Thursday, October 13, 2011

BD Chapter 5. Isle Esme

So now...we've had the wedding, the reception...something else important must be coming up, right? Oh yes...the honeymoon. The infamous Isle Esme...where feathers will fly.

Key Plot Points from The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide
  • Bella and Edward leave for their honeymoon; they take a plane to Houston, a second one to Rio de Janeiro, and then a boat to Isle Esme
  • Edward carries Bella cross the threshold; he goes for a midnight swim, waits for Bella in the water
         Bella takes a shower to calm down
  • Edward is afraid of hurting Bella
  • In the morning, Bella wakes to a feeling of pure happiness
         Edward is angry at himself -- he points out the bruises all over Bella's body; he berates himself for
         hurting Bella; she tries to convince him that she is fine, she is happy
  • Edward gets up to fix breakfast for Bella, and she asks him if he plans to avoid touching her for the rest of the honeymoon
That's Isle Esme in a nutshell but totally skips over all the fun parts. Until I reread the chapter for this discussion, I'd forgotten that the headboard didn't fall victim the same night as Esme's feather pillows. I wonder if that will be combined in the movie. (btw-when I "wonder" about things in the movie, I am NOT asking for anyone that knows the answers to tell me. I made that mistake with New Moon and had a scene I was highly anticipating ruined for me. So, speculate right along with me, but don't flat out tell me if you know.)

What was your reaction to the their honeymoon destination? The famous fade to black? Bella's body the morning after? Edward's reaction? I'd say for a vampire/human love affair, she fared pretty well. I can understand Edward's side, but I'm with Bella, it would have been convenient if he could have read her mind just this once.

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