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Eclipse according to Amber

While life has been in high level crazy mode for me lately, I was able to see Eclipse at midnight as planned. Little Man was safe at home with his daddy, his temperature under control and having had every test run they could think of during the previous 24 hours. I found a few spare moments during the week to make some notes and finally got it all written up for my page at The Collective Review yesterday. For those who are not familiar, I started writing for them a year ago when they were The Fifth Medium or t5m. It's a wonderful site based out of London and you should really check it out. It's one of my little home away from homes.
Here is an excerpt...
As Robert Pattinson said when he was on the ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’, the movie is based on a book so they aren’t really any secrets. Having said that, I avoided all the clips and stills before seeing the movie and I’m glad that I did. I promise not to share anything with you here that will spoil your viewing experience. These are just some of my thoughts on the movie and I can’t wait to hear yours!
Overall, I was very happy with Eclipse. The love letter that David Slade wrote to the fans deserves an equally loving response. He did a fantastic job in bringing more of the action of Eclipse to life without losing the romance that is the backbone of the saga. If you’ve read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: an Eclipse novella, you will certainly see its influence on the film. I was really glad to see how small details were worked into the script. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to check out where you can read the book for free until July 5 at midnight EST. You can also check out the review I wrote of the book here.
You can read the rest here and be sure to leave me some comments over there! I can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts!

My 3 Eclipse Cents (non-spoilery)

This time, I tried really hard to block out the incoming avalanche of pictures, early reviews, tv-spots, full-blown trailers (except for highly anticipated first one, of course), etc, etc. I was a good little Eclipse virgin when I finally entered that movie theater late on Friday (yeah, yeah, I know, I'm not a twihard enough for the midnight showings in the middle of the week). I had no expectations (well, maybe I expected to see some very bad wigs... again...). All I had was tingly anticipation and excitement, ready to be immersed into the favorite story. So, here's what I have to say about it, hopefully without revealing major story twists (in case that there's still somebody in the universe who has no clue how it's gonna end ;)) Disclaimer: Eclipse is my least favorite book of the 4.
* My googly-eyes internal fan girl was satisfied. After long incursions into the strange world of fanfiction and observing the beloved actors in non-twilight roles, it was very-very nice to see them back in their "natural habitat", totally "canon", in all their gold-eyed glory.
* My sarcastic movie-critic self had a field day. OMG, they still can't get the wigs, clothes and makeup right... What is it with you, big shot Hollywood stylist people? It's not even funny anymore...
* After hearing tons of criticism of "amateurish" special effects and CGI, I was pleasantly surprised with some very effective visuals. The beginning of the film was out right scary (although more in the classical "scary movie" style, the kind that makes you jump in your seat from unexpected appearances and hints to the lurking evil). The battle scene was quite impressive, despite being relatively short with all "battling" consisting for the most part of fast running. The wolves look great, imho, in their animal form.
* Reading Bree's story before the movie was quite helpful in understanding Volturi dialogue and in feeling more sorry for the girl herself.
* If in NM I was perplexed and a little dizzy with all the camera circling around the actors, this one had a TON of closeups. I mean, seriously, the main character's faces in gigantic proportions were plastered on the screen for like 60% of the time, I swear. I am now painfully familiar with every pimple on young Jacob's forehead, every hair in Edward's sideburns and every single freckle on Bella's nose. Btw, am I going crazy, or did anybody else notice that Jacob's face was kinda blurred out during and before the "big kiss" scene? The same way they do with the aging TV personalities when they do those tearjerking one-on-one interviews, and want minimize the appearance of wrinkles on your screens? I thought it was really weird.
* What else? Overall, I have to say, Twilight is the most naive yet true to the whole "teen movie" idea, New Moon is the most emotional and strangely... romantic of the three, and Eclipse, I suppose is the most fast-paced and action-packed, in my book. I did not get the butterflies in my stomach, even during the "don't try to take your clothes off" moment and even the happy Edward right after the proposal didn't do it for me :(
* I'm sorry to say, but I still miss Rachelle. No offense to Bryce, who, I'm sure is a fine actress and all, but after the "original" fiery Victoria, hers seemed sort of fake and flat...
* Riley was cool though. I wish his head didn't have to roll at the end... Ooops, I think I should stop writing until I reveal too much secret information (it's the super Russian spy in me speaking, in case you didn't notice).
Sooo, share your most adored and least favorite moments in the Eclipse. What impressed you the most and what disappointed? Since the comments go under the "jump", those who wish to remain "pure" before watching the movie for themselves can safely move on to the next post.

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'Eclipse' Premiere most pictures

 Twilighters Anonymous have a GREAT gallery of pictures that they took at the 'Eclipse' Premiere. Below are some of my favorites but go over to HERE and check out the full gallery of over 500 pictures!
Thanks to Twilighters Anonymous

EW Interviews Melissa Rosenberg

EW interviewed screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg about 'Eclipse'. She talked about working with different directors, her favorite moments in the movie and about the series Religious undertones.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did writing Eclipse compare to the last two books?
For me, Eclipse was my favorite book of the first three, for sure. The triangle comes to a head and that creates some really tense conflict, which is always good when you’re trying to write scenes. This is the third act of the story because Breaking Dawn goes off into completely new territory. That, and the huge battle we build to throughout the movie, was compelling. What was funny was Eclipse ended up being the hardest to write. That big battle happens in the third act, so it was all about pulling some of the conflict and danger forward to lace throughout the story. It became quite the challenge. But in the end, it was quite fun because I got to fill out some of the mythology, such as the character of Riley, the newborn army, Victoria, and everything that was going on that you can’t do in the book because it’s from Bella’s point-of-view.

Making Of 'Eclipse' film maker and special effects BTS videos

'Making of' has posted their interviews with the film makers and special effects teams behind 'Eclipse'. As a bonus we also get a glimpse of Taylor in the gray spandex suit he has talked so much about for filming a Bella/Jacob Wolf scene!

Interview with Phil Tippett & Taylor in the Spandex suit!

'Eclipse' breaks box office records

'Eclipse' is breaking multiple box office records in it's first days of release! The Los Angeles Times reports that 'Eclipse' will make $180m by Monday;

“Last November’s “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” grossed $179 million in the U.S. and Canada by its sixth day and “Eclipse” will likely do at least that much by Monday and possibly as much as $200 million, said people who have seen pre-release surveys. The new film has an advantage over its predecessor given the holiday weekend, the fact that many students are off from school and can go to weekday matinees, and that it is the first “Twilight” movie to play on premium priced Imax screens.
As a result, total receipts for the new film will almost certainly be very front-loaded, with most of its revenue coming in the first week.
“It’s a compressed period during which we expect to do a whole bunch of business,” said Summit domestic distribution president Richard Fay.
It remains to be seen, however, whether “Eclipse” will significantly outperform the $297-million total gross of “New Moon,” or if it will simply be the same “Twilight” fans turning out once again.”

Box office Mojo is also reporting; 
"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse drained more of its opening day demand with its midnight opening than The Twilight Saga: New Moon did. Despite setting the midnight record with over $30 million, Eclipse's full day came in at an estimated $68.5 million, falling short of New Moon's $72.7 million record ($26.3 million of which from its midnight launch).
Playing on approximately 8,000 screens at an opening-record 4,416 locations, Eclipse still had a phenomenal debut, setting two other records. The vampire romance sequel boasted the largest Wednesday gross of all time, surpassing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen's $62 million. It also logged the top-grossing summer day ever, surpassing The Dark Knight's $67.2 million.
Overall, Eclipse posted the second highest-grossing single day of all time, behind only its predecessor."

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Billy Burke and Julia Jones on Lopez Tonight

Billy Burke and Julia Jones (Leah) appeared on 'Lopez Tonight' and showed off their hidden talents. Watch the video below!

Part 1

Audience Q&A


Kristen on Lopez Tonight

Kristen showed off her juggling talents,talked about her golfing and cooking habits and had a cute moment with her daddy on Lopez Tonight, watch the video below!

Part 1

Part 2


Charlie and BooBoo on Lopez Tonight

Charlie Bewley and Boo Boo Stewart appeared on Lopez Tonight and showed off their talents!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Peter Facinelli on Jimmy Kimmel

Peter appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night and showed some great bootleg behind the scenes footage of some of his stunt scenes in 'Eclipse';

Part 1

Part 2


Nikki on Jimmy Kimmel

Nikki appeared on Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night, she talked about how she was reprimanded by 'Twilight' bosses for tanning, check out the video below!

Part 1

Part 2


Bryce Dallas Howard on Leno

Slightly late on posting this, but Bryce appeared on 'The Tonight Show' with Jay Leno on the evening of the 'Eclipse' premiere. Check out the video below;


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Access Hollywood interviews Kristen and Taylor at NYC Screening!

Access Hollywood interviewed Kristen and Taylor at the NYC screening of 'Eclipse' last night. Check out the video below;


Wyck talks about Rob, Kristen and replacing Rachelle

Wyck Godfrey, producer of the 'Twilight' movies, gave a very candid interview to TIME magazine discussing Rob and Kristen's relationship and the difficult decision to replace Rachelle with Bryce.

"The thing I do think about is, Oh my God, I hope they stay together. Because it could be awkward on set in the next movie if they have a huge falling out. It's like, Wow, they have to portray this love story through two more movies. God, I hope they stay together; please stay together. That's what affects my day-to-day.
If you look at people who have a stable personal life, the rags get tired of them. I think we're heading to that place where they are together and that's their life and we better find someone new to create drama out of."

Read the full interview HERE.


David Slade talks 'Eclipse' DVD and commentary

David Slade talks about the 'Eclipse' DVD and Extras to Check out the interview below;

  • I ask about the unique shots and the close-ups.  Did he design the look before he got on set or did he do more of it while there.  Talks about how the film needed to have a cinematic vocabulary
  • 2:50 – Twitter questions – I ask him about the meadow scene.  When he was filming the scene, was he aware it meant so much to so many fans.  Talks about how Stephenie Meyer’s was there a lot on set a lot.
  • 5:00 – Home video question.  What deleted scenes will be on the DVD/Blu-ray.  Talks about the one of the scenes that was cut.  He says the scene was 2 or 3 minutes alone and he think it may be as many as 5 minutes of deleted scenes coming
  • 6:30 – Commentaries on the DVD?  He says he won’t be doing one and explains why.
  • Talks about how he literally just finished the film the night before this interview
  • 7:48 – What is he doing next.  Says he is definitely not doing The Shadow

Director David Slade Video Interview THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE - Watch the top videos of the week here


Kristen on the 'Today show'

Video of Kristen's very short interview on the Today Show this morning. Watch it below!


'Eclipse' screens in NYC and Madrid

 Promotion for 'Eclipse' continues with Ashley, Xavier and David Slade promoting 'Eclipse' in Europe and Kristen and Taylor promoting it in NYC.

Check out pictures of Ashley and Xavier HERE and HERE

Kristen and Taylor HERE and HERE

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Kristen on David Letterman

Kristen was on David Letterman last night looking gorgeous with her newly dyed 'On the Road' hair (cannot wait for this movie). She shared some pictures of her families wolf/dog hybrids and talked about her experiences traveling the world promoting 'Eclipse'. Check out the video below!


Kristen, Stephenie and Rob make Forbes top 100

Kristen, Stephenie and Rob are all featured in this years Forbes top 100 of the worlds most powerful celebrities. 

Rob is number 50 on the list, Stephenie is number 59 and Kristen is number 66.  Rob and Kristen both feature on the cover also.

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Eclipse Discussion: Epilogue

Well, here we are, less than TWO days before the release of Eclipse!! GAH! I'm so excited, I don't know about all of you. Our final chapter discussion is written by Ginger Snaps, with the unique perspective of a Team Edward to Team Jacob convert. (I don't understand it myself, but she does a GREAT job with her article. Definitely a new way to look at the events in the epilogue of Eclipse!)

I must begin with the disclaimer that the first several times I read these
books, I hated Jacob. I was horrified in New Moon that Jacob and Bella were
getting closer, horrified that Jacob and Bella kissed in Eclipse, and ready
to toss Breaking Dawn during the Jacob POV parts.  I was not a fan of
Jacob.  Fast forward a few movies, and Mr. Taylor Lautner has single
handedly brought me over to Team Jacob.

Being on Team Jacob now as I re-read the Epilogue completely changed my
perspective before.  Jacob has just learned Bella is getting married to
Edward and will eventually become a vampire. The love of his life is not
only marrying another, but becoming a "monster" or possibly dying.

Jacob is devastated.  The only way to ease his pain is by running away.  But
then Leah finds him, blaming him for being the cause of the Bella dreams in
her head, through their wolf pack shared thoughts. Leah is someone who never
really found peace and just existed to make other people's lives miserable.
Stephenie Meyer could've totally had Leah die fighting in Breaking Dawn,
though that's another discussion for another day.

When Jacob returns to his house, Billy informs him that he got a letter.  A
wedding invitation.  Not sent by Bella, but by Edward.  Ok, I'm sure Edward
could argue that he was trying to do the fair thing, but really?  If this
isn't a *in your face* moment, I don't know what is.  Edward and Jacob both
know the other is fighting for Bella's love and now that she's chosen,
Edward's wedding invitation seems like a slap in the face.  My high
school/college sweetheart was my "Jacob".  While we were on a break, Mr. G
swooped in, swept me off my feet and married me.  Neither of us would've
have dared send "my Jacob" a wedding invitation.  It would've been cruel.
And this whole, "if it was me, I would've wanted to have that choice" is
crap.  There's no way you can truly be happy for the one that got away, on
their wedding day, unless lots of time had passed.  Otherwise it's just
going to be unnecessary torture.

The end of the Epilogue has Jacob running away in wolf form to spend some
time alone.  I was really touched by the fact that Sam stepped in,
instructing Embry and Quil to let him go and change back to human form, so
he could truly be alone.  Which I feel was exactly what he needed.

Kristen screens 'Welcome To The Rileys' at LAFF

On Friday night Kristen screened her movie with James Galdonfini and Melissa Leo 'Welcome to the Riley's' at the Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF). Access Hollywood and the LAFF both interviewed her about the gritty role that she is getting great reviews for. Watch the interviews below!



Collider interview with Melissa Rosenberg

Collider has a great interview with Melissa Rosenberg on 'Eclipse'. 'Breaking Dawn' is also mentioned;
# How has it been for her going back and forth from Dexter to Twilight
# 1:00 – How was working for David Slade different compared to Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz
# 2:45 – How much time did she spend writing each Twilight movie. She says she had the most time on Eclipse
# 3:50 – Did she notice anything missing out of Eclipse that she wrote
# 5:20 – Breaking Dawn talk – How long has she known that it was going to be 2 films.
# 6:40 – How happy is she that the press release finally got released that the movie will be two films and how long ago did she start writing the two scripts. She says the fall or winter of last year she was writing it. Says she was writing before her deal was made.
# 7:45 – Has she spoken to director Bill Condon and how did things change when she got involved
# 9:35 – When she first heard that Bill Condon was going to direct it, what was her reaction
# 10:25 – With the 4th book being the most controversial among the fans, how is it for her to tackle the writing? She talks about how some fans want an R rating and she explains why it doesn’t have to be so graphic

Melissa Rosenberg Interview TWILIGHT ECLIPSE, BREAKING DAWN - Watch more amazing videos here

Source Via Twilight Lexicon

Bree Tanner raises $1million for the Red Cross

Per the Twilight Lexicon

"Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, a division of Hachette Book Group, has announced today that it has sold over one million copies of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: an Eclipse Novella by Stephenie Meyer. The novella, released on June 5th, has already become the biggest selling new book of the year so far. As previously announced, one dollar for each book sold in the US from the first printing is being donated to the American Red Cross International Response Fund* resulting in a donation of over one million dollars to the American Red Cross to date.

“The generosity of Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Stephenie Meyer and the one million fans who purchased the novella is both awe inspiring and humbling,” said David Meltzer, senior vice president of international services with the American Red Cross. “Their collective support will help the American Red Cross respond to international crises, prevent life-threatening diseases, prepare for disasters overseas and provide support to help those in need around the world.”

Since its release, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner has dominated bestseller lists both in the US and around the world. The novella, the first new work from Meyer in nearly two years, debuted at #1 on the USA Today, Wall Street Journal and IndieBound bestseller lists as well as bestseller lists in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and the UK.

In addition to the phenomenal sales of the print edition, fans from around the world have been given exclusive access to the novel at until July 5, 2010. So far an estimated 75,000 fans have read the book in its entirety online. Visitors to the site are also able to make a donation to the American Red Cross.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner is the riveting story of Bree Tanner, a newborn vampire first introduced in Eclipse, and the darker side of the world she inhabits. The novella chronicles the newborn vampire army’s journey as they prepare to close in on Bella Swan and the Cullens, following their encounter to its unforgettable conclusion. The character Bree not only features prominently in the book Eclipse, but in the movie from Summit Entertainment which is being released on June 30th.

In less than five years, Stephenie Meyer has become a worldwide publishing phenomenon. The Twilight Saga’s translation rights have been sold in nearly 50 countries and 100 million copies have been sold worldwide.

*Donations to the American Red Cross from the US sales of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner will continue until all first printing copies have been sold or at the end of a two-year period from the initial publication date, whichever is the first to occur."

Thanks to the Twilight Lexicon

Jackson on MTV's 'When I was 17'

Jackson was on MTV's 'When I was 17' watch the video below!


Taylor promoting 'Eclipse' on the 'Today show'

Taylor was promoting 'Eclipse' on the 'Today Show' this morning. Check out the video below!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Lovefilm 'Eclipse' interviews

Lovefilm sent a very starstruck girl to interview the 'Eclipse' cast. Watch the adorable Rob and Kristen interviews below!


Source via


Source via Team_KBitch

More 'Eclipse' Talk Show appearances

Just a reminder;
Taylor is on the 'Today show' today
Taylor is on 'Regis and Kelly' today
Kristen on David Letterman tonight
Kristen is on 'Regis and Kelly' Tuesday
Charlie Bewley and Booboo Stewart On 'Lopez Tonight' Tuesday night
Kristen, Billy Burke, Julia Jones and Cee Lo Green on 'Lopez Tonight' Wednesday night
Peter and Elizabeth on 'Lopez Tonight' Thursday night
Taylor on David Letterman Thursday night

NY Post 'Eclipse Badass and Bloody'!

The NY Post has a great article on 'Eclipse' saying "No longer just for teen girls, the franchise’s third movie, ‘Eclipse,’ is badass and bloody"
"Maybe the “Twilight” franchise was just feeling a little emasculated. Can you blame it? Last year, when someone asked hunky “True Blood” star Alexander Skarsgard what he thought of Edward Cullen and Co., he laughed it off: “They’re cute,” he said.  But no more! Enter British director David Slade, whose last two films have been anything but cuddly. Surely the guy who made audiences literally squirm as Ellen Page tortured Patrick Wilson in “Hard Candy” could bring a little blood back to the vampires of Forks, Washington.  In “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” the series’ third installment, that’s what he set out to do.
On their way to do battle with werewolves , vampire warriors emerge from a lake in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.” The movie’s amped-up action is expected to attract male audiences. 
“One of my goals . . . was to make Edward scary,” Slade told IGN. “Because he’s a vampire. And there’s a carnivore under that surface.”
Not that you’d know it from the first two movies, which made Edward (Robert Pattinson) look like a bit of a powder puff. At his angriest, you’d find him looking really menacingly at a group of thugs, throwing a hissy fit when his girl talks to her teen-wolf friend or getting tossed around like a rag doll by some Italian vampires.
In most vamp mythology, they burst into flames in the sunlight. Not Edward — he sparkles.  Even the menacing wolf-boys of “New Moon,” led by newly ripped Taylor Lautner, seem to have mainly existed to show off their six-packs, in human form, and CGI technology, in wolf form.
If the boyfriends of swooning female fans were ever going to be persuaded to show up for yet another dose of Edward and Bella, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, the action would have to be ramped up. Things would actually have to get bloody.
“This book, of all the books, is the darkest,” says screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who predicts male viewers will dig the many fight scenes — wolf vs. vampire, old vampire vs. new vampire, Rosalie vs. a throng of Victorian gentlemen — depicted throughout. “It’s conflict [men] respond to and there’s just a great deal more of them in this one.”
“Eclipse” picks up where “New Moon” left off. Edward has just proposed to Bella. Bella’s best friend Jacob is coping with his feelings for her and his newfound wolf-ness. Vengeful vamp Victoria is still out there somewhere, forming an army of new vampires. And the Volturi clan is waiting for Bella to be turned into a vampire herself.
Unlike “New Moon,” which revolved in large part around Edward’s absence and Bella’s resulting depression, “Eclipse” jumps straight into action. “I think people will be quite shocked at the quicker pace,” says Pattinson. “I think the tone is a lot harsher. The fight scenes are much more scrappy and feral.
Read more HERE.

Stephenie is 'Very happy with 'Eclipse'"

Stephenie Meyer has told MTV that she is very happy with 'Eclipse';

'It's really good. It's so much fun to watch. One of the ways I judge a good movie is I forget to be critical because I'm just having fun - and with this one, I definitely was having a good time watching it.'
Meyer also spoke about the director's decision to re-shoot the famous tent scene.
She said: 'It was so simple - it was [just] a blocking issue. When Bella and Jacob crawl into the sleeping bag together, he didn't put his arms around her, he just kind of backed away from her - I wasn't [on set] that day to say: 'Hold it!' [So] we went back and put that in. I'm very happy with that.'

Are you excited to see 'Eclipse'? Are you going to a midnight showing? Are you seeing the movie in IMAX? We want to hear all about your 'Eclipse' experience!


'Eclipse' reviews start to come in!

'Eclipse' reviews are starting to come in and so far they are all VERY positive! For all of you trying to avoid spoilers I have put all the reviews after the jump!