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In the Eye of the Beholder

I would imagine, most (or at least a lot) of the fans read the books before first of the Twilight movies was out. We closed our eyes and imagined the gorgeous boy with pale features, reddish hair and golden eyes. Bella wasn't as meticulously described in the book, mostly because she's the narrator of the book and being an insecure teenager, she's not her own biggest fan of herself (at least when the looks are concerned). So, we shrugged and imagined... ourselves as her, right? Other members of Cullen clan were also described in great detail and each one of us had an imaginary picture of them in our heads, I am sure.
And then came the movie. As the casting details started trickling down the fandom was having fits and screaming matches all over the web, discussing actors being considered for the roles. As the emotions calmed down and we all got used to the idea of the chosen actors "being" the characters it started kinda make sense... Of course Bella is beautiful and fidgety KStew. Who else could brood and scowl as handsomely as RPattz? Taylor literally built himself to fit into the supersized Jacob's shoes. Glamorous Ashley became a spunky pixie Alice, Kellan turned into a good-natured bear-of-a-brother, and a small army of Jackson's (aka JayBone) fans started flooding 100 Monkey's concerts. I'm still griping with the makeup and costume people on the sets of all TwiMovies for making Alice-the-fashionista look so frumpy and the-most-beautiful-girl-in-the-world Rosalie/Nikki turn into a live-sized Barbie's stepsister. But... we all have grown to love and respect the chosen actors, we follow their successes and forgive their debacles.
Moreover, I can only speak for myself, but even the various versions of Twilight characters (human and otherwise) that are so plentiful in the fanfiction world, somehow turn out as slightly made over twi-actors. Robert Pattinson in his James Dean leather getup and a cigarette hanging from his perfect lips is an instant "bad boy", be it an Inkward, Mafiaward or Doucheward. "How To Be" long haired Robert morphs into a Geekward, Shyward and possibly Gayward. There are certainly younger, slightly older (but never too much), scruffier, or glammed-up versions, but they all look at least somewhat like the "original" in our imaginations. Bella goes from Office B*tch to Shy Personal Assistant, heck, she can fly around the world if she wants to, but Kristen's pretty features and slightly open mouth are always present in her imaginary appearance ;)
Now, people played this game a million times over before Twilight, the movie came out, but I would be curious to find out if any of you still feel like the actors were miscast, and there's somebody else out there who would embody our beloved characters better. Or maybe real people like this don't exist and the "real" Edward and Bella still reside firmly and exclusively in your imagination. Do share! Pictures (or links to thereof) are greatly appreciated. *fingers tapping impatiently on the refresh button, waiting for your replies/comments*
*disclaimer* you can see the source of the pictures by clicking on them.

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Taylor's MTV Rough Cut

MTV has posted all of Taylor's MTV rough cut from 'Eclipse' promotion. Check out the video below!

Which movie is Taylor's favorite?

Full Nordstrom Cast Appearance Line up!

Nordstrom has revealed their full cast appearance list for the 'Eclipse' mall tour. No bands like the New Moon tour unfortunately.  Check out Hollywood crush and for more information

  • Seattle, Washington (Nordstrom Downtown Seattle): Elizabeth Reaser (Esme Cullen) and Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale)
  • Portland, Oregon (Nordstrom Downtown Portland): Cameron Bright (Alec)
  • Dallas, Texas (Nordstrom NorthPark Center): Jodelle Ferland (Bree)
  • Bethesda, Maryland (Nordstrom Montgomery Mall): Alex Meraz (Paul)
  • Pleasanton, California (Nordstrom Stoneridge): Justin Chon (Eric)
  • San Diego, California (Nordstrom Fashion Valley): Tyson Houseman (Quil Ateara)
  • Oakbrook, Illinois (Nordstrom Oakbrook Center): BooBoo Stewart (Seth)

Behind the Scenes of Kellan's Mens Health shoot!

Kellan discusses his workout routine with this months 'Men's Health' magazine.

"To stay in shape after The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Lutz starts every workout with 5 minutes of cardio and follows it up with core work. "Activating the core maximizes muscle utilization in every other exercise," McDonald says. Translation: Core work makes your body ready to rock. After a few sets of powerful full-body movements, Lutz and McDonald do simpler exercises that target specific muscles, letting their bodies recover a bit before another blast of energy and muscle-fiber recruitment."

Check out the behind the scenes video below and more outakes on the Mens Health website.


New Melissa Rosenberg Interview

Risky Business from the Hollywood Reporter has a great new interview with Melissa Rosenberg.  In the interview she discusses 'Breaking Dawn' and the pleasure of writing for Bella.

"You probably knew about this all along, but Summit finally publicly announced that “Dawn” would be two movies. Had you written it as one movie already? Is this a huge pain in the ass? Or had you been working on it as two from the beginning?
Rosenberg: When we started, everyone was a little bit unsure. So it kind of came down to me looking at the book and going, Are there two movies in this? Which is a hell of a lot of pressure! Sure, we all wanted it to be two movies, but we had to look at it and see, Is there enough material for two movies? We all agreed there was probably too much for one movie, although I guess it could have been an incredibly long movie. So when I started getting into it I started to see, Yeah, we’ve got two movies here. Everybody agreed and I started approaching it as two movies. And then it came down to, Are the actors available for two movies? So there were a lot of things that went into this decision.
Maybe you haven’t gotten to this point in structuring it yet, but can you allude to what the cliffhanger of the fourth movie versus the fifth would be?
Rosenberg: We’re kind of still deciding that. I’m doing first drafts now. But I think it comes down to Bella as human and Bella as vampire. (”Breaking Dawn” director) Bill Condon may give you a different answer, but I think it’s a natural break. There’s her as a human with the baby and everything and then there’s her as a parent and a vampire"

Read the full article HERE. It is a very good read but just a heads up there is some strong language for those that may be sensitive to that.


'Bree Tanner' set to be UK's best seller this year

Stephenie Meyer's publisher Publisher Little, Brown tells Deadline that Stephenie’s novella “for the fans” has sold 226,589 copies so far in the UK. Waterstones, the largest bookshop chain, expects it to be the biggest-selling book of the year. The £11:99 ($17.8) Twilight novella is mostly selling at less than half price, mostly due to heavy supermarket discounting.

You can read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner for free on Meyer’s website until midnight on July 5.


Jimmy Kimmel 'Eclipse' show stills!

Jimmy Kimmel has revealed two stills from his upcoming 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' show!. 

Per the Associated Press Rob, Kristen and Taylor will appear together on the show — and see what they could look like with a Jersey-style makeover.  Kimmel has taped segments with the cast of MTV's "Jersey Shore" spoofing "Twilight."  There's Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino dressed like Cullen but shirtless in a tanning bed coffin and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi as Bella Swan wearing a yellow minidress. Lautner's character of werewolf Jacob Black is played by Pauly "DJ Pauly D" Del Vecchio.  Kimmel plays Forks police chief and Bella's father, Charlie."

Jimmy Kimmel Live's Twilight Saga: Total Eclipse of the Heart" airs Wednesday, June 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


'Eclipse' Soundtrack debuts strong!

The 'Eclipse' soundtrack has debuted at #1 on the Billboard top 200, narrowly missing out on the top stop which went to the 'Glee' album, 'Journey to Regionals'. AS points out;

"It is no surprise that “Glee” albums have done so well, considering that all its songs are covers. Mega-hits like Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Over the Rainbow” have been proven many times over. Whereas the Twilight soundtracks must convince listeners to take a chance on unknown bands and develop an ear for unknown singles, the “Glee” albums invoke the cardinal rule of the entertainment industry: what sells the most are the things that are tried and true.

The “Glee” album had other things going for it, like its lower cost. With only six tracks, it is appropriately priced at $6.98. Though deeply discounted on at $9.99 for the moment, the “Eclipse” list price of $18.98 is nearly three times more. "

Which album did you buy?

- Thanks to

Tinsel's new movie trailer for 'Stained'

The trailer for Tinsel Korey's new movie 'Stained' has been revealed.  Tinsel plays the lead role of Isabelle a character with schizophrenia in the movie.  The movie is expected to be released later this year.

Thanks to the Twilight Examiner

Vincent Gallo and Michael Madsen join 'Loosies'

Vincent Gallo and Michael Madsen are now confirmed to join 'Loosies' with Peter Facinelli. Peter wrote the screenplay for the movie. The story line follows a New York City pickpocket who is confronted by a pregnant woman with whom he had a one-night stand.


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'Eclipse' New born army featurette has a new shot profile of the vampire fighting and newborn army. The clips show some new scenes and some behind the scenes footage from 'Eclipse' it can't be embedded but you can check it out by clicking here.


New 'Eclipse' clips

All after the jump for those like Amber who are trying to stay spoiler free for the movie ;)

Eclipse Discussion: Chapter 27. Needs

This week's discussion of the final chapter of Eclipse is written by one of our own, Sabrina. We thought it would be really interesting to get this chapter from a "Team Jacob" girl and I think she did a fantastic job. I got the same feelings reading this discussion as I did reading the chapter in the book! Be sure you comment. This is the next-to-last discussion! No more time for lurking...

In this penultimate chapter of Eclipse, we finally get to see the aftermath of the conflict that has divided Twilight fans everywhere. In the opening quote of the book, Robert Frost's poem "Fire and Ice" foretells an epic ending to the question: Hot or Cold? Comfort or Passion? Jacob or Edward? Of course, the question that Frost's poem is asking is not about which is more convenient to love, rather, which is the better instrument of destruction. And so, Needs is all about Bella's partial destruction by fire.

Bella doesn't make it far after leaving Jacob before succumbing to her own desolation. Edward runs to the rescue, but his very presence makes it worse, simply because a part of her craves Jacob's touch, and Bella feels guilty. Bella manages to let Edward know, between sobs, that she needs to get to Charlie before Billy can call and worry him, so Edward drives her home. She is able to make it through Charlie before really falling apart.

Through the night, Bella analyzes her situation, and among the mess she has an epiphany: it wasn't Edward and Jacob that she was trying to hold together, but Edward's Bella and Jacob's Bella. There were two pieces of her that both wanted something so polarizing that the only answer was the complete destruction of one half, Jacob's Bella. The fire rages, destroying a part of her, and Edward's Ice heals.

Morning brings acceptance. Bella is able to understand that she will always carry the scars where her love for Jacob had resided, and she is able to try to move on. Now, those of you who know a bit about my feelings on the Edward/Jacob matter, know that I've been officially Team Jacob, mostly because every time I read New Moon I get so mad at Edward, I just can't understand how Bella can continue to love him, regardless. In this chapter, though, I'm always able to lay my anger to rest because Edward is selfless enough, after watching her immense pain, to be willing to give her up if that will make her happier. Even after watching her grieve for another love, and after how excrutiating that must've been for him to watch, he is still only concerned about how he can lessen her pain. He doesn't understand how she could love Jacob so much, yet still want him.

Here, Bella gets a chance to explain her feelings for him. She pulls out her copy of Wuthering Heights. Bella says:

"Cathy's a monster, but there were a few things she got right," I muttered, I read the lines quietly, mostly to myself. "'If all else perished and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger.'"
I nodded, again to myself. "I know exactly what she means. And I know who I can't live without."

And so, with her choice made and the consequences dealt with, Bella goes to Alice. Naturally, Alice knows exactly what's coming, and she's already gotten a head start. She takes Bella to see her vintage 1918-style wedding gown, and the wedding planning is on!

Alone in their meadow, Edward is concerned that Bella only wants the wedding to please everyone else (Edward, Alice, Renee, Charlie, etc), but doesn't want it for herself. So, he announces that he only wants her happiness, and immediately begins working on fulfilling his end of the bargain. Through the fog of lust, Bella manages to tell Edward that she really wants to do everything in the proper order. His soul is much too important to her to take any chances. Edward still shows a very male inclination to talk her out of being noble and virtuous, but in the end, decides to give her what she really needs -- closure to her human life.

So the two of them, thankful that Edward is indeed bulletproof, prepare to go tell Charlie the good news. And Edward slips her engagement ring on her finger where it would remain "conceivably for the rest of eternity."

Next Thursday we'll be covering the epilogue with Ginger of Gingersnaps in the Morning

'Eclipse' Rome Press and Premiere event

Kristen and Taylor are currently promoting 'Eclipse' in Rome. They attended a Press event this morning where Kristen looked gorgeous in a J Mendel dress (see picture to the right and I WANT this dress so bad).
See more pictures of the photo call dress here.

This evening her and Taylor then attended a premiere of the movie where Kristen kicked the style level up a whole other level with a gorgeous Marchesa dress see left (picture courtesy of Marchesa's facebook page here).

See all the pictures HERE.

After the jump also see video of the Rome fan event.

On the Red Carpet 'Eclipse' Interviews

On the Red Carpet has great interviews with Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Melissa, Ashley, Jackson, Kellan and Bryce. There are also interviews with Peter, Nikki and Alex.


Bryce interviews Xavier!

Bryce Dallas Howard interviewed Xavier Samuel for Interview Magazine's latest edition.  The interview is really lovely and you can tell how close they have become from working on the movie. Xavier looks great in the accompanying photos also!

"BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD: So now that you’re almost on the other side with Eclipse, how has everything been for you? It’s all been a little wild, right?
XAVIER SAMUEL: Yeah, it has. It’s kind of like being struck by lightning in a way, because it all seems so improbable.
HOWARD: Eclipse is your first American film.
SAMUEL: It is. I’ve been doing American auditions for a while, and it always felt sort of like sending these audition tapes off into the ether. So just hearing anything back from anyone was kind of startling.
HOWARD: When we were shooting Eclipse, it was amazing for me to see how the girls all went berserk over you. These girls were totally losing their minds—and much like everyone else in the cast who experiences those sorts of things, you dealt with it really graciously and wonderfully. Were you at all startled by that?
SAMUEL: I mean, it’s kind of bizarre, isn’t it? Having that kind of attention. I’m not under the microscope in the same fashion that a lot of the other cast members are, so I think I can slide under the radar a little bit more, but getting any attention at all is completely new for me.
HOWARD: Well, it’s been interesting to see how these young women have responded to you and your hair and your accent.
SAMUEL: My hair and my accent are sort of my main assets."

Read the rest of the article HERE.


Rob on Jay Leno

Rob was super cute on Jay Leno two nights ago, reading very charming emails from his dad to Jay and talking about his limited (and super scary) non existent driving skills. For those who may have missed it watch the video below which also includes a backstage video with a brief Rob cameo!

Part 1

Summit confirms 'Breaking Dawn' to be PG 13

In a recent interview Melissa Rosenberg hinted that she appears to be leaning toward the ‘less is more’ theory about the birth scenes in 'Breaking Dawn' “On the fan site, on Facebook, all the comments are ‘It has to be R rated! You have to show the childbirth! Gore and guts and sex!’ For me it’s actually more interesting to not see it. You know, you can do childbirth without seeing childbirth … it doesn’t mean it’s any less evocative of an experience.”

Today on her facebook page she clarified;
"Hi y'all! Not sure where some of you got the impression I intended to leave birth scene out of Breaking Dawn, but it's inaccurate. Of course the birth scene will be in there! And the sex scenes! And the feathers! And the blood! Perhaps you misinterpreted what I said about not needing to see BUCKETS of blood in order to convey the terror of the birth scene. But rest easy all! xoxo Mel"

All of this has led Summit to confirming to EW Popwatch that 'Breaking Dawn' will be PG 13.

What do you think about the PG13 rating? Is there anything that you all feel that the book will lose from this rating?

Source and Source

MTV live streaming the 'Eclipse' Premiere

Hollywood Crush and will be providing an "Eclipse" premiere LIVE STREAM from the red carpet at the Nokia Theater next Thursday night starting at 6:30p.m. PST (June 24 is only seven days away!). With MTV New's Josh Horowitz — and an accompanying camera crew — on a special platform interviewing all the famous faces as they go by, you'll be able to watch all the action and fashion as it happens.


'New Moon' and Twilight cast nominated for Teen Choice Awards

'New Moon' and the cast have been nominated for this years Teen Choice Awards.  Rob, Dakota and Kristen have also been nominated for their non Twilight performances in 'Remember Me' and 'The Runaways'.

Choice Movie: Fantasy
The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Choice Movie Actor: Fantasy

Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Choice Movie Actress: Fantasy
Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Choice Movie: Drama
Remember Me
The Runaways

Choice Movie Actor: Drama
Robert Pattinson, Remember Me

Choice Movie Actress: Drama
Dakota Fanning, The Runaways
Kristen Stewart, The Runaways

Choice Movie: Villain
Rachelle Lefevre, The Twilight Saga: New Moon

You must register to vote and be under 18 (*wink*) you can vote HERE.
The awards will be aired on FOX on Monday August 9th at 8/7c


David Slade Access Atlanta Interview

David Slade did a great interview with Access Atlanta where he talks about how he wanted to make 'Eclipse' more realistic and bolder than 'Twilight' and 'New Moon';

"Generally I wanted to be much more cinematic about the film,” Slade said, perched on the edge of his chair in a hotel room at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. The film’s June 30 release was just two and a half weeks away, and the director had put the final finishes on it the night before. “It was more sophisticated in its story. ... The other two films were very stylized, and I wanted to make a much more realistic film.”
There’s a lot going on in “Eclipse”: an increasingly tense love triangle between Bella, Edward and teen werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), the threat of a vampire vs. werewolf war, not to mention Bella’s own struggle to decide whether to become a vampire herself. (The book version weighs in at 640 pages.) The movie demanded equal parts action and romance, violence and longing.
At the center of these converging plot points is Edward, the vampire with the Elvis hair and the heart of gold. Slade knew right away the character needed some butching up. For all his loveliness, Slade pointed out, Edward is still “a carnivorous monster.” And in at least one memorable scene in the new film, he demonstrates that.
“I wanted him to be stronger, more aggressive, more dangerous,” said Slade.
For Pattinson, Slade’s insight meant rethinking his entire idea of Edward, something the actor hadn’t done since the first film “Twilight,” shot two years ago.
“On ‘Eclipse,’ I felt like I was doing a completely different movie and a completely different character,” Pattinson said. “I guess [Slade] was really fighting to make it not so solemn; to speed things up.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

Source via Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson fans

Talking Pictures 'Eclipse' Interviews

Talking Pictures interviewed Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Dakota, Xavier and Bryce. As well as Kellan, Ashley and Jackson and the Wolfpack. Check out all the interviews after the jump.

CFQ online interview with Mellissa Rosenberg

CFQOnline has an interview with 'Eclipse' screen writer Melissa Rosenberg where she talks about 'Eclipse' and Bella's character in the movie.

Source via Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Fans

Parade Magazine 'Eclipse' interviews with Rob and Kristen

Parade magazines Jeanne Wolf talked to Rob and Kristen about 'Eclipse'. Rob opened up about how kissing felt 'More natural' in 'Eclipse' than in the other movies and Kristen discussed how she had grown since 'Twilight'. Video below but a heads up there are 'Eclipse' scenes in there for those trying to avoid spoilers.


Meet 'Eclipse's' lone lady Werewolf has done a great profile on Julia Jones who plays Leah Clearwater in 'Eclipse'.  In the interview she discusses Leah's hostility, her rapport with the wolfpack and what she is most looking forward to in 'Breaking Dawn'

"When we meet Leah in Eclipse, her entire body language is as hostile as her attitude towards Bella… what did you do to represent Leah's physicality, of a woman newly changed against her will into a wolf?
That's a really good question and nobody asks me about that. It was such a big part [of Leah]. That was, I would say, one of the biggest ways I kind of found her. The most obvious thing is, which it says in the book, that she's always frowning; she's angry a lot so physically, frowning was a part of it. Honestly, I watched wolves -- amazing YouTube footage of wolves -- and there's this program about this man who went and lived with wolves. He infiltrated this wolf pack and became the alpha of this wolf pack. It's long, and I watched the whole thing several times… there are things about how wolves move, and how they carry themselves, and their reactions to things, that I started to incorporate very subtly into how Leah carries herself.
The other thing about the physicality was that I think Leah has a lot of self loathing. The self-esteem issues that are warranted given all the things that she's going through -- those read in your body, too. Physically, it's like you almost want to hide. You're not comfortable with your body; you don't belong, you don't fit in."

Read the full interview here.


'Eclipse' NYC screening with cast confirmed

GossipCop has confirmed that there will be a screening of  'Eclipse' in NYC on June 28th and several cast members will be in attendance. Just like the 'New Moon' screening last time round Kristen and Taylor are expected to be at the screening, along with a number of other cast members. Rob will not be in attendance due to his 'Water For Elephants' commitments.


HollyscoopTV Interviews Rob,Kristen and Taylor

HollyscoopTV has shared their interviews with the Twifecta from last weekends press - watch below!

Hitfix "Eclipse' Press videos has posted all of their 'Eclipse' interviews. Videos include interviews with Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli and Nikki Reed as well as Taylor and Kristen. Watch below and check out all their articles here.

The Cullens

Extra 'Eclipse' Press videos

Extra's Lauren Sanchez interviewed the cast last weekend - all the videos after the jump!

NBC Buzz talks to Dakota

NBC Buzz talked to Dakota about  "Twilight: Eclipse," working with the beautiful cast and who she looks up to in Hollywood.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


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Kristen MTV Rough Cut 'Eclipse'

Full 'Eclipse' MTV Rough Cut for Kristen

Bella's journey in 'Eclipse'

'Remember Me' DVD release

'Remember Me' is released on DVD on June 22nd! Below watch the TV spot and here is a link to an $8 off coupon for the DVD.

Source with thanks to Robert Pattinson Life

Eclipse Score Pre Order

The 'Eclipse' Score can now be pre-ordered. The score will be released June 29th. The score is by Howard Shore and can be ordered HERE.

Full track listing:
1. Riley
2. Compromise/Bella's Theme - Howard Shore, Haines, Emily
3. Bella's Truck/Florida - Howard Shore, Haines, Emily
4. Victoria
5. Imprinting
6. The Cullens Plan
7. First Kiss
8. Rosalie
9. Decisions, Decisions...
10. They're Coming Here
11. Jacob Black
12. Jasper
13. Wolf Scent
14. Mountain Peak

15. The Kiss - Howard Shore, Haines, Emily

 16. The Battle/Victoria vs. Edward
17. Jane
18. As Easy as Breathing
19. Wedding Plans - Howard Shore, Haines, Emily
Source 'Eclipse' Press Interviews have some great video of Taylor, Kristen and Rob's press panels for 'Eclipse' as well as transcripts of all of the panels. Watch the videos below and check out the transcript links under each video.


Kristen Stewart Video Interview TWILIGHT ECLIPSE Part 1 from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

Two new 'Eclipse' TV Spots - 'Protect You/Ready' and 'Fight'

There are two new 'Eclipse' TV spot's 'Protect You' and 'Ready' check them out below:


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Melissa Rosenberg talks 'Breaking Dawn', Kristen and 'Eclipse'

Melissa Rosenberg sat down with the LA times and spoke about adapting 'Breaking Dawn', Kristen and 'Eclipse'.

"Ministry of Gossip: 'Breaking Dawn' is no small undertaking. How's adaptation going?

Melissa Rosenberg: It's going really well -- it's a very big challenge. It's just thick with mythology and characters and choosing which stories to bring forward. It's a beast, but I think it's going well.

MoG: Stephenie Meyer has been consulting on the films from the start. Given this is the final chapter, what are her major priorities for the fans?

MR: She has always only demanded one thing, and that is that we adapt the book. All of her really big boundaries have to do with just adapting the book. That said, she isn't terribly precious about things. She's supportive of my bringing invention to it.

MoG: Speaking of which, [spoiler alert!] fans are crazy over Bella losing her virginity, the graphic birth of her and Edward's child, and her vampire transformation. Any idea how you'll handle such serious imagery?

MR: On the fan site, on Facebook, all the comments are "It has to be R rated! You have to show the childbirth! Gore and guts and sex!" For me it's actually more interesting to not see it. You know, you can do childbirth without seeing childbirth ... it doesn't mean it's any less evocative of an experience.

MoG: Kristen Stewart arguably has the most work to do in the final films. Is she up to the challenge?

MR: Kristen Stewart is really, I think, tremendous. And one of the reasons why we got Bill Condon. And Chris Weitz, for that matter; they all want to work with her."

Read the full article and interview here.


More Rob and Taylor Access Hollywood 'Eclipse' videos

Access Hollywood have sent us some great video of Taylor's GQ shoot and Rob and Taylor talking about Len Grossman. Check it out below!

Behind The Scenes: Taylor Lautner Flips For GQ

Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson Talk Meeting Tom Cruise (aka Les Grossman)


Eclipse Discussion - Chapter 26. Ethics

This chapter discussion is written by the wonderful Krista, also known on twitter as @AccentOnLife. She did a wonderful job with chapter 22 and we're thrilled that she's agreed to write this one for us as well. She has her very own Rob story now and you can read her review of Eclipse at on June 30.

Is it, as Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote in In Memoriam, better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

This question plagues Bella’s thoughts throughout Ethics, in relation to both the loves of her life. She wonders if would be better – and easier – for Jacob if she didn’t love him. And she contemplates whether or not the pain of lost love when Edward left was worth it. For Bella, the answer to both of those questions is undoubtedly yes.

As the chapter starts, Bella is with Alice, making their “sleepover” look like a real event before she returns home to Charlie. Alice offers her some words of wisdom that will continue to stay with her. “Play your role first, Bella, and then you can do what you want second. Part of being a Cullen is being meticulously responsible.” In other words, it is ethical to do what you need to do before what you want to do.
In this case, what Bella both wants to do and feels like she needs to do is be with Jacob when he regains consciousness. So, she returns home, answers a quick question about her shopping trip and cooks Charlie dinner before heading to the Black’s home.

Bella and Jacob have a long conversation, and it mostly centers on her choosing Edward over Jacob, despite loving both of them. At one point, Bella even wonders about Tennyson’s words aloud. Jacob says, “At least I made you see that you do love me. That’s worth something.” Bella responds, saying. “Is it? Is it really better than if I was still in the dark?” Jacob says, “Don’t you think you ought to know how you feel?”
What Bella actually meant was better for Jacob – not herself. Is Jacob better off knowing that she loves him, but he lost her to another man? Jacob tells her again that it is, because now he knows he did everything possible to try to win her.

She also ponders Tennyson’s observation in relation to Edward. Bella wonders if she “would have wavered, if I hadn’t lost Edward once. If I didn’t know what it was like to live without him. I wasn’t sure. That knowledge was so deep a part of me, I couldn’t imagine how I would feel without it.” She lost Edward at one point, but she never questioned whether or not her love for him was worth the pain she went through when he left. In her mind, it wasn’t even a choice.

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Jackson Rathbone interview has a new interview with Jackson in which he talks about cooking, his accent, who would win a thumb war in the cast and which guy he would kiss for a movie.


Longer Australian interview with Kristen and Taylor

Alicia Malone has posted a longer version of the interview that she did with Kristen and Taylor several weeks ago in Australia. Heads up there are some film clips used in the piece so you may want to avoid if you are trying to stay 'Eclipse' spoiler free!

Twilight Eclipse: Full Interview with Taylor Lautner and Kristin Stewart from Alicia Malone on Vimeo.

Source via fiercebitchstew

All of Rob's MTV Rough Cut for 'Eclipse'

We now have all the parts of Rob's MTV Rough Cut for 'Eclipse' - check all the videos out below!

Best Kiss

Hitfix Interviews the 'Eclipse' cast

Hitfix did some great work at the 'Eclipse' press days the past few days below is are their interviews with the cast.

First up is Kristen go here to view the rest of Hitfix's great article on Kristen and watch the video below.


Extra TV cute interview pictures and videos

Extra TV have posted some really cute interview photos and videos from this weekend's 'Eclipse' press days. Check them out below! (The Kristen and Dakota/Xavier/Bryce ones are my favorite)

The Insider 'Eclipse' Interviews

The Insider interviews Taylor, Kristen and Rob

Source via Twilightish

Access Hollywood Wolfpack Interviews

Access Hollywood have posted their interviews with the Wolfpack and new girl wolf Leah played by Julia Jones.


Access Hollywood Twi Tour video

Access Hollywood has some great video of Rob, Kristen and Taylor's appearance at Twi Tour in LA over the weekend. Watch below!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

ET online 'Eclipse' interviews

ET Online has posted their video interviews with Rob, Kristen and Taylor where they talk about 'Eclipse',marriage, on screen kissing and fame. Check it out below!


New Kellan 'Eclipse' interview

He talks about how much he loves playing Emmett, Kristen and working with David Slade.

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Access Hollywood 'Eclipse'- Cullen Interviews

Interview with Ashley, Kellan and Jackson.

Interview with Nikki, Peter and Elizabeth interview with Wyck Godfrey has a great interview with the Twilight Saga Producer Wyck Godfrey. In it he talks about the 'Breaking Dawn' birth scene and whether the movie should be in 3D.

"Needless to say I know that a gory Breaking Dawn isn't going to happen quite like I envision it, but how close do you think it can come to evoking the sort of visceral goriness of what's written in the novel?
I think the one thing that we've done that we've really done in all the films is keep them very subjective and keep them from Bella's point of view. So the conversations we've had with Bill, is that we'll try to do something similar here; you're with Bella's perspective and her point of view of what's taking place in the rush around her, as she's in intense pain. Not so focused, objectively, on her body and his body and that. So I think it'll be something like that, in terms of trying to make the audience experience and feel the confusion, almost, of what's happening to her.

And how might you use 3D in either part of Breaking Dawn?
We have considered it, and everything's being discussed, but I know that part of a way to differentiate the two movies would be to have one be in 2D, and when she becomes a vampire we move into 3D. But we haven't really gotten far enough to decide what we're going to do. I'm of two minds of it, frankly, and I think everyone is; I don't want to chase the format if it's not organic and appropriate. If we think it is, we will."

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MTV 'Rough Cut' 'Eclipse' Interviews

MTV Rough Cut 'Eclipse' press Interviews with Rob, Taylor and Kristen talking about 'Breaking Dawn', Kristen and Rob's best kiss acceptance, music, twilight merchandise and crazy fans. Interviews are by Josh Horowitz who you can follow on twitter @joshhorrowitz.

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Twi Tour 'Eclipse' Master Post

Rob, Kristen and Taylor appeared at Twi Tour Los Angeles for a Q&A tonight (Saturday). No video unfortunately below are images from their appearance and i will add more pictures, video (if any exists) and summaries of what they said as I get it!

Access Hollywood 'Eclipse' Videos

Access Hollywood sat down with Rob, Taylor, Kristen and the rest of the stars of "Eclipse" today for exclusive interviews! They dished on everything from "Breaking Dawn" to Rob's haircut and Taylor's workout.

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'Eclipse' Press conference master post

Today saw day one of a two day 'Eclipse' press day in Los Angeles. Below are links to video from Rob, Taylor and Kristen as well as links to complete transcripts of Rob, Taylor, Kristen, The Cullens's, Bad Vampire (Xavier, Bryce and Dakota's) and The Filmmakers (David Slade, Wyck Godfrey and Melissa Rosenberg)  press transcripts. We will keep updating this post as we get more information!

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