Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Eclipse' DVD buying guide

As you know the 'Eclipse' dvd is released on December 4th. When 'New Moon' was released on DVD we were overwhelmed with buying options with multiple versions in different stores and with each store featuring many 'extras'. This time the buying options are a little simpler but which version is the best value? We found this great article on which version to buy Via Check out the guide below!

Wal Mart
This version is the blu ray and DVD combined, so you pay one price and get both. It rings in at $26.46, and here’s what you get.

Audio Commentary, Deleted and Extended Scenes, Photo Gallery, Music Videos.

Languages: English and Spanish, Subtitles: English SDH and Spanish, 6 Part Making-of Documentary (Picture-In-Picture Mode on Blu-ray Only); “Jump To… Edward”; “Jump To… Jacob”; “Jump To… The Love Triangle”; “Jump To… The Cullens”; “Jump To… The Wolfpack”; “Jump To… The Humans”; “Jump To… Victoria’s Army”; “Jump To… Action Sequences”.

Note that the Picture in Picture is on the Blu Ray only, but you do get the Audio Commentary. You can pre-order this version at the link.

Catherine Hardwicke's new movie trailer is released!

The trailer for Catherine's new movie 'Red Riding Hood', a re working of the classic fairy tale, has been released. Check out the trailer below! Some fun facts - 'Red Riding Hood' stars Shiloh Fernandez who originally tested for Catherine for the role of Edward Cullen. Catherine didn't think that Shiloh had the same level of intense chemistry with Kristen as Rob had and the rest is history. The movie is produced by Leonardo DiCaprio's production company and Billy Burke (who we all know and love as papa Charlie Swan) also stars!


Peter reveals what 'Nurse Jackie' has in store for Dr. Coop

Peter Facinelli has revealed that his Dr. Coop character will go through some tough times this season;

"This year, Coop goes through quite a depression," he says. "Which is sad for him. I feel bad. Some tragic things happen in his life, but Coop's [normally] so happy-go-lucky. I hate seeing him in such a slump, but hopefully he'll pull out of it. I'm shooting episode eight so I'm waiting for him to pull out of this funk."

If you haven't checked out 'Nurse Jackie' you should! You can watch it on Showtime - Peter is excellent in the show!

'Welcome to the Rileys' distribution and box office update!

Welcome to the Riley's' is on it's nearly fourth week of release and so far it's box office is at $100,881. The movie's producer Giovanni Agnelli tweeted today;

"If you contact your local art house / indie theater and they express interest in showing Welcome to the Rileys, I will try to get it there"
"The distributor wants to get the movie out as much as possible. Its a VERY crowded time of year for movies, its up to the theaters now"
"Contact the owner/manager of your local theaters. Distributor may not know some of the smaller theaters in your town."
"Studio is still expanding WTTR. I want fans to have a voice where it shows too. Check w/your local theater, if they want it, let me know"
"WTTR scheduled to open in: Washington DC, Nashville TN, Plano TX, Dallas TX, Rochester NY, Chigago IL, San Francisco CA, Philadelphia PA, Kansas City, Miami Beach Winter Park and Sarasota FL, San Diego CA"
Again as we have said before this film will only get a wider release if people in the limited release areas go to see the movie so go see it if it is in your area!


Maggie Grace in 'Glamour' magazine

Maggie Grace ('Breaking Dawn's' Irina) is featured in a fall floral fashion spread in this month's 'Glamour' Magazine.

Check out the full article and all the pictures HERE.


Hillywood Show 'Eclipse' Parody

The Hillywood Show have released their 'Eclipse' parody and it is hysterical! You may recognize some of the outfits and the songs. Check out the video below and visit the Hillywood Show website to view their other parodies!


Twilight men are the sexiest!

Rob, Taylor Kellan, and Alex are all featured in People Magazines annual 'Sexiest Man Alive' edition. Ryan Reynolds may have snagged the title this year but Rob is featured  in the sexy at every age category (thanks to Gossip Dance for the scan). Taylor is featured in the naughty or nice category, Alex is featured (thanks to for the Scan) and Kellan is  one of the 'Twenty five chests to be thankful for'.

Source and Source and Source

Bid for a 'Breaking Dawn' set visit!

Charity Buzz has teamed up with the GO Campaign for an opportunity to win a visit to the set of "Breaking Dawn" in Vancouver!  The auction, which closes bidding on December 8, allows one winner to select three friends to travel with them to Vancouver to visit the set of "Breaking Dawn." Winners will spend two nights in a deluxe executive suite at the elite Four Season Hotel in Vancouver, complete with VIP limo service to and from the "Breaking Dawn" set. As part of the day on the set, winners have the chance to spend time with the film's cast! Obviously this opportunity will cost a pretty penny and bidding is currently listed at $30,000 dollars (!!). But the money is going to a great cause as proceeds from the auction are donated to the GO Campaign's efforts to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children throughout the world.


Anna speaks out against bullying

Anna Kendrick has recorded an anti bullying message in support of Ellen DeGeneres's anti bullying campaign. "One of the stars of "Twilight," Anna Kendrick, recorded this video to share an important message about the effects our words have -- and why some words just aren't funny."

Check out the video below;


Monday, November 15, 2010

Ashley profiled in Gotham Magazine!

Ashley (who seems to be everywhere lately!) has just been profiled in 'Gotham' magazine.  In the profile she talks about working with Jennifer Garner in 'Butter' and how grateful she has been for the Twilight opportunity;
"“It was the first comedy I’ve ever done, so I was equally terrified and excited,” says Greene. “Plus I was working with Jennifer Garner, who I could just sit and watch all day long.”....
“Right now my fans seem to be growing with me. I want my fans to know that Twilight has given me an incredible opportunity, but this is all still new and exciting"
Check out the full article HERE.

Billy Burke at the AMA's!

Billy Burke answered some fan questions at the American Music Awards he talked about his music, his album 'Removed', the 'Twilight' phenomenon and working with Kristen.
Check out the video below!


New Michael Welch interview!

Team Twilight had the honor of interviewing Michael Welch, who we all know as hapless Michael Newton, about his new movie 'Unrequited' and his role in the upcoming 'Breaking Dawn' filming. Some highlights of the interview include;
"Have you read the [Breaking Dawn] script?
But you’re signed on?
Yes, I will be in Breaking Dawn.
Do you think it’s possible for Mike to get any closure?
It just depends on how you look at it. I’m thinking back to my lost first love from high school into my young adult life. I don’t recall getting closure, you just sort of move on. Rejection sucks and it certainly can’t be easy for Mike to watch this woman he loves committing herself to another man. Well, another “man” as far as he knows. But at the same time, I’m sure there’s also a layer of him feeling happy for Bella. It’s pretty clear how much Bella loves Edward. So I think there’s an element of someone that you care about being happy, so there might be some closure there.
Do you think you’ll get more screen time than you did in Eclipse? You were in Eclipse for about 5 seconds. That was disappointing.
Yes, in Eclipse I had my little cafeteria scene and then I had the graduation with that stupid look on my face sitting behind Bella and Edward in soft focus. I’ll probably get at least as much screen time in Breaking Dawn. New Moon is my peak in the franchise, which is strange when you think about it.
The theater scene is a great scene, though, when you get sick. It’s excellent. Very enjoyable to watch. I feel sorry for Mike at the time.
I’m very proud of that sequence. That’s my mark on the Twilight franchise, that little 3 ½ minutes and the cafeteria.
I’d like to see you and your other human friends have a little more time, but knowing the story…
Yeah, there’s not a lot of opportunity for additional scenes in a book that’s close to a thousand pages, they’re not looking to add scenes. They’re looking to cut out whatever they can."

Check out the full great interview on Team Twilight!

New Twilight 'Fame' comic book

The team behind the 'Fame' comic books have a new release. This one will be called 'Fame - The cast of Twilight' and it will be a compilation of previously released Fame editions along with a history of Stephenie Meyer. 


The comic is released December 1st and can be pre ordered HERE.

No Bella's wedding gown for Zac Posen

Last week I posted an article about Bella's wedding gown and the rumors surrounding who will design it and what it will look like. (Read the article HERE). One of the names heavily rumored at the time was Zac Posen, but he put that rumor to rest this weekend when he tweeted;

A pretty unequivocal denial you would agree and we won't mention the fact Carrie Bradshaw (a fictional person) wears Zac Posen in Sex and The City movies... So the mystery continues and the story goes on - this is a big deal job, this tweet even made it to the NY Mag Fashion pages! I can't wait to see who the designer turns out to be!
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Jackson tweets from 'No Ordinary Family'

Jackson is currently guest starring on ABC's 'No Ordinary Family' and he is expected to continue in the role for at least the next several episodes. Last week he tweeted from the set and answered viewers twitter questions! Jackson Rathbone Online has the full transcript which you can read HERE.
Some highlights include;
"Hi Jackson. I read somewhere that you are finalizing a deal to be in “Shadowland.” Any word on this? Much Love, Cassandra
@Cass100monkeys you read correct. i am in final negotiations.."

"Not sure if this has been asked or not, if you could jam with any musician dead or alive, who would it be, and what would you play?
@AuthorHeatherGarrett I would jam with Bach, and I would play electric guitar.

"Jackson: What do you hope to accomplish within the next year. I know theres alot of different projects you are working on but what new task are you wanting to learn to add to your quite impressive resume?
@BlkDiamndDarlin i am actually developing a couple different tv shows… and producing up & coming indie bands …quite excited.
@BlkDiamndDarlin i want to learn to play the violin .."

Check out the full 'twitterview' HERE.

Alex drops out of 'Sugar'

Via The Meraz Effect and the Twilight Lexicon Alex Meraz has dropped out of the movie 'Sugar'. According to his management;
"“Dear Alex fans…in the next few days, we will be removing everything from our website that is in regards to the film Sugar. I was given the following note to pass along from Alex’s management. I do not have further details at this time….
Alex will be pulling his involvement with the film SUGAR. Please DO NOT make any donations to fund the film.
Fellow fansites: Please make sure to post this on your sites and get the info out to your fans. I can assure you this is legit."

No further information is available at this time but the movie production had been trying to raise funding online via their website We will let you know if we hear more!
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REMINDER: Vote for 'Eclipse' and the cast for the Peoples Choice Award

Just a reminder to continue to vote for 'Eclipse' and the cast have who been nominated for eight Peoples Choice awards - leading the pack with the most nominations. They are nominated in the following categories;

Favorite Movie - 'Eclipse'
Favorite Movie Actor - Rob and Taylor are both nominated
Favorite Movie Actress - Kristen is nominated
Favorite Drama Movie - 'Eclipse'
Favorite Screen Team - Rob, Kristen and Taylor
Favorite Movie Star under 25 - Rob and Kristen

Vote HERE and the show will air on CBS on January 5th!

Rob and Kristen nominated for The Richard Attenborough Film Awards - Film Star of 2010

Both Rob and Kristen have been nominated for The Richard Attenborough Film Awards for Film Star of 2010.  Richard Attenborough is an English actor, director, producer and entrepreneur. Attenborough has won two Academy Awards, four BAFTA Awards and three Golden Globes. You can read more about him here.  The Voting closes at noon on Monday December 6, with the winner announced on Monday December 13. The criteria for winning is simply the actor and actress with the most votes.   Voting is HERE so go vote for Rob and Kristen NOW!


Rob wins two BBC Teen Awards!

Rob has won another set of accolades, this time at the BBC teen awards. Rob won for for Best Dressed and Best Actor -at the ceremony in London, England.  Obviously Rob couldn't attend due to 'Breaking Dawn' filming but he accepted the awards via video message.

Congratulations Rob!

Sam Bradley is on tour!

Sam Bradley longtime friend of Rob and who co wrote 'Never Think' from the 'Twilight' soundtrack is currently on tour and I had the pleasure of seeing him live last week! Sam is supporting Brooke Fraser and is touring in support of his new EP 'Zuni' which you can buy HERE.

I have attached some photos of the show to this post. It was my first time ever seeing Sam live and he seriously impressed me, he is so wonderful live. He performed with just his voice, a guitar and the back up of another guitar and man is his voice strong. I was dissapointed his set was so short but he managed to pack a lot into his short stage time. I can't recall the full set list but below are some youtube versions of the songs I remember him doing. If you do get a chance to see Sam in concert I strongly recommend you go.

'The Last Airbender' released on DVD tomorrow!

Jackson's movie 'The Last Airbender' is released on DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow. You can order the movie on Amazon from here and here.

Try out Peter's cookie recipe!

Last week we told you about Peter supporting the fight against pediatric cancer with the 'Celebrity Cookie Challenge' and we now have Peter's cookie recipe Via the Twilight Lexicon! These cookies are so good - I made them Saturday and my husband and his friends have been devouring them (nearly empty cookie box picture to the right for proof!)

* 2 cups all-purpose flour
* 1 teaspoon baking powder
* 1 teaspoon cinnamon
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 1 1/2 sticks unsalted butter, softened
* 1/2 cup granulated sugar
* 3/4 cup packed light brown sugar
* 2 large eggs
* 1 teaspoon vanilla
* 12 ounces semisweet chocolate chips
* 1 cup dried tart cherries * I didn't add cherries to mine