Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BD Chapter 10. Why Didn't I Just Walk Away? Oh Right, Because I'm an Idiot.

Jacob's still reeling from his conversation with Edward, but it's time to face Bella now.

Key Plot Points from The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide
  • Jacob and Bella speak privately
    Bella believes Jacob will imprint on someone and everything will make sense; Bella doesn't expect to survive as a human; Bella understands what Edward has sent Jacob to offer, and won't consider it; Jacob feels an addiction to be with Bella, but he wants to leave
  • The pack decides the risk of this new creature is too great -- they will attack the Cullens
    Sam plans their strategy and uses the Alpha voice to ensure obedience
Things really change for Jacob in this chapter. He goes from being ready to take on the Cullens by himself last chapter to defending them. He's still angry at Sam, but this time for the opposite reason. This chapter has some fabulous quotes. Promise I'm going to be doing something with quotes soon. If you have favorites, let me know.

Since near the end of Eclipse, there has been little casual conversation between Jacob and Bella.  If they're talking, it's a heavy thing. Their conversation in Jacob's room after they battled the newborns, their dance at the wedding and now this. Jacob knows that Bella isn't going to listen to him, but he tries anyway. He tries because as much as he wishes he didn't, he still loves her.

There's another change for Jacob in this chapter. He realizes, or at least admits to himself for the first time, that Bella becoming a vampire isn't his greatest fear. Her death would be so much worse. I really feel for him here because, and this time at Edward's urging, he offers himself up and faces Bella's rejection again.
He's given the pack intelligence information without meaning to. They're using the way he saw the Cullen set up to figure out how to attack. Who will be guarding Bella, who will be most vulnerable. Just another instance of the incredible inconvenience of the pack mind for Jacob. If you've read this before, you know this is a pivotal chapter for Jacob and is just going to lead him in to even more changes.

He really does have the best chapter titles, don't you think?

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lgnaturegirl said...

He's so timid in the beginning of the series and grows into a such a tempermental teenager when it comes to Bella. I love his sarcasm (evident in the chapter title). He knows what isn't good for him, but he plunges forward anyway.