Thursday, November 11, 2010

Update to 'Breaking Dawn' cast Twitter list!

We have two new additions to our twitter list for the 'Breaking Dawn' cast members are 'tweeters'! Erik Odom (Peter) and Valorie Curry (Charlotte) are both on twitter and join numerous other cast members who tweet. Follow Erik here (@erikodom) and Valorie here (@valoriecurry)

Thanks to for the heads up!

Other cast members who tweet;

MyAnna Buring  (@myannaburing)
Mia Maestro (@miamaestro)
Peter Facinelli (@peterfacinelli)
Jamie Campbell Bower  (@jamiebower)
Michael Welch (@MichaelWelchAct)
Bronson Pelletier (@Sonofbrown)
Kellan Lutz (@Kellanlutz)
Ashley Greene (@ashleymgreene)

'Eclipse' nominated for eight Peoples Choice Awards!

'Eclipse' and the movies cast have been nominated for eight Peoples Choice awards - leading the pack with the most nominations. The movie and cast are nominated in the following categories;

Favorite Movie - 'Eclipse'
Favorite Movie Actor - Rob and Taylor are both nominated
Favorite Movie Actress - Kristen is nominated
Favorite Drama Movie - 'Eclipse'
Favorite Screen Team - Rob, Kristen and Taylor
Favorite Movie Star under 25 - Rob and Kristen

Vote HERE and the show will air on CBS on January 5th!

'Welcome to the Rileys' available for Pre Order!

Kristen's 'Welcome to the Rileys' is now available for DVD and Blu Ray pre order on Order the DVD HERE and Blu Ray HERE. There is no actual release date for the DVD yet (the movie is obviously still in the theaters - go see it if it is in your area!) but we will keep you updated.

Ashley talks to 'Access Hollywood' about her rise to fame

Ashley spoke to 'Access Hollywood' about her rise to fame and about the upcoming 'Breaking Dawn' filming. Ashley told 'Access' "I’ve only been down there for hair and makeup tests and to meet [director] Bill Condon, which was absolutely wonderful,” she explained. “But I haven’t actually started filming yet… that happens towards the beginning of December for me.” The 23-year-old said she’s itching to sink her teeth back into the vampire world.
“I’m really excited to get down there and goof around with those guys again,” Check out the video of Ashley's chat below.


Billy Burke talks 'Breaking Dawn'

Billy Burke was interviewed on the Victoria's Secret fashion show red carpet and talked about his hopes for the 'Breaking Dawn' honeymoon scenes, check out the video from Popsugar below!
The always excellent Twilight Examiner also found some comments Billy made earlier in the week at at a VH1''Save the Music' event that may hint at a new scene in the movie!
"my character actually gets to find out some stuff in these next two installments. I’ve been oblivious to the entire situation . . . so Charlie learns some things and I can’t wait for that moment when Charlie sees a werewolf". In the book we only HEAR through Edward that Jacob phased in front of Charlie, the scene is not played out. This may be an exciting addition to the movie!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Eyes of Amber, Breaking Dawn filming and Pap pictures

Many of you have been coming to Eyes of Amber for a long time (from well before I started blogging) and you know our site policies by now. However I wanted to take a moment to refresh and explain why we are not posting the 'Breaking Dawn' filming pictures/videos.

1 - We are paparazzi free - a lot of these pictures are pap pictures (many are fan pictures also) but it hard to distinguish that and it would go against our policies to post them here.
2 - A lot of the 'Breaking Dawn' information coming out has included actors locations/schedules. We feel this is not information that we should share, we want Rob and Kristen and the rest of the cast and crew to feel safe and secure on set and in their downtime.
3 - Amber and other readers are trying to remain 'BD Virgin's' (Amber did this for 'Eclipse' also (I don't know how!)) and I totally respect her and other readers rights to remain 'spoiler free' (in so much as you can having read the books!). If and when official stills of the production/movie are released we will post these under a cut like we did all through 'Eclipse' and Amber did previously for 'New Moon' and 'Twilight'

Thanks again for visiting we really appreciate all of our readers!

**For full disclosure - I loved seeing the pictures and have happily visited the many sites that have had great coverage of the cast's time in Rio. I have absolutely no issue with anyone else posting these on their site and there is no judgment from me on anyone else posting these.

***Amber here - I have seen some of them too, and they're fantastically exciting, but they aren't being posted here for all the reasons that Eimear has explained above. We're not judging anyone else's coverage, just sticking to our own policies

Bella's wedding gown

So there have been lots of rumors flying around about what 'THE' wedding dress will look like and who will design it. Today we got word via The Awful Truth (not the most reliable of sources to be fair) that "Apparently the wedding dress Bella wears isn't as hot as the sex scenes.
 "It's hideous," dishes our insider. "And it's not the designer's fault. Let's just say someone who has final say on the matter has decided upon a terribly conservative and ugly gown."
And last weeks big rumor was Zac Posen was the designer of choice. Kristen has previously worn Zac's edgy designs (see right) and Zac had sketched an example dress for an 'In Style' feature on the 'Twilight' gown (see here).
In the book the gown is described as;

"the narrow sheath of the shimmering white dress flared out subtly at the train almost like an inverted calla lily, cut so skillfully that her body looked elegant and graceful - while it was motionless, at least." the dress is also described as having a "long line of pearl buttons up my back"

So what do you think the dress should be like? Me - something like these to the left would be my choice but i want to see yours! Link me to your visions in the comments!
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KStewartNews Interviews Kristen's make up artist Beau Nelson!

The awesome KStewartNews has a GREAT interview with Kristen's make up artist Beau Nelson.  They talk about some of Beau's favorite products to use on Kristen and how to recreate some of her most beautiful looks including the gorgeous 'Eclipse' New York Premiere look (see right those gorgeous plum eyes).

Checkout the great interview HERE and congrats to them on a job well done!


'Welcome to the Riley's' Box Office news

Welcome to the Riley's' was on it's second weekend of limited release this past weekend and added $17,784 to bring it's total gross to $59,929. 
Again as we have said before this film will only get a wider release if people in the limited release areas go to see the movie. Here's hoping the executives allow more of us to see the movie over the coming weekends, I for one will be straight there!


Daniel Radcliffe spoofs 'Twilight' on 'The Simpsons'

This is just adorable - check out this brief clip of Daniel Radcliffe (my beloved Harry Potter - can't believe that series is nearly over also!) spoofing 'Twilight' on 'The Simpsons' this past weekend! Daniel played 'Edmund'


Anne Rice blasts Twilight!

The famed Vampire author Anne Rice has blasted 'Twilight' for it's "failure of imagination".  Speaking with New Jersey's 'Star Ledger' Rice said;

"Q. It is complicated, which is why I have such mixed feelings about “Twilight.” It’s so sanitized.
A. It’s based on a really silly premise: that immortals would go to high school. It’s a failure of imagination, but at the same time, that silly premise has provided Stephenie Meyer with huge success. It’s almost like a stroke of genius to put vampires in high school. They just graduate over and over again.

I hated high school.
A. Doesn’t everyone? The idea that if you are immortal you would go to high school instead of Katmandu or Paris or Venice, it’s the vampire dumbed down for kids. But it’s worked. It’s successful. It makes kids really happy."
Read the full article here
Do you agree with Ms. Rice? Let us know below what you think of her comments!
Source via MTV

Anna in LCD Soundsystem's new video!

Anna Kendrick is starring in LCD Soundsystem's new video for their song 'Pow Pow'
Check it out!


More 'Breaking Dawn' cast news!

This isn't new (I am just late in posting! Sorry!) but Summit have announced another eight new cast members, Andrea Powell has confirmed her involvement and Michael Sheen has announced he will be filming again in December.

First up - who are the eight new cast members? Well this is what we know - only their names! Their roles have not been announced yet but here is a brief outline of who they all are;

Amadou Ly

Andrea Powell

Amadou Ly
Born in Senegal he has done some theater work and had a small role in "Law & Order" and several short films.

Olga Fonda
Olga Fonda
A Russian model and actress has appeared in "How I Met Your Mother" and "Entourage." She has also been cast in Hugh Jackman's upcoming futuristic boxing drama, "Real Steel."

Amadou Ly
Born in Senegal he has done some theater work and had a small role in "Law & Order" and several short films.
Masami Kosaka
Kosaka was in "The Runaways" in which he played a Japanese journalist interviewing Joan and Cherrie. He was also in "FlashForward," "What About Brian" and a low-budget action flick called "The Legend of Samurai."

 Wendell Pierce 
Janelle Froe
Wendell has been in"The Wire" and currently in "Treme".  
Wendell Pierce
Sebastiao Lemos - The Brazilian native has appeared in the TV series "Força-Tarefa," which literally translates to "Task Force," and a 2008 Portuguese-language short film titled "Cara e Coroa,"
Janelle Froehlich - Froehlich appeared in  "Hacienda Heights," 
Ty Olsson - He has appeared in "Men in Trees." He played a real-life 9/11 victim in "Flight 93" and was last seen on the big screen in "2012." Carolina Virguez - According to Deadline she stared in a Spanish series called 'Matalobos'

Michael Sheen
Via the Twilight Examiner Andrea Powell confirmed on her Facebook page that she will pay 'Sasha' mother of Irina and Tanya and as the Examiner says "Her inclusion in the film means that there'll probably be a flashback sequence involving her and the "immortal child" she adopted, as well as, potentially, the "Denali" daughters (Maggie Grace as "Irina", Casey LaBow as "Kate," and Mia Maestro as "Carmen"). This'll be a good way to explain the danger which "Irina" felt upon seeing "Renesmee" - which then sparks her tattling to the "Volturi," of course." (I think this is very likely in deed!)

Finally also via the Examiner Michael Sheen (who I love) has confirmed his return in Aro's shoes for December;
""We’re doing the last Twilight movie, so we’ve got the two Breaking Dawn films that I’ll start in December. Then after that I’m going back to Wales, to do a version of The Passion in my home town"

Source and Source and Source and Source

Don't get misled by 'Love & Distrust'

There is a movie poster going around for a movie called 'Love & Distrust' and it says the 'film' stars Rob, Amy Adams, Robert Downey Jr and James Franco. Your first thought may be what a very, very talented cast. Your second thought maybe, hold up a second I am a huge Rob fan and I have never heard he was working with Amy Adams (who will star in 'On the Road' with Kristen) James Franco and RDJ. What's going on here?

Collider (as usual) has an excellent synopsis of what this 'Movie' actually is;
"This is a compilation of 5 movies. One of which is “The Summer House” With a short appearance by Robert Pattinson. The DVD has quite a misleading description and cover. Makes it look like Rob is starring in a film with Robert Downey et al....So the only part Rob has is in it is the short role he had in “The Summer House”. Just letting people know who may have it already."

Read their full article on it HERE.  I must admit to being sucked into this one a few months back and being totally confused that I hadn't heard of this movie Whilst it is a legitimate compilation with good quality content it isn't clear from the DVD advertising that it is a compilation of shorts which Rob is in for less than five minutes. The lesson for us all here - read the fine print and trust your judgement when purchasing DVD's/Merchandise claiming to be associated to/star Rob or any of the 'Twilight' cast. They are such hot commodities right now everyone is trying to cash in on their fame.

Great article Collider!


New 'Eclipse' picture of Julia!

David Slade has posted a gorgeous new picture of Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater) to his website (go to the website HERE). If you remember from the filming of 'Eclipse' David is an extremely talented photographer and would often tease us via twitpic with pictures of the cast. There are some gorgeous pictures of Xavier and Ashley on his site also so go check them out!

Source Via

Nikki to star in 'Downers Grove'

According to Variety and JustJared Nikki  is set to star alongside Hayden Panettiere in Downers Grove, a thriller based on the book of the same name.
The movie will be directed by Nelson McCormick (Prom Night) and is about a “cursed high school in the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove. At the end of each school year, one senior dies in a bizarre death.” The movie will start shooting next spring.

Christian Serratos 'Saves the Seals'

Here is some great behind the scenes video of Christian's Save the Seals campaign for PETA. Christian is a well known animal lover and has previously posed for other PETA campaigns against animal cruelty.