Tuesday, October 11, 2011

BD Chapter 4. Gesture

From the wedding to the reception. Bella meets Tanya and the rest of the Denali coven and is put at ease by Edward's obvious glee to be her husband. She greets Seth and Sue Clearwater and notes a lifting in Billy Black's mood. She dances with Edward, her father and other friends and family before a special guest arrives.

Chapter summary from Twilight Lexicon is here and I'm going to go ahead and share from The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide at this point...

Key Plot Points
  • The reception is in the backyard, at twilight   
         Edward and Bella greet their guests 
  • Jacob steps out from the woods;
         Edward leaves so he and Bella can talk alone 
  • Jacob is horrified to hear that Bella is planning a “real” honeymoon before she becomes a vampire; he grabs Bella and shakes her      
         Edward is instantly there; Jacob is ready to kill him; Seth and two wolves shove Jacob back into the woods 
  • Bella composes herself and they go back to the reception 
  • Bella says a tearful, loving goodbye to Renee and Charlie 
To me, there is another key plot point here not mentioned. The conversation between Bella and Jacob before he finds out about her “real honeymoon” plans is important. He’s using all his strength and self-control to be there for her. He wants to make this about making her day as special for her as possible. This was his gift to her. It was selfless on his part. (I know I’m going to catch flack from some of you for saying anything Jacob does is “selfless”)

 His concern about what’s going to happen to her is completely understandable. He might not want Bella to be a vampire, but he doesn’t want her dead before that can even happen. There is still a strong bond there, on both sides. It’s evident by her relief in his appearance and her reaction to his reaction. Edward making Bella look at her reflection…sigh. I hope we get to see that scene in the movie.

At the end of the chapter they are embarking on the rest of their lives, their future together. Bella is leaving her human family and friends behind, and one particularly heartbroken werewolf. She believes she’ll never see any of them again. What did you think of the reception? What about Jacob’s appearance and his reaction? Was it for Bella, or was it all about him?

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