Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wuthering Highs (yes, I mean Highs :))

Yet another confession. I have not read Wuthering Heights. My high school's reading program was slightly different from the one in Forks, WA. So, even though the darn novel was mentioned probably a hundred times in Twilight, I still haven't until now ventured to brave the stormy waters of this classic piece of English literature. Published in 1847, the only novel of Charlote Brontë's sister, Emily. Although considered quite scandalous in it's time, it's never been out of print. But again, I haven't read it... yet.
What I did, was watched a 2-part TV drama starring Tom Hardy. And now, I confess again, I'm completely smitten with the dark and tortured Heathcliff. Even though I enjoyed quite recently Mr. Hardy's acting in Inception, I had no idea that he also starred as this famous literary character as well. If you haven't seen WH in this version, I highly recommend it (it's available for instant play on Netflix, btw, if you have it). Moreover, I fully intend to buy the new "twilightly" edition of the book (perhaps with a few others?)

Have you read it? Which video version do you prefer? Can't wait to hear what you have to say about it :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Water For Elephant's Buttons!

TwilightBreakingDawnUS has created these cute as a button (see what i did there!) WFE buttons for a great cause.

1. They are Team Robowski (Rob/Jacob Jankowski) buttons
2. They cost $4.00 USD
3. All the proceeds will go to WWF (World Wildlife Foundation, Rob's favorite charity)
4. They are available for ALL fans, United States and International
5. Payment will be accepted through paypal only
6. Shipping is included in price) 

You can buy the buttons either directly below or via TwilightBreakingDawnUS.

Thanks so much to Stephanie at TwilightBreakingDawnUS for sharing their campaign with us.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Airbender some promo shots and how Jackson got his role!

'The Last Airbender' promotion kind of got buried in the deluge of 'Eclipse' promotion and we are still finding new articles and images from the movie promotion. Twifans has some great promo images of Nicola and Jackson - he looks so young! Check some out to the right and see them all HERE.

Secondly there is a great story behind how Jackson got the role in TLA; 
"Jackson recalls, “I originally started about three years ago and I originally auditioned for Prince Zuko. And I read for the casting director and I read again. Night came out to Los Angeles with a few of us and I read for him as Prince Zuko and we hit it off right then and there, but he wasn’t certain of me for that role. He said he liked me and he wanted to keep me in mind. And then, almost like a year later, he called me in for Sokka and I read for that. And then, we did a mix-and-match chemistry read in Philadelphia and as soon as Nicola [Peltz] and I read together, we just felt kind of a brother/sister dynamic.” 

“It just kind of worked and everything kind of fell into place,” he adds, “And I found out a little bit later after that that I booked the role and it was just a matter of trying to balance it between Summit and Paramount and seeing if that could happen. And it did. They’re both amazing companies. They worked really closely together and a lot of Summit’s executives had been in Paramount previously, so there’s a lot of common bond there and I’m lucky for that and it all worked out.”"

As Amber pointed out to me earlier "Poor guy never gets what he auditions for...LOL. First it was Edward and he got Jasper. Then he auditioned for Zuko and looked so much like the actress playing Katara (Nicola Peltz) that they cast him as Sokka."

Source and Source

What can men learn from Twilight - more specifically Edward!

This great article was posted a while ago but we missed posting it in the post 'Eclipse' come down!

So here you go for all those men out there who wonder 'what is in this Twilight thing for me?' Devra Maza has succinctly summed up in one place the essence of Edward's appeal and the Twilight story.

"The lesson for men of Edward is not how to seduce a woman, but how to get her to want to seduce you . While Jacob tempts Bella with a love that's "as easy as breathing," 2010-07-16-twimeadow280.jpg Edward takes her breath away because she loves him more than air, and every kiss and touch leaves her gasping for more. He's constantly adoring her with contact; taking her face in his hands, brushing his fingers across her cheek, securing a protective arm around her waist, sliding his lips along her jaw.
Instead of exploring their anatomy, they explore the anatomy of a kiss. It's first base to the umpteenth power, with true love multiplying their every liplock exponentially"

In addition Devra has handily provided in a cliff notes version a summary of tips to take from Edward!

Kiss: Tenderly, urgently, to communicate, to explore, and for no reason at all.
Smolder: Look into our eyes like you want to learn us, then ask us what we're thinking. We're going to tell you anyway, so you might as well get credit for it.
Say Things We'll Savor: Telling us we're beautiful is fine, but tell us why and we'll believe you.
Be Gorgeous: Cultivate the best part of your DNA - your humanity. Chiseled cheekbones and chests make us look. Intelligence, integrity, imagination make us love.
Be Present: Be there in our dreams and share yours with us. Gift us yourself and you'll be rewarded.
Do Good: Use your unique superpowers to make the world better, safer, wiser. If you save the day in big and small ways, at night we just might tuck you in.
Touch: Caress with affection, to comfort, to soothe, to talk without words, in casual and important ways.

We want to know - has Devra adequately summed up the saga and Edward's appeal for you or is there something else that draws you in? Let us know in the comments!


Water For Elephants - we can't wait for this movie!

Unless you have been living on another planet for the past few months you will know that Rob has been filming a small movie called 'Water for Elephants'. The film stars a few extra people like Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz, whatever (I don't think those actors are going to go far..)

I am totally kidding, here at Eyes of Amber we are super excited for this movie. In fact Amber got SO excited she went to Tennessee and was a set soldier, an experience that she is promising to blog about very soon! In the meantime while we wait anxiously to hear more on the release schedule/promotion etc for WFE (as it is affectionately known) we wanted to share some WFE nuggets with you.

Amber found some super cute WFE designs on CafePress - check them out HERE and HERE Move over Team Edward we are on Team Jacob now!*

Also the WFE book publisher, Algonquin Books, confirmed to that there are plans exist to reissue the book as a movie tie-in edition. also confirmed that the official word is that the movie tie-in edition will be released to coincide with the movie release date, around Spring 2011. Thanks to them for the heads up!

*Just to be clear that's team Jacob Jankowski not Black (sorry to those who are Team Jacob B but I am firmly an Edward girl) 


For those still craving a Cedric fix...

Cedric Diggory may no longer be a part of the Harry Potter film franchise (sob!) but he is still a part of the amazing Harry Potter mythology and for those still craving a Diggory fix we have some treats for you!

First up ABC Family is having another Harry Potter Weekend, so if you’re like us and can’t get enough of Rob as Cedric, you can catch him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire twice this weekend!
Saturday (August 21) at 7:30/6:30c: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Sunday (August 22) at 4:30/3:30c: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Thanks to Robert Pattinson Online for the heads up!

Universal Studios Orlando plan to represent Cedric on the popular Dragon Challenge attraction; "Many fans, including one audience member on this night, have noted that there are no banners or signs posted in the attraction’s queue in support of popular character Cedric Diggory (played in Goblet of Fire by a pre-Twilight Robert Pattinson). Paul Daurio fielded this question himself, “I want to personally apologize for not representing for Cedric and the Hufflepuff house.” Big applause erupted from the crowd. He continued, “We literally took the exact film reference as our reference for the movie. Every single handmade banner you walk past on your path through the Forbidden Forest into the Dragon Challenge is from the scene in Harry Potter and [...] the Goblet of Fire.” But in the end, Daurio admitted change is on the way, saying, “We plan to represent Cedric.”"
Thanks to Twilight Britney Fan for the heads up on this! 

Finally we have the first view of Cedric's LEGO character - he looks so cute and the hair is awesome! What do you think does Cedric's LEGO character look like him?Thanks to RobPatzNews for the heads up on this and go HERE to see the rest of the images!


Summit knocks down some 'Breaking Dawn' rumors!

Summit have spoken out regarding some rumors doing the rounds online regarding 'Breaking Dawn' via Twilighters Anonymous

1. There is NO open casting right now for Breaking Dawn. There are no local or national auditions. The casting director is Deborah Zane, and if you do not see her name attached to any future casting notices, then it is not legitimate. So any ads you are currently seeing, are not real. Deborah has kindly set up an email for Breaking Dawn casting rumors at
2. There was a rumor that Renesmee’s name was going to change for Breaking Dawn, this is completely FALSE.
3. Xavier Samuel’s IMDB page listed him as being a part of the Breaking Dawn cast, this also is FALSE. Riley will not be appearing in Breaking Dawn.
4. There has not been a US release date set for the DVD of Eclipse. Unless you are international and have it confirmed by an international distributor, it is all just rumors.
So i guess our post regarding the Eclipse DVD release is still all speculation - as we noted at the time!

The Saga's stylish stars

Vogue has done a great feature on the stylish stars of Twilight. The article discusses the stars stylish choices at various events over the past few years and singles out a few of the stars for their fashion savvy. Check out their gallery of Twilight Fashion HERE.

And I am interested to know who's Twilight fashion style do you love? Ladies first, vote below!

Who is the most stylish Twilight lady?
Kristen Stewart
Nikki Reed
Ashley Greene
Elizabeth Reaser
Anna Kendrick
Christian Serratos
Tinsel Korey
Julia Jones free polls


Nikki talks Rosalie's 'Need to be a Mother'

Nikki Reed has talked about Rosalie's 'need to be a mother' and her support for Bella's pregnancy in 'Breaking Dawn' while promoting her latest movie with MTV.

"I think that Rosalie just always wanted to be a mom, and that's how I look at it," Nikki said. "It has nothing to do with being pro-life or anything. I think it's about her want, her need to be a mother, and this is the only opportunity she's every going to have, so she's willing to let Bella die so she can have that and fulfill that, and that's how I look at it. It's her own personal desires."

Watch the video below. Why do you think Rosalie is so supportive of Bella's pregnancy in 'Breaking Dawn'? Do you agree with Nikki?


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ashley to present at MTV VMA awards

Ashley has been announced as one of the presenters at this years MTV VMA's.  The show will be in LA and aired live on MTV on September 12 at 9/8c.
More details HERE.


'Eclipse' Box Office Update

Box Office Mojo is reporting that 'Eclipse' has taken in $296,057,156 domestically and $356,700,000 internationally. This gives the movie an overall take in of $652,757.156.

Larry Richman (aka @Larry411) is reporting that;
"'For those comparing the films in The Twilight Saga, at this point in its release history (after 48 days) New Moon had taken in $288,798,541. Eclipse is now at $296,057,156. Both films hit the $250M mark on the 16th day. The total domestic gross for New Moon was $296,623,634. Eclipse only needs about $566K to break that. If it holds today's numbers it will happen on Thursday (announced on Friday). That would put the film within striking distance of the elusive $300M mark, which it may pass by the end of next weekend"

Source and Source Thanks to Twilighters Anonymous for the pic!

Charlie Bewley talks 'Breaking Dawn'

Charlie Bewley has revealed some ideas that he has for the 'Breaking Dawn' birth scene;

"‘The baby kind of pops out and floats above the audience's head,’ he joked of his vision for the scene.
‘Everyone who goes to see the movie with a bunch of kids going, 'what?!'"
‘There will be blood going like this' he added, gesturing with his fingers over his face."
Nice - so is this how 'Breaking Dawn' 3D may look and how do you feel about it?!


Watch 'Breaking Dawn' before it is made*

*Kind Of! This hysterical short from Wooden Nickel previews all of 'Breaking Dawn' for us so we don't have to wait two years! Just a warning this may not be entirely suitable for young children.

via The Fab Life

Potential 'Eclipse' DVD release date?

The HD Room is reporting on a potential release date for the 'Eclipse' DVD. 

"Summit may have already tipped their Twilight hand in a trade ad that popped up this week. On October 19, single-DVD versions of Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon will be made available at retail for the first time. See where this is going? October 19 is nearly four months after Eclipse began its theatrical run and falls neatly a week or so before Halloween. Coupled with what appears to be a cross-promote of the previous two Twilight films and I'm fairly confident in speculating that Eclipse will invade stores the same day."
Read the full article here.

Could we be looking at an October 19th release date? Watch this space!


Rob is Glamour Magazines 'Sexiest Man'

Rob has been named as UK Glamour magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive' for 2010. He beat out veterans such as George Clooney, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt for the award! Jackson was at number 42, Kellan was 5th, Xavier was 4th and Taylor was 2nd.

Do you agree with the rankings?!
*And yes I choose the picture on purpose - I love the smirk and the mussed up hair *sigh*.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bel Ami, Mon Chéri...

Nope, I don't speak French, unfortunately... And when I first read Bel Ami, it had a totally different name on the cover, I can almost see it right now-thin black Cyrillic letters - Милый Друг. That's right, I read it in Russian, back then, and again, about a month ago. Little did I know how things will lead me to it again. Romantic teenager (Bel Ami) -> romantic adult -> Twilight -> RPattz -> Bel Ami. See? I've made a full circle :) But enough personal history, let's set up the mood and get back to the source. (turn on some french music below, if you please).

I admit, if it wasn't for Robert starring in the Hollywood version of this French story, I would never go back to it. I was never a huge fan of Guy de Maupassant, although I did think that his novellas were quite erotic, in a subtle and kinda gross way, and besides, Bel Ami even had a namesake of mine as one secondary character, which was VERY unusual, cause my name of french origin is uncommon where I grew up. But I digress, again...
Bel Ami is a story of Georges Duroy, ex-soldier, journalist by accident and heartthrob by avocation, published in 1885 by Guy de Mopaussant. Ambitious, poor, but very charming and handsome young man comes to Paris, full of possibilities and beautiful women, ready to divide and conquer. What's not to like, right? Not so fast... George weaves his net, like a spider, catching in it influential women and using them as stepping stones in enhancing his career and social status. He doesn't seem to possess a single thread of moral fiber, feeling so sure of his own entitlement to success, that he practically embodies the saying "the end justifies the means". In his desperate struggle to make something of himself, Georges truly believes that all is fair in war and love. Each one of his multiple infatuations feel sincere and intense... until he moves on to the next victim, that is.
It's a strange tug of war between lust and ambition, pity and desire. When I read it in high school, I thought it was sexy, but now it felt kinda sad, for the most part.
On to the characters. Georges... The "classical" portrait of the man is usually considered to be Toulouse Lautrec's Monsieur Louis Pascal. To me he looks too old and way too sleazy, even for this character. In my imagination, Georges IS a sleazeball, but shouldn't look like one, otherwise why would all of these gorgeous, powerful and smart women fall for him? Enter, our very favorite heartthRob. Although many faithful literature experts decried lack of infamous mustache, in my humble opinion, Robert's George looks dashing. Just look at him in white tie and tails - breathtakingly handsome to leave all Parisiennes smitten, yet young and innocent-looking to keep them in the dark about his interior motives. Young daughter of one of his lovers, who also becomes quite attached to the charming gentleman, nicknames him Bel Ami - Dear Friend and it sticks. But really, he's not a good friend to anybody in this book. Everybody who helps him, ends up being stepped over (and sometimes - on to), humiliated, heartbroken and forgotten.
Movie Bel Ami, slated to come out in 2011 and starring quite an ensemble, especially female, including Christina Ricci and Uma Thurman is sure to attract some attention when it hits the theaters. I hope people will not be scared away by the costume drama and will come in droves to see our boy dazzle and sparkle in this totally different, dark and ruthless role of a lady-killer.