Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Great new Kristen interview! has a great new interview with Kristen for 'Welcome to the Rileys', one of the best Kristen interviews i have read in a long time. In the interview Kristen talks about 'Welcome to the Rileys', here gratitude at the opportunties 'Twilight' has given her and how scripts appeal to her.

One part that really stood out for me was her obvious excitement and enthusiasm in talking about her experience shooting 'On the Road', the Walter Salles adaptation of the Jack Kerouac novel that she recently finished. Tom Sturridge (who we all know from great 'Pirate Radio' and as Rob's best friend) is also in the movie as Carlo Marx/Allen Ginsberg.

""I worked with my friend Tom Sturridge, and he plays Carlo Marx, who's Allen Ginsberg," Stewart says, excitement creeping into her voice. "And I would look over at him, and he's doing this f****** full-on Allen Ginsberg crazy monologue in the corner of some thumping, raving party, and I'm dancing to bebop jazz, and I'd be like, 'Tom, we're doing "On the Road." Just so you know? "On the Road."'"

Her excitement for this movie is just so clear.  Read the full excellent interview HERE.


Dakota rumored for 'If I Stay'

MTV and Variety are reporting that Dakota is being strongly linked to a role in the Summit movie adaptation of the YA novel 'If I Stay'. 

'If I Stay is about 17-year-old Mia, a gifted cellist with dreams of Julliard, who must choose between pursuing her future in New York City or staying in Oregon with her rock band boyfriend. But after a fatal car crash, Mia faces the ultimate decision: life or death.
Read more on the rumors HERE.

Have you read 'If I Stay'? Let us know what you think in the comments - it's on my order list next!

Noot Seear in perfume advert with Justin Timberlake!

Not new footage - but new to me and perhaps some of you! Noot Seear who played Heidi (one of the Volturi) in 'New Moon' is in the new Justin Timberlake perfume advertisement for Givenchy 'Play'. Check out the advert and some behind the scenes footage below!


Chaske to speak at Tribal Safety and Wellness Session

Chaske Spencer is to speak on Wednesday, December 8th at the Tribal Justice Safety and Wellness Session in conjunction with the Office for Victims of Crime’s (OVC) 12th National Indian Nations Conference at the Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel.

In June 2009, the Justice Department announced the launch of a major new initiative to increase engagement, coordination and action on public safety in tribal communities. This effort, now known as The Tribal Justice Safety and Wellness Session, was kicked off with a series of regional summits to seek input from tribal representatives. Planning sessions included department component leaders, tribal leaders and experts in relevant areas to begin a dialogue on a range of important issues including law enforcement policy and personnel; communications and consultation; grants and technical assistance; detention facilities; federal prosecution in Indian country; tribal court development; domestic violence; drug courts and substance abuse; federal litigation involving tribes; and civil rights.

Chaske is heavily involved in the area of reducing poverty and creating sustainable communities. He is engaged in several projects to that end through the non-profit UNITED GLOBAL SHIFT and his personal project SHIFT THE POWER TO THE PEOPLE. This leads to Spencer, who is a Native American from the Lakota Sioux tribe in Idaho and Montana, speaking on behalf of the tribal community.

Read the full article HERE


Watch 'Eclipse' with Kellan!

Eclipse gum is running a competition for a chance to spend an evening with Kellan . The contest, which celebrates the movie's upcoming DVD release, asks fans to submit a moment when they needed breath-freshening Eclipse gum at A winner from all entries will be chosen to attend a private DVD viewing of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with Kellan.

Now through November 15, fans over the age of 18 can visit to talk about an embarrassing time when they wish they'd had Eclipse gum to freshen their breath. From all the moments submitted, the funniest, most creative and amusing tale will be chosen and the winner awarded a trip for two to Baton Rouge, for a one night stay and a private DVD viewing with Kellan.

The winner of the "Evening with Kellan" contest will be announced on November 29, 2010. Fans can learn more including official rules and regulations, at

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Tinsel in Toro Magazine

Go behind the scenes of Tinsel's photo shoot with Toro Magazine check out the video and the pictures from the shoot HERE.


Trailer for Rachelle's 'Casino Jack'

Check out the trailer below for Rachelle LeFevre's new movie 'Casino Jack'. The movie also stars Kevin Spacey, Barry Pepper, Kelly Preston and Jon Lovitz. (Great cast!)

"Two-time Academy Award Winner Kevin Spacey gives the performance of a lifetime in 'Casino Jack', a riotous new film starring Spacey as a man hell bent on acquiring all that the good life has to offer. He plays in the same game as the highest of rollers and resorts to awe-inspiring levels of conning, scheming and fraudulent antics to get what he wants. Inspired by true events that are too over-the-top for even the wildest imaginations to conjure, 'Casino Jack' lays bare the wild excesses and escapades of Jack Abramoff. Aided by his business partner Michael Scanlon (Barry Pepper), Jack parlays his clout over some of the world's most powerful men with the goal of creating a personal empire of wealth and influence. When the two enlist a mob-connected buddy (Jon Lovitz) to help with one of their illegal schemes, they soon find themselves in over their heads, entrenched in a world of mafia assassins, murder and a scandal that spins so out of control that it makes worldwide headlines."

The movie is released December 29th and was directed by George Hickenlooper who sadly passed away on October 29th at the very young age of forty seven.


First picture of Bryce in 'The Help'

The first picture of (what I think is the back of) Bryce Dallas Howard in the film adaptation of the popular novel 'The Help' have been released. Bryce stars alongside Emma Stone and Alison Janey in the story about about three women in the Deep South who have to overcome personal struggles.  A young journalist (Stone) comes back to Mississippi to write a story about the way the slaves were treated before the Civil Rights movement.  She interviews a former slave (played by Viola Davis) and Howard plays an obnoxious woman who mistreats her slaves. The film will be directed by Stockett’s childhood friend Tate Taylor and hits theaters August 12, 2011.

Check out the rest of the pictures HERE

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Anna Kendrick for Flaunt

Here is some gorgeous behind the scenes video of Anna Kendrick's Flaunt Magazine shoot. You can see all of the pictures HERE, she looks so amazing!

Anna Kendrick for Flaunt Magazine from Cinelicious on Vimeo.

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Liz hangs with 'The Good Wife' for another while!

Elizabeth Reaser has been appearing in 'The Good Wife' for the past few weeks and according to she will be there a few more episodes;

"How many episodes of ‘The Good Wife’ will Elizabeth Reaser be in? Is she a real love interest for Will? – Trish
Josh Charles tells me that Reaser’s character, sportswriter Tammy, “is here for a little while” – at least two more episodes, I’ve heard – and that as an actor he really welcomes what this new beauty brings out in Will. “I don’t know how it all ends up, but I’m enjoying how they’re writing it,” he says. Beyond the triangle with Alicia and Peter, “It gives Will something to have on his own.”"

Check out video of her on the show below!

Trailer for Xavier's 'The Loved Ones'

Check out the trailer for Xavier's new horror movie 'The Loved Ones:
"After being spurned by high school hotshot Brent (Xavier Samuel from Twilight: Eclipse), a pretty young nutbar with a sweet smile called Lola (Robin McLeavy) exacts revenge by kidnapping him, strapping him to a chair and nailing his feet to the floor.
It's a lovely scene she's prepared for Brent, and all with the help of her loving-but-in-the-wrong-way Daddy (a glassy-eyed John Brumpton) There's a dinner table, good food, soft drink, party hats, whistles, a catatonic mother and power tools. And to keep Brent from complaining too much, Lola - aka Princess to her dad - injects bleach into his vocal chords."

This one is NOT for the faint hearted!

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Kellan posts super cute Twitpic!

Kellan posted a super cute picture of his posing with a little baby and we can't help but re post it - it was so darn cute. Captioned" Life is beautiful...Not mine but can't wait for that day." I am sure there were an immediate million volunteers for the role of his baby mama!

Source Via Breaking Dawn

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mackenzie on Hawaii 5-0 tonight - First look!

Watch the video HERE
Source via Twilight Lexicon

Peter Facinelli joins fight for pediatric cancer

Peter Facinelli is one of three stars who are going face to face in a bake off to help raise funds for pediatric cancer research. Peter, Jayma Mays of Glee and Joan Cusack will compete against each other to sell the most cookies in an effort to raise money for pediatric cancer research.  The Celebrity Cookie Challenge online bake sale is sponsored by The Glad Products Company to support Cookies For Kids' Cancer™, a non-profit organization that raises money for research for new and improved treatments for pediatric cancer through bake sales and online cookie sales.

The three actors have begun rallying support online by encouraging visits to the Glad to Give™  Facebook page, where fans can join their teams by "liking" them.  Joining a team allows participants to receive updates about celebrity activities surrounding the Celebrity Cookie Challenge and display their team spirit by embedding a celebrity team badge on their personal website or blog. 
In addition, each celebrity will host a live stream telethon on the Glad to Give™ Facebook page, encouraging fans to either buy cookies or donate money online to Cookies For Kids' Cancer™.  During each one-hour virtual bake sale, participants can ask the actors questions in real-time, listen to exclusive interviews, watch baking demonstrations of the actors' favorite cookie recipes and have a chance to win autographed "Team Joan," "Team Jayma" or "Team Peter" t-shirts. By purchasing cookies virtually from their favorite celebrity, fans can help their team raise the most dough and win the challenge.

Check out the page HERE and get onto supporting Peter's cause via Facebook or here are three other ways to get involved:
  • Host a Bake Sale – Now through Dec. 31, 2010, Glad® will match all funds raised through Cookies for Kids' Cancer™ bake sales, up to $200,000. Go to to learn how to register your bake sale.
  • Purchase Glad® Products – Now through September 2011, consumers who purchase specially-marked Glad® products and enter a code from the package at will trigger a $1 donation from Glad® to Cookies for Kids' Cancer™, up to $200,000. This is in addition to the brand's $200,000 bake sale match this season.
  • Buy Cookies – Don't have time to bake? In November, buy delicious cookies at and 100 percent of the net revenue will benefit the charity.


Rob and Kristen will go to Brazil for honeymoon scenes!

According to Alt Film Guide  after much speculation it has been confirmed that Rob and Kristen will be traveling to Brazil to film the much discussed Bella and Edward honeymoon scenes.  They will be there for five 'intense days of filming'.

Alt Film Guide say; "According to RioFilme director/president Sérgio Sá Leitão on his Twitter page, "we've made it possible to film Breaking Dawn in Rio. In order to bring in more investments, promote the city, and make the movie more realistic."
Brazilian companies Total e Zoar will handle the production in Rio, as reported in the Rio daily O Globo, while "sources close to the production" claim that Rio's old Lapa neighborhood (in the not-too-distant past well known for its male and transvestite sex workers) and an islet off the coast of the state of Rio (outside the city proper) would be Isle Esme, where Edward Cullen and Bella Swan spend their fateful honeymoon."


Lee Pace talks 'Breaking Dawn' prep!

Lee Pace has spoken to NBC New York about his prep for 'Breaking Dawn'.  He says that he has been to Baton Rouge and tried on his vampire contact lenses in prep for his role as Garrett in the last of the series. I am so excited to see him and Rob act on the screen together, Lee is a great actor, check out 'A Single Man' - he is awesome in it.

View more news videos at:


Michael Sheen definitely back for 'Breaking Dawn'

MTV and Variety have confirmed that Michael Sheen will be back as Aro for 'Breaking Dawn'. 

Sheen will join Lee Pace as Garrett and Maggie Grace as Irina.

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'Welcome to the Riley's' Clips and Opening Box Office news!

'Welcome to the Riley's' was given a limited release this past weekend and performed well in the ten theaters it was released in grossing $42,145. 
Whilst it doesn't sound like the film made that much this is a per theater average of $4,214, 'The Runaways' pulled in only a per theater average of $3,300. Here's hoping the executives allow more of us to see the movie over the coming weekends, I for one will be straight there!
Below are some great clips from 'Welcome to the Rileys' that we were sent from Popsugar, Kristen's performance is so amazing, even just in these small clips. Please support this movie if it is near you!