Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BD Preface and Chapter 1. Engaged

I'll give myself up right from the beginning. I'm going to offer you the link to Twilight Lexicon's chapter summaries for all of these. They're fabulous, but do contain information from later chapters so I don't recommend them if you haven't read ahead. I would imagine that most of you have read the book by now, but you never know and I'm glad you're here all the same!
In The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide we have been given a list of key plot points for every chapter and I'm going to be using those as well.

Bella foreshadows her death, but this time, she's being killed by someone that she loves. First time reading, I definitely thought she was talking about Edward here. What about you?

Chapter 1. Engaged
This chapter is about Bella processing where she is right now, what's really going on with her. The ring that she feels like is a pulsing neon sign. She's always been about avoiding attention and being engaged to a Cullen makes that pretty impossible. Even her "before" car has total strangers stopping to take pictures at the gas station!

Key plot points

  • Bella feels conspicuous in her "before" car
  • Bella sees HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BOY posters for Jacob, who is still missing
  • Bella recalls breaking the news of her engagement to Charlie and Renee

The scene that plays out when Bella and Edward break the news to Charlie is classic and very much in character. His laughter at the thought of Bella having to break the news to her mother is fabulous. I have to say though, Renee's reaction just seems a little too easy. I mean, in Eclipse she was so concerned about how Bella and Edward interacted and now she's suddenly fine with them marrying? I'm not quite buying that one. Like Charlie, I'm a little disappointed.

What are your thoughts so far? Also wondering, when did you first read Breaking Dawn?

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TLC said...

I started reading Breaking Dawn just as soon as i had it in my hands and in my own home and stopped screaming because it was finally (FINALLY) out!

I read straight through the night.
At that point, in the book...I was still so unsure if she was going to actually marry Edward (you just never know....hence the KISS with Jacob from Eclipse anyone?)

I too was just a little unsure what was going to happen.