Thursday, October 20, 2011

BD Book 2 Preface & Chapter 8. Waiting for the Damn Fight to Start Already

The quote at the beginning of Book Two is from A Midsummer Night's Dream and is quite fitting...
And yet, to say the truth, reason and love keep little company together nowadays.
Preface - Jacob's point of view

Life sucks, and then you die. 
Yeah, I should be so lucky.
Key Plot Point from The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide
  • Paul has imprinted on Jacob's sister Rachel, and no one is pleased; Paul is annoying everyone
  • Jacob is waiting to hear about Bella
         Jacob spends an afternoon with Quil and Claire
  • Sam calls a meeting of the pack; Edward and Bella have returned
         Jacob feels the treaty has been broken and the wolves should attack; Sam declares that the Cullens are not a danger
When it comes to Jacob and Paul the tides have turned. Now Paul is the mellow one and Jacob is the one with rage issues, raring to fight. He's definitely concerned about how many of the pack are imprinting, it's up to four out of the ten now. That's certainly more than just a rare occurrence.  Also, this part makes you think about the other wolves in the pack with families that don't know what they are and what is going on. I can't imagine what that would be like for a mother to have to deal with. There should have been a clause in there about parental notification, right?

Jacob is waiting to hear that Bella is gone. I find it interesting that while he is trying to figure out how the story will go, he thinks that she could lose her life in Edward's quest for his own pleasure. He mentions knowing Edward, but after their time in the tent, you'd think he'd realize there is nothing in the world that Edward would put before Bella's life, most especially his own pleasure. Never entered his mind that Bella was the one pushing for the "real" honeymoon.

Since we know where the book is heading, this little afternoon with Quil and Claire makes sense. We need to see this. The conversation between Quil and Jacob is poignant. Jacob needs to move on, but he hasn't found a way to do that yet. As he takes off in response to Sam's call, we see the beginnings of his unrest as a part of the pack. He doesn't like taking orders and not being able to call the shots. This chapter also shows the tension between Jacob and Leah.

Bella and Edward are home, but they're not just now getting there. They've been there for a while and they've told Charlie that Bella picked up a disease in South America and must be quarantined. Sam's decided whether this means that she's already been changed or not, the spirit of the treaty stands and the pack will not attack. Jacob shifts back to his human form so no one else can hear his decision to act alone.

Were you surprised by Sam's decision? Jacob's willingness to take on the Cullens on his own? I loved that he was asked just what he planned to do if Bella fought with them.

Instead of giving you the Twilight Lexicon chapter summary link in each discussion post, I'm going to go back and add them to the schedule post. Just makes it a tiny bit quicker for me.

I hope you're enjoying these discussions. We should be completely back on track very soon.

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