Saturday, September 11, 2010

Melissa Rosenberg talks 'Breaking Dawn'!

Melissa Rosenberg has spoken out on her Facebook page about 'Breaking Dawn'!

"Hi Y'all! Sorry I haven't checked in for a while. Been immersed in the world of Breaking Dawn. I've been working very closely with our director Bill Condon, whose input has been SO great. He understands story, structure and character as only a fellow writer can, but he also has fantastic visual ideas. And he's not... shying away from anything! Sex, birth, feathers, blood... it's all in there. More later! xoxo Mel"

What do you think? I personally so,so happy that Bill Condon has been so involved with the script (he did win an Oscar for 'Gods and Monsters' so he knows what he is doing!)


Friday, September 10, 2010

Open Letter to the TwiHaters

The haters, the jokers, the mockers and the teasers... this post is for you!

As we are in between the major waves of Twi-mania at the moment, it seemed like a good, safe time to address you. We've met before. Either on the obscure web blog, or a very popular one (good example - has a whole category devoted to Twilight products). We might have corresponded via email and on the forum boards. Hey, you even stopped by my house and made a whole production of discussing the collection of certain black-covered books on my shelf which apparently represents total lack of literary taste. And while the latter I can easily ban from coming over anymore, the whole army of virtual twi-haters is always lurking around, waiting for the right moment to attack...

What I want to tell you... I understand some of your frustration. Not sure why you need to unleash it on the ones actually enjoying these quite harmless books... But let us dissect the issue more thoroughly, shall we?

• OPINION: The books suck! (no pun intended).
• MY ANSWER: Books are no literary masterpieces, Mrs. Meyer is no Shakespeare, nobody ever said they were. That said, there's definitely a case to be made for a book that touches you on some emotional level. It clearly struck a cord with so many people, there must be some magic in it, don't you think? If it didn't "do it" for you, maybe something else will. And not necessarily a Pulitzer-prize winner ;)

• OPINION: Everybody knows it's no good.
• MY ANSWER: It reminds me of a good old joke. One guy meets another and says: "Have you heard the latest opera sang by Pavarotti?" The other one answers: "Yes, I did, it's horrible". The first dude is surprised, he says:"Really? When did you go see it?" Second guy's answer is the kicker: "Oh, I didn't, but a friend of mine sang a piece of it to me." So, really, TRY reading it first, and then we'll talk.

• OPINION: If it's THAT popular, it can't be serious, important, or simply good literature.
• MY ANSWER: I am sincerely hoping that you're not just assessing the Twilight Saga because a. teens like it, b. women like it, c. somebody said they were bad. True, an average "pop" rarely brings us long-lasting cultural phenomena... But again, perhaps sometimes a "feel good" story is more helpful than some "real life" drama with a tragic end. I personally have a very high threshold for peer pressure, yet I am willing to give popular things a try, in hopes that what gives pleasure to so many people, might just do the same for me :)

• OPINION: There's something really creepy about this Edward guy.
• MY ANSWER: Yeah... "I like watching you sleep" usually does it for the non-believers, I suspect. All the googly-eyed twihards find it endearing though... The guy can't sleep, so he spends his nights observing his drooling girlfriend, in hopes to catch her mumbling his name. The fact that he follows her around and attempts to protect her from anything and everything only adds to his disturbing image for some and appeal for others. In the day of presumed equality between the sexes, the deep dark female romantic fantasy still somehow falls into the strong male lead will defend and protect me territory. Perfectly natural, if you ask me. It IS a fantasy, after all.

• OPINION: The book is anti-feminist
• MY ANSWER: Really? Have you read it? I'm sure this opinion is directly attached to the hip of the last one. If the guy is overprotective, the girl must be a weak "damsel-in-distress" type, right? Wrong! Bella ends up standing up for her self-doubting self, as well as everybody else who's near and dear to her heart in nearly every situation. She is described as strong-headed, and for a good reason. She ends up doing a lot of stupid dangerous things, but a weakling she's not. Her self-depreciating remarks are a bit tiring, but hey, she's a vulnerable teen girl, remember? And yeah, she's drooling over a beautiful boy. Didn't we all, at one point or another, when we were self-conscious kids, as opposed to strongly opinionated wise adults that we are right now? ;)

• OPINION: The author is a Mormon, so the book must be full of religious zeal.
• MY ANSWER: Trust me, my zealot-alarm is always on high alert (don't ask why), yet Twilight sailed right through, no bells went off. Yes, the whole "no sex before marriage" business (oh, the horrors!) is a red flag, but don't you think that for a guy who's been a 17yo virgin for a hundred years, that IS a way of life? That's all he knows, really... And Stephenie is certainly not pushing her presumed high moral standards on the readers, seeing that horny young Bella is quite anxious to bed her gorgeous boyfriend throughout all 4 books.

• OPINION: It's disturbing to see all these "older" women lusting after a young guy. Who do they think they are?
• MY ANSWER: *letting out a girlish giggle* They think they're still young :) As somebody recently quoted on Twitter "inside every old person, there's a young one wondering "what the heck happened?" Twilight brings back memories of first loves, innocent romance, secret longings... Aaa, the butterflies in the stomach, first touch, dreams... It's 100% escapist reality for somebody who's over 30 and has real life responsibilities, let me tell you. We are all clear that "he" is a fictional character, correct?

From here, we can make a smooth transition into the movie reality:

• OPINION: The movies and actors in the movies are B-A-D.
• MY ANSWER: Movies are what they are. They are the producers' and director's vision of the books. Factor in the budget/technical issues/media and fan pressure and you get what you get. Because the story is so endearing for so many people, we tend to overlook some loops and misses in the movie department. We start out loving the characters, so, unless actors vary drastically from how we envisioned them, we automatically fall in love (unconditionally and irrevocably, of course ;)) with them as well. They are young, they're talented (though not overly experienced, yet...). We are willing to give them benefit of our doubt and if you don't want to do same, keep playing you own movie in your own head :)

• OPINION: Everything Twilight touches turns into a mess.
• MY ANSWER: Well, well, well... All the paparazzi madness that usually surrounds the whole cast, and the places that became famous thanks to both books and movie, doesn't help, does it? But think about it... I am fairly sure none of the people involved invite the craziness... As a matter of fact, anybody can see that they've been handling it with grace and patience almost unheard of, considering their age and "social status". The fandom collectively supports multitude of charities, and is in general, very respectful and well behaved.

Ok, I think I'm all out of hateful arguments as well as witty rebuttals. Now, you, my little TwiFans, have you encountered any true Twi-haters in your real life and/or internet? What was your favorite "hate crime" against Twilight and what would be a perfect comeback (besides from the all-encompassing "Bite me" argument)? Please share.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More 'Eclipse' DVD information!

Following on from the story I posted yesterday about Rob and Kristen possibly on the 'Eclipse' commentary today comes word that this is indeed the case! In addition we also have a release date and an extra special surprise, PIP. Now you may be wondering what PIP is, it is Picture in Picture and basically it means that there will be video of the commentators doing the audio commentary. That's right it looks like Rob and Kristen will be on video on the screen for the commentary!! I am so excited! More information on PIP can be found HERE. Just a heads up PIP is available only on BluRay DVDs.

The US will get the DVD on December 4th, the UK on December 6th. Find out more about the US version below.

"For Twilight fans, Christmas is going to come a few weeks early this year. Summit announced today that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the third movie in the highly popular teen vampire/werewolf saga, will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on December 4, 2010. In keeping with the successful release strategies of the first two movies, Summit will be releasing Eclipse on a non-traditional release day and will hype the release with a special midnight availability. So, whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob, one thing both camps can agree upon is that they’ll be staying up late on Friday December 3 to make sure they are the first ones to own the latest offering. Summit will be releasing two versions in both DVD and Blu-ray formats. There will be a movie only version ($28.99 DVD / $34.99 Blu-ray suggested retail) and a feature-laden 2 Disc Special Edition ($32.99 DVD / $40.99 Blu-ray suggested retail). The 2 Disc Special Edition Blu-ray will also be a combo pack containing both DVD and Blu-ray versions of the film."
The special features are listed below:
DVD/BD Special Features (2-Disc & BD/DVD Combo Disc only)
* 2 Audio Commentaries: Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart; Stephenie Meyer
* Deleted and Extended Scenes
* Photo Gallery
* 6-Part Making of Documentary
* Jump to… Your favorite scenes
* Music Videos
* PIP Commentary (BD only)
Source and Source Via Robert Pattinson News

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rob and Kristen to be on 'Eclipse' DVD commentary?

Please let this be true but as always all is just rumor until we get official confirmation.

VideoETA are reporting that the 'Eclipse' DVD commentary will have both Rob and Kristen as well as Stephenie Meyer!
DVD/BD Special Features (2-Disc & BD/DVD Combo Disc only)
2 Audio Commentaries: Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart; Stephenie Meyer
Deleted and Extended Scenes
Photo Gallery
6-Part Making of Documentary
Jump to... Your favorite scenes
Music Videos

PIP Commentary (BD only)

Again all rumors but i sincerely hope this is true! The Twilight commentary with them both is one of my all time favorites.
Source Via RPLife 

'Bree Tanner' to be made into a movie?

According to Summit are looking at the possibility of bringing 'The Short Second life of Bree Tanner' to the big screen. 

"It goes without saying Summit want to continue this franchise… Tanner is the one they're looking at post-Breaking Dawn… It's too early to talk casting, and everything we're hearing is just speculation or off a wish list, but I don't believe they plan on using the original actress, Jodelle Ferland, for the spin-off film. It's all about numbers and names — you guys know that."
Just rumors for now but what do you guys think? Do you want Bree Tanner on the big screen or is their another characters story that is more compelling? Let us know in the comments!


Sofia Coppola is impressed by Rob and Kristen

Sofia Coppola has said that she thinks the 'Breaking Dawn' love story is so romantic and that she is 'impressed that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart pulled it off'.  Speaking to MTV about her new movie 'Somewhere' staring Elle Fanning (little sister of Dakota) and Stephen Dorff.  Sofia at one point was rumoured to be in the running for the 'Breaking Dawn' directors job that went to Bill Condon. 

"Yeah, yeah, I talked to them about that," Coppola revealed to MTV News. "I was interested in doing something but I didn't end up doing it. But I love, I'm impressed by Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison pulling it off in that whole story," she said. "And my friend's kids love the story so much that I thought it would be fun to make something that they love so much."
"I just love that it's so romantic," she told us. "I'm always a sucker for a love story and also to do something for teenagers, because I feel like, why not have beautiful cinematography and all these things in a kid movie? Usually it looks like it's not crafted very sophisticated, and I feel like it'd be nice to bring that kind of style into a younger film." 

Read the rest HERE.

'Eclipse' re-released for Bella's birthday!

On Friday, September 10th Summit are re -releasing 'Eclipse' into theaters "[i]n celebration of Bella's birthday" which takes place on September 13th (1987), according to the Official Twilight Facebook page.

This will apparently be the last chance to see the movie on the big screen so if you haven't seen it yet (why not??!) get yourself to the theater Friday to check it out!

Buy advance tickets to the re-release of Eclipse in celebration of Bella's birthday!


Review of Nikki's 'Last Day of Summer'

Reviews are starting to come in for Nikki's latest movie, 'Last day of Summer' and so far the reviews are all great. Joseph Smigelski of The Huffington Post comments;

"Stephanie, played by Nikki Reed in a strong and emotional performance...the writing in Last Day of Summer is sometimes a bit too much over the top, probably to take the edge off such a tough situation; but overall, director Vlad Yudin's feature film debut is a decent little indie movie, worth watching at least to enjoy the strong acting of DJ Qualls and Nikki Reed."
Read the full review HERE.


'Breaking Dawn' Fiming updates and set visit Auction!

We are getting nearer and nearer to 'Breaking Dawn' filming time and small details are starting to filter out about Pre Production and filming.  Peter Facinelli tweeted yesterday;

"Had a three hour wardrobe fitting for Breaking Dawn today. I think my body is chafed from trying on clothes." You can follow Peter on twitter HERE

Daily Blam is reporting that  "Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the highly lucrative film series The Twilight Saga, announced that filming for the franchise's final chapter, Breaking Dawn, will partially take place in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A source within the Louisiana Film Commission has disclosed to me that members of the Breaking Dawn production crew have already scouted out the location they are planning to use for the film; which the studio is releasing in two parts.

The scene will be the final confrontation between the Cullen clan, who are joined by the Quileute wolf pack and their friends, and the Volturi. The scene, most of which is taken directly from the novel, has been extended to include several physical fights. It is expected that many Twilight fans will be flocking to Louisiana when the studio begins filming in the area; which is why the exact area the production team has decided on is being kept tightly under wrap." So it sounds like the final 'battle' has been extended into an actual battle...

Finally EOnline is reporting that a visit to the 'Breaking Dawn' set is one of the auction items for this years Stand Up To Cancer fund raising drive. Marc Malkin reports that 
"We can't guarantee you'll actually hang with R.Pattz & K.Stew, but the package includes travel accommodations to the Vancouver set. And how much for the opening bid? Just $100!"
The opening bid didn't last too long, it is now up to $6300! If you are feeling particularly flush with cash and want to donate to a great cause you can bid HERE

Thanks to Robstenation

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trilogy board games now on sale!

Some familiar 'Twilight' games have been revamped (no pun intended) and updated to include trivia and scenes from 'Eclipse'.

First up the ever popular 'Scene It' series has introduced a 'Twilight Saga Deluxe Edition' that now includes both scenes from 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse'. It is now available for pre order HERE on

Secondly Cardinal games is releasing the 'Twilight Trilogy Bookshelf Game Set' which comes in a 'book' like box and contains a board game for each of the stories released so far. It can be also pre ordered from HERE.

Source thanks to Twilight Examiner for the heads up!

Twilight is a popular loaner...

According to new statistic's released in the UK Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight Saga' books were borrowed 234,170 times in the last year from Public Libraries in the UK. The report also states that borrowers prefer fiction over non fiction with 50% of all loans attributed to adult fiction titles. 

"Fiona Marriott, principal librarian for adult services at Luton libraries, said: "It doesn't surprise me that library loans are different from book sales; our strength has always been the range of books we can offer. We may struggle to keep up with the request list for the latest Stephenie Meyer, but our backlist is huge in comparison to the average bookshop."

So that leads me to wonder how many of our readers borrowed rather than bought the saga books? If you borrowed the books did that lead you to buy? Comments below- we love to hear from you!


Phil Collins proud of daughter Lily working with Taylor

Phil Collins has said that he is "proud" of his daughter Lily landing the role opposite Taylor Lautner. "Her success is incredible. Soon, she'll be making a movie with the guys from Twilight. I'm not really familiar with Twilight myself, I just see those young stallions in the magazines. One of them is always naked." 

Taylor is currently filming the movie alongside Lily in Pittsburgh, the movie is being directed by 'Boyz n The Hood' director John Singleton . The movie is expected to be released January 2011 and centers around a "young man who sets out to uncover the truth about his life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website."

Source and Source

'Eclipse' is fourth highest earning movie of the Summer!

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that 'Eclipse' was the fourth highest earning movie of the summer overseas coming in behind 'Toy Story 3', 'Shrek Forever' and 'Inception'.  'Eclipse's' main revenue came from overseas sales with THR stating that 'Since opening overseas June 30, the "Twilight" sequel has generated $388 million in offshore box office, nearly $90 million more than the melodrama grossed in North America.'


'Last Day of Summer' trailer

Here is the trailer for Nikki's new movie 'Last day of Summer', the movie "follows an agitated fast-food employee, Joe, who's reached his breaking point from being harassed and tormented by his boss. Finally on the last day of summer, Joe snaps and decides to take revenge on his boss but his plans are disrupted when a quick glance from a beautiful girl catches his attention leading him to kidnapping her instead, changing both their lives forever."

Source and Source