Friday, October 1, 2010

Bill Condon updates us on 'Breaking Dawn'

Bill Condon has taken to the Twilight Facebook page to update the fans on his 'Breaking Dawn' progress. Check out his note below!

"Hello fans!

Has it really been five months (and a day) since my last dispatch?  In my defense, they've been five months spent immersed in the world of TWILIGHT - something I'm sure you can all appreciate.  We're in the thick of pre-production now, juggling everything from casting to storyboarding to location scouting, getting it all ready to go, but I do want to take a moment to announce to you exclusively a few of the amazing production team members who are hard at work alongside me, bringing these movies to life.  I hope you'll be as excited about them as I am:

Guillermo Navarro, who won an Academy Award for the beautiful PAN'S LABYRINTH, is our cinematographer.  Guillermo and I have been painstakingly planning each shot, with a team of very talented storyboard artists.

Michael Wilkinson, our costume designer, is bringing his brilliant vision to the styles of all your favorite characters.  Michael's created fantastic looks for 300, WATCHMEN, and the upcoming TRON: LEGACY - just wait 'til you see his take on the vampire witnesses who come to Forks from around the globe.

Jean Black, our makeup designer, has worked extensively with the Coen Brothers and David Fincher, most recently making exquisite, award-winning contributions to THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON.  I'm honored to be working with her.

Richard Sherman, with whom I made GODS AND MONSTERS and KINSEY, is on-board as our production designer.  Richard's one of my oldest collaborators and a terrific designer, and you may be interested to know that he also happens to be a lifelong vampire aficionado.

Our Oscar-winning visual effects supervisor John Bruno has been responsible for some of the most memorable special effects ever, with his groundbreaking work on display in everything from POLTERGEIST to AVATAR.  He and his team are working intensely to develop solutions to the host of special effects challenges that Stephenie created for us in BREAKING DAWN, including that remarkable kid...

Wonderful, imaginative people all and very exciting, intense times for us.  Even with the months of work we've already put in, we're barely underway on the journey, and I do hope to get back to you much sooner next time with more news.  Until then, thanks for your warm reception and continued support!

Very best regards,


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Official - The Denali Coven is cast!

Summit has now announced the entire line up of the Denali coven for 'Breaking Dawn'! Following on From Maggie Grace's casting as Irina here are the rest of the coven;

 Christian Camargo (THE HURT LOCKER, Dexter) plays Eleazar, 


Casey LaBow (Moonlight) is Kate, 

Mia Maestro (Alias, POSEIDON) is Carmen, 

MyAnna Buring (DOOMSDAY) is Tanya 

and the previously announced Maggie Grace (Lost, TAKEN) plays Irina.

 Let us know your thoughts!


Stephenie amongst 'People who matter' in 2010

Stephenie Meyer has been number 28 on the list of the 50 people who matter in 2010 by the New Statesman. Stephenie ranks higher than Oprah and Lady Gaga on the list of people who have "global influence for good or ill". Do you agree with the rankings? Checkout the full list HERE

*They probably should have spelled her name correctly on the list..oops!

'Breaking Dawn' and 'Eclipse' most frequently left behind!

Travelodge in the UK just did a survey on the books most frequently left behind in their hotel rooms in the UK. Number one on the list? Simon Cowell's autobiography! Following right behind on the list at 6 and 8 respectively are 'Breaking Dawn' and 'Eclipse'.

The full list is below and read the rest of the article HERE.

1. Simon Cowell: The Unauthorized Biography by Chas Newkey-Burden
2. Ooh! What A lovely Pair: Our Story by Ant & Dec
3. The Storm: The World Economic Crisis And What It Means by Vince Cable
4. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
5. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
6. Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga) by Stephenie Meyer
7. The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson
8. Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
9. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest by Stieg Larsson
10. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

If you could abandon any book in a hotel room which one would you leave?

Florence and Machine to release 'Eclipse' soundtrack song as a single!

For most people who bought the 'Eclipse' soundtrack the Florence and the Machine song 'Heavy in your arms' was a particular favorite. As a fan of Florence Welch long before they were ever on the soundtrack I always thought it was kind of sad that only those who bought the soundtrack ever heard the song. Well now comes the news that Florence and the Machine are releasing 'Heavy in your arms' as a single in it's own right! I posted the video for the song a couple of weeks ago (check it out here).

According to the Independent newspaper in the UK;
"Florence and the Machine will re-release its 2009 top-selling debut album, Lungs [awesome album you MUST take a listen to! - E], on November 15. The package will include a new single, "Heavy in Your Arms," from the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack and a bonus CD.  Dubbed Between Two Lungs, the release will feature new sleeve art, liner notes penned by frontwoman Florence Welch, and an extra ten-track CD including live versions, remixes, and the singer's mash-up collaboration with Dizzee Rascal, "You Got the Dirtee Love." [Awesome collaboration by the way - E]  Also included is the single "Heavy in Your Arms," produced by Paul Epworth, from the Eclipse soundtrack. The song will be released as a single the same day as the Between Two Lungs release. Of the track, Welch wrote on her website that it "is about the weight of love, and how sometimes it can be a burden between two people." She adds, "I felt this was a strong theme in the Twilight series. Is someone being rescued or are they being condemned? And is the love you carry bringing you down?"

Check out Florence's website for further updates on this

New movie role rumors for Kristen and Dakota!

Production Weekly has tweeted this week about two members of the 'Twilight' saga cast and possible future roles. First off Production Weekly is reporting Kristen is in negotiations for the role of 'Talia' in the thriller 'Someone in the dark';
"Kristen Stewart mentioned for the role of Talia in the thriller “Someone In the Dark” plans are to film in March after "Breaking Dawn" wraps"
Secondly they are reporting that Dakota is in talks to star in a movie with Naomi Watts!
"Naomi Watts in preliminary discussions to join Dakota Fanning in Ol Parker's Now Is Good, based on Jenny Downham's debut novel Before I Die."

What do you think about these potential roles for Dakota and Kristen?

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Rob voted 'Best Dressed Brit'!

Glamour Magazine readers in the UK have voted Rob as the Best Dressed Brit Male and Emma Watson as the Best Dressed Brit Female! Checkout slide shows of their style HERE.

Do you agree? Is Rob the most stylish British male star?

*I love this picture....


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three reasons Mackenzie is perfect as Renesmee!

Popsugar has put together this great video on the three reasons why adorable Mackenzie Foy will make a perfect Renesmee;

So what do you think? Does Mackenzie fit your vision of Renesmee? Let us know in the comments!


Hurricane Bells release new EP and update on other band performances!

Hurricane Bells ,who featured on the 'New Moon' soundtrack with 'Monsters', release their new EP 'Down Comes the Rain' today.  you can listen, share, and buy the EP at, as well as on Itunes and Amazon.  At you can also get a free copy of "Ghost Stories", which is a remix EP of songs from "Tonight Is The Ghost" made by Carlos Anthony Molina, Sammy James Jr, overlord, and Travis Harrison of Serious Business Records. You can also check out the recording of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" from the EP, here and"The Waiting Song" from the EP, here.
Finally, Bill Moldt's video for "The Waiting Song" is here.
Hurricane Bells are currently working on a new album and are touring with KT Tunstall this fall - tour dates HERE.

Nikki Reed's Horror past and landing 'Twilight'

Nikki stars in the new horror movie 'Chain Letter' and Radar online has an exclusive chat with the movie's director who shares pictures of her on set and her reaction to landing 'Twilight' 
"Before her fame skyrocketed thanks to her role as Rosalie in the Twilight saga, Nikki Reed was already working on chilling material for the horror film Chain Letter. Deon Taylor, the director of the film, raved about the actress and revealed what she was like off screen and what happened when she learned she landed her vampire role. also has exclusive photos of Nikki on the Chain Letter set.
 “Nikki does incredible in this film and she’s very witty in person,” Taylor said. In the film, Reed plays Jessie, a high school student hunted by a maniac. Jessie’s friends are brutally murdered after not passing on a chain letter. Taylor described Chain Letter as “a very smart horror movie. It has the most incredible kills of this generation.”
During the shoot, Reed found out that she got the role in Twilight. “One day she came in and told me she was up for a really cool role,” Taylor remembered. “And the next day she said they’re going to have me in a really cool new movie and I’m going to have blonde hair!!” He said the news thrilled his leading lady. “It’s great to see her on the upswing,” he added.
 “She’s gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, really smart,” Taylor said of his leading lady. “She’s always one step ahead of you.”

Read the full article and see the pictures HERE on Radar Online

**UPDATED**'Breakiing Dawn' - Renesmee Cast?

EW is reporting that 9 year old Mackenzie Foy is close to landing the role. Mackenzie previously starred in 'Flash Forward' and 'Til Death'. EW is suggesting that Bill Condon is going to use similar technology as used in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' to age Renesmee. Check out her IMDB here and read the full EW article HERE.

I think Mackenzie looks adorable - what do you think? Do you think Mackenzie looks like Renesmee?

UPDATE - Moviehole is claiming a Summit insider has 'confirmed' Mackenzie's casting but as yet we have no official word from Summit. When we know more we will let you all know!
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Kellan supports PETA!

Kellan showed his support for PETA at their
Check out video of the event from PopSugar below!


Maggie Grace cast as 'Irina' in 'Breaking Dawn'!

Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood has just confirmed that Maggie Grace, who starred in 'Lost' and 'Taken' has been cast as Irina in 'Breaking Dawn';

"Maggie Grace will play a new vampire threat to Kristin (sic*) Stewart's Bella in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.  Grace, who played Liam Neeson's in-distress daughter in Taken, will play the role of Irina in the final installments of the Stephenie Meyer novel, which director Bill Condon is directing in two separate films.Irina is a member of the Denali coven, considered cousins to the Cullen clan as the only other "vegetarian" vampire group. When Irina blames the Cullens for the death of her lover, her actions set in motion a terrifying chain of events. "

*This was Deadline's spelling error not ours...

For those who can't remember Irina's or any other characters role in the story check out the Twilight Lexicon's great character Bios HERE

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