Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BD Chapter 16. Too-Much-Information Alert

This chapter is being discussed by the wonderful Krista Richmond. Here you go!
So – things are getting serious. There is an almost ominous tone to this chapter that certainly foreshadows the next two to come. But that is balanced by what I think is one of the sweetest moments in the saga. Without further ado …

Key Plot Points from The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide
  • Jacob’s Pack is still protecting the Cullen’s land
    Jacob congratulates Leah on being less annoying than Paul; Leah thinks Jacob makes a good Alpha; Jacob teaches Leah how to better enjoy eating as a wolf 
  • All the Cullens go hunting except Edward and Rosalie 
  • Edward hears the baby’s thoughts: The baby is happy and adores Bella
    Jacob now sees Bella and Edward as a happy little family; he feels alone and in pain 
  • Edward hears Jacob’s pain and gives Jacob the car keys and tells him to get away 
The juxtaposition of Jacob’s pain and Edward’s elation makes this – I think – one of the most interesting chapters in this book. There have, of course, been other instances of this stark contrast – the end of Eclipse, for example – but what makes this different is the permanence of the situation. Bella is having a child (very soon) with Edward, and Jacob finally understands that not going to change her mind to be with him. Yes, she’s chosen Edward over Jacob at several points throughout the saga, but now there is another – very tiny – person involved. Jacob sees that their family bond cannot be broken. Amber can attest that I am most definitely Team Edward, but I can’t help but feel for Jacob here. The writing is very obviously on the wall for him, and it always hurts when you’re the one not chosen. And kudos to Edward for recognizing that and offering him an out. They’ve developed such a strange sort of truce during Bella's pregnancy, and it’s nice to see Edward have some compassion for Jacob’s situation.

Bonding itself seems to be an important theme in this chapter. Two important bonds are formed that will shape the rest of the story. First, Jacob and Leah come to an understanding and even compliment each other. It’s also interesting that one of the most graphic descriptions of “hunting” doesn’t involve vampires, but rather wolves. I think Jacob truly accepts his role as a leader when he helps Leah get through her meal.

But perhaps the most significant bonding in this chapter is between daddy and (soon-to-be) daughter. This is one of the scenes I’m looking forward to most in the movie – Edward’s awestruck fascination when he “hears” his child. He now (finally) starts to see their child as a blessing rather than a curse, and his cautious optimism makes me smile.

This chapter does a good job of setting up what’s to come. What do you think?

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