the first time, that Bella becoming a vampire isn't his greatest fear. Her death would be so much worse. I really feel for him here because, and this time at Edward's urging, he offers himself up and faces Bella's rejection again.
He's given the pack intelligence information without meaning to. They're using the way he saw the Cullen set up to figure out how to attack. Who will be guarding Bella, who will be most vulnerable. Just another instance of the incredible inconvenience of the pack mind for Jacob. If you've read this before, you know this is a pivotal chapter for Jacob and is just going to lead him in to even more changes.

He really does have the best chapter titles, don't you think?

Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Clip

Access Hollywood has a new clip from Breaking Dawn Part 1 and it's part of the honeymoon. Not gonna lie, didn't watch it myself and I have hidden it after the jump.