Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Twilight on FX and a chance to win a trip to the Breaking Dawn premiere

Twilight Facebook has just announced another opportunity to win a trip to the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1.
Want to go to the premiere of BREAKING DAWN - PART 1? Watch TWILIGHT tonight at 7:30pm on FX and check-in at for your chance to win.
This is the first time that Twilight has aired on FX. Just for fun, here is the movie description from my local cable...
A high-school student is caught up in a romance with a vampire, whose family has renounced the drinking of blood.
 You must be among the first 50 to check-in with GetGlue in order to be eligible to win. You can read the official rules here. If you are in that lucky 50 and don't win the trip, you can still win dinner and a movie.

While you're waiting you can always check out the FX weekly quiz. This week it's Twilight. I don't have Showtime so this will be the first time I've seen Twilight on television. Of course I have the dvd, we're not going to discuss how many copies, but there is something about it coming on tv! lol

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