Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BD Chapter 7. Unexpected

Absolutely perfect chapter title, right? The Twilight Lexicon summary is here. Again, let's jump right in to the plot points from ;The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.
  • Bella awakes from another dream about the Volturi and the child
    Edward has gone hunting; Bella fixes herself fried chicken but it tastes wrong so she throws it out
  • When Edward gets home Bella starts throwing up; the pieces fall into place; she realizes she must be pregnant
  • Bella touches her stomach and feels a little nudge; Edward is stunned
  • Alice calls; Bella talks to Carlisle, tells him her theory/ he asks some medical questions and agrees she is pregnant
  • Edward starts making travel arrangements while hurriedly packing; Bella doesn't understand why Edward seems furious
  • Bella feels another nudge; she is surprised at how much she already loves her little nudger
  • Edward tells her not to be afraid, that he won't let that "thing" hurt her
  • Bella sneaks a phone call to Rosalie to ask for help
That is a fairly accurate wrap up of the chapter this time around. Bella's pregnancy was one of those things that caused fan divide when Breaking Dawn first came out back in 2008. There had been a lot of discussion with Stephenie Meyer about whether or not vampires could reproduce but she very carefully handled those questions and only ever really addressed whether or not a female vampire could have a child. It was definitely a surprise, but not an unwelcome one for me personally and I was glad to see Edward and Bella on the way to being parents.

Edward's reaction was surprising, this is something that he wanted Bella to be able to have. However, Edward was very much aware of what it meant to be a vampire and knew right away Bella wasn't carrying a normal baby. He was right to be concerned, but it would have been nice for him to actually discuss the situation with Bella before coming up with a plan.

Most mothers can probably relate to Bella's emotions upon felling her baby move and can understand how that drove her to do something she never imagined doing, asking Rosalie for help.

What was your reaction to this chapter? Were you surprised, happy, disappointed with this particular plot twist? Did the dreams of the green-eyed baby boy foreshadow this for you?

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