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Handmade Eclipse

Well, now that Eclipse is looming on the horizon, we all inadvertently scour the internet more than usual in search of something new and exciting related to the upcoming movie... So, why not look in my beloved handmade community of Etsy?
Now, let me explain, there's plenty of handmade stuff "on the theme" out there that is not worthy of your attention. Some are just trying to jump on the bandwagon of pop phenomenon without having even slightest idea about the source (all this fang-y fluff tagged "Twilight" have been annoying me for a while now). Some don't see anything wrong with simply reproducing photos from the internet slapped onto various "products" and call it all "original and handmade". A few of those even try to slap "copyright" notice on their listings for a good measure. BUT, there's enough of really cool, truly original and special products to justify typing the words "Twilight" and "Eclipse" into a search box on Etsy :) Hey, they even mention it in their Merchandising Desk popular product predictions for June and July So, without further ado, I give you my picks for handmade Eclipse-inspired Etsy goodies (click on the picture you like to visit the Etsy shop that sells it.

Also, please check out online shops of my non-Etsy TwiFan friends:

As you probably guessed I, myself am an active Etsy seller, please visit my shop, TwiMom.

Kristen and Taylor promote Eclipse in Korea

Kristen and Taylor have been traveling the world promoting 'Eclipse' for the past week. It was Australia last weekend and then they hit up Korea. Some video's of their tour below!

They looked like they had a great time!

Ashley Greene new Mark make up spokesperson!

Ashley is the new spokesperson for Avon's Mark cosmetics line.  Ashley will join Lauren Conrad as a spokesmodel for the line. Ashley says;

“I am thrilled to join the mark family,” the 23 year-old said in a press release issued today. “Mark has been on my radar not only because of their great fashion and beauty products, but because the brand inspires young women to feel beautiful inside and out.”

Read the full article here.


Sneak Peek of 'Eclipse' clip to be shown at MTV awards!

MTV have posted a sneak peek of the 'Eclipse' clip to be previewed tomorrow at the awards;

The awards are on tomorrow on MTV at 9/8c with the pre show in advance - I am so excited!


David Slade writes a letter to fans!

David Slade has posted a letter to Twilight fans and a behind the scenes picture on the Twilight Saga official Facebook page;

Dear fans of The Twilight Saga,

I want to congratulate you for reaching over 6 million fans on The Twilight Saga Facebook page.

It's hard to fathom that it was just over one year ago that I started constructing this third and epic adventure which takes place in the town of Forks.

I want to share a story about one of our days of shooting with you.

It was a Friday night and the rain was relentless. We were at La Push to shoot the tribe's histories, a great speech by Billy Black. We had Taylor and Kristen and the whole wolf pack around a campfire as the heavens let loose on us.

Gil Birmingham was in fine form as the rain hammered down on us all, we adjusted our lights so that the rain vanished into the black of night.

We constructed a tent over the scene to keep everyone dry as we worked, every 15 minutes or so we would have to tip it to stop the collecting rain from splitting the fabric.

For some reason still unknown, around 3am, the wolf pack stood exactly in the way of several gallons of rainwater as it was being cleared. Being the wolf pack, they just laughed it off as they stood there soaked to the bone.

We worked through the mud and the rain all night, until we had the scene perfected.

As we left, dawn was now cracking and in the dim light I passed a small army of fans who had braved the weather for the entire night, still standing there, holding drenched flowers and waiting to get a glimpse of our actors.

So, to those of you who stood behind our security, who waited in line at theatres overnight, to those of you who just love these stories, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is a love letter to you.

Each day I felt the weight of your favourite scenes, your favourite lines, your dreams and your imagination.

It has been an unforgettable journey, and now as I finalise the last prints to ready the film for your local theaters, I cannot wait for you to see it.

Sincerest Regards,



The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner is available today!

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella (Twilight Saga)I picked up my copy this morning and I'm on page 64 so far. It's my oldest's birthday so I'll be tied up most of the day but I still plan to have it finished by tonight. I'll be happy to return with my review. In the meantime, are you reading it? What do you think of it? It's available in stores now or you can order it by clicking The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella (Twilight Saga) $1 of every hard copy purchased will go to the American Red Cross so you can help out with disaster relief while indulging in a new piece of Eclipse.

Stephenie Meyer has also made it free to read online beginning on June 7 at noon. Just go to  Can't wait to hear your thoughts! I have to say, it feels pretty amazing to have a new Twilight saga book in my hands!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eclipse Discussion - Chapter 25. Mirror

This week The Danger Magnet herself, Ana Cristina, has written our discussion. Show her some love in the comments and let her know how much we all appreciate it! And don't forget the awesome Eclipse discussion going on over at TDM as well! Amber wrote a discussion over there a little while back!

Chapter 25 takes place right after Edward successfully dispatches Victoria. During my first reading of this book, I remember feverishly turning the page to begin this chapter, hardly able to believe that Bella's redheaded menace was gone. I still feel the aftershocks rereading this chapter now, even though this is my 1,038,301th reading of the book. (I kid. I think.)

What's great about the beginning of this chapter is that Bella mirrors my shock as a reader. She just stands there, frozen, as Edward calmly begins tearing Victoria apart and preparing the requisite pyre. Even Seth joins in on the dismembering fun. While Edward and Seth are busy bonding (Did anyone else think that scene was cute? Well, minus the dismembering part, of course.), Bella is still there, all frozen and stuff. When Edward finally realizes Bella's near comatose state, he has an interesting reaction:
"You don't have to be afraid, Bella," Edward murmured. "You're safe. I won't hurt you."
Why would Edward think Bella is afraid of him?! Bella is clearly freaking out for the same reason I am freaking out. She's probably wondering, "That's it? Victoria is GONE?" It almost feels too easy. But then again, this is Edward we are talking about. Perfect, deadly Edward.

However, this is the first time Bella has really seen Edward in his vampiric element. That scene in the meadow in Twilight, where Edward goes ballistic and breaks a tree or twenty? Yeah, that was child's play compared to the scene where he kills Victoria. So maybe Bella is perhaps a teensy bit in shock over this.

Still, Bella tries to play it off, even showing off to Edward: "Just wait till I'm a vampire! I'm not going to be sitting on the sidelines next time." But before Bella can fully regain her composure, Edward suggests they should be on their way, which of course sends Bella into a hyperventilating fit. Why should they be on their way? Is Victoria magically going to reanimate somehow? Is Jacob in trouble? Come to think of it, where is Jacob?! I'm hearing the 1980's classic by Men at Work, "Who Can It Be Now" in my head as I read, and then out of nowhere, Seth and Edward are convulsing, gripped by a seemingly phantom pain.

At first, I think that Jane is to blame -- that the Volturi must be in town and Jane must be playing her twisted mind games with them. But then Edward gasps, "We're fine -- we're going to be okay. Sam -- help him," and I understand that something else is wrong. And somehow, some way, I know that Jacob is the one in need of Sam's help.

Edward convinces Seth to go home and then quickly fills Bella in on the news that the Volturi are indeed in town, though they haven't come to check up on Bella, but rather to make sure that the newborn army has been taken care of. He goes on to say how they need to get going to the clearing, where his family has gathered to meet the Volturi. Frustratingly, Edward doesn't want to give any specifics on how the pack is doing. All he says at first is that the pack had to leave. After Bella cajoles him for more information, she learns the horrifying truth -- Jacob was badly hurt trying to protect Leah. This news -- more than seeing Edward decapitate Victoria, more than seeing Edward and Seth tear the vampire apart -- shatters Bella so much that she immediately loses consciousness.

Bella awakens shortly after in the clearing, feeling the cool hands of the Cullen family upon her and hearing their soothing voices. But Bella doesn't open her eyes until Edward assures her that Jacob is going to live and that he is healing even now, after Carlisle's assistance. It is after only she stands up and takes stock of her bearings that Bella realizes something is not right with her surroundings -- there is someone else in the clearing with them, hidden in Jasper's shadow. Bella learns that it is a young vampire, the sole remaining member of the newborn army. Having surrendered to the Cullens, the newborn is restless, impatient. Why is she impatient? Because she is driven crazy by the siren's call of Bella's human blood and apparently has never known what it is like to avoid temptation. Carlisle attempts to persuade the newborn to change her mind and join their vegetarian vampire ways, but she is too crazed by her bloodlust to think clearly.

With the appearance of this bloodthirsty newborn, Bella is also faced with the realization of what she can expect should she choose an immortal life by Edward's side. In the newborn's crazed eyes, Bella's possible future is mirrored. It is a startling realization for her. But will it be enough to change Bella's mind?

And then suddenly, out of nowhere, they are not the only ones in the clearing anymore, for the Volturi has arrived. Five of them to be exact, led by the angelically beautiful -- and deadly -- Jane. Jane is perturbed by the presence of the newborn, wanting to know why the Cullens didn't destroy her along with the rest of the newborn army. When Edward explains to Jane that the newborn has surrendered to them, Carlisle having given her that option, Jane flatly replies: "There are no options for those who break the rules."

Jane and Carlisle go on to discuss the battle with the newborn army, and we learn along with Jane that the Cullens were able to destroy the entire army with the exception of this young newborn. Jane proceeds to interrogate the newborn, and we learn that her name is Bree and that she was trained to hunt for Bella's scent. Jane is surprised to learn that Bella is -- once again -- the cause for so much turmoil, and unbeknownst to Bella (thankfully!), she attempts to play her sadistic mind tricks on her until Edward pleads with her to stop. Luckily, Bella's thick skull seems as impenetrable as always.

Having been thwarted by Bella's lack of response to her attempts, Jane seems unable to leave without causing at least some measure of pain. When she tells Bella, "Caius will be so interested to hear you're still human, Bella. Perhaps he'll decide to visit," Alice smoothly interjects by saying: "The date is set. Perhaps we'll come to visit you in a few months." Again, Jane is thwarted. So she decides to take off her sadistic frustration on someone else -- Bree.
"Take care of that, Felix," Jane said, nodding toward Bree, her voice dripping boredom. "I want to go home."
"Don't watch," Edward whispered in my ear.
I was only too eager to follow his instruction. I'd seen more than enough for one day -- more than enough for one lifetime. I squeezed my eyes tightly together and turned my face into Edward's chest.
But I could still hear.
There was a deep, rumbling growl, and then a high-pitched keen that was horribly familiar. [...]

And just like that, the mysterious and oddly sympathetic character Bree is no more, and Bella is left to contemplate what awaits her as a hopeful newborn vampire.

Another new 'Eclipse' TV spot - Missing

Eclipse promotion is really ramping up! We now have another new TV spot this time courtesy of Fandango. Watch the Eclipse TV spot "Missing" exclusively on Fandango!

This TV spot has a lot more Riley in it and we even get to see more Charlie!

What do you think of the new 'Eclipse' TV spot?


New Eclipse TV spot 'Something New'

You can watch the new 'Eclipse' TV spot 'Something New' (with some new footage) on MSN Movies now watch HERE.


Eclipse Discussion - Chapter 24. Snap Decision

For chapter 24 we have Shaun, another wonderful man of the Twilight world, to write the discussion for us. His lovely wife Loren wrote the discussion for chapter 20. You may remember Shaun from the Real Men Read Twilight series I wrote for The Collective Review. (Formerly known as t5m) You can read part 1 and part 2 of their great interview after you read this discussion!

The beginning of this chapter Bella is feeling terrible for having kissed Jacob.  Edward is with her now as Jacob is headed to the clearing to fight the newborns.  In typical Edward fashion he is not mad at Bella that she kissed Jacob or that she loves him. He knows that she loves him more and that they are the ones meant to be together. He calms her by telling her she is only human and that he understands her feelings for Jacob and Jacob’s feelings for her. Jacob was there for Bella when Edward left so it is only natural that she would develop these feelings for the person who helped her get through those rough times.  Edward in his calming demeanor decided that he will take the noble road and not fight dirty for Bella, or even fight at all really. He leaves it all in her hands and it drives her crazy as she begs him to fight for her. 

The conversation comes to a close as the fighting is about to happen.  Edward can see the mental images that the pack is sending to each other and is giving Bella updates on to what is going on. Suddenly everything changes. Edward sends Seth away and grabs Bella and takes her to a cliff face so that he only has to worry about attacks coming from the front. Smart, stategic move on Edward’s part. The reason for the move was that Victoria and her newborn Riley had caught Edward’s scent and decided that Bella would be with him. So they went through the woods tracking Edward and Bella’s location. Edward prepares to fight as Victoria and Riley make their way closer. 

Victoria tells Riley to go ahead and attack and Edward starts reading his thoughts trying to explain that he doesn’t have to die and that there is another way. He continues to try and get through to Riley, explaining that he is only a tool for Victoria and that she doesn’t love him. Riley, confused, thinks for a moment and then leaps into attack only to be met by Seth. Seth and Riley fight as Edward and Victoria start their “dance” preparing for a fight.  Edward matches each of Victoria’s moves a split second faster being able to read her mind and know where she is going. They start to fight and turn into a blur. They are moving so fast that Bella can’t even make out who is who in the blur. 

Seth is holding his own taking bites out of Riley. Riley is getting in a few shots here and there too.  Riley gets a hold of Seth and throws him into the cliff face. Seth hits the ground hard and lets out a whimper. A sharp piece of the cliff falls by Bella and she takes hold of it. She remembers the legend of the Third Wife and decides that she will help any way she can, and cuts her arm. Riley is getting closer to Seth getting ready for the kill shot. Suddenly Victoria goes flying and Edward dashes over ripping off one of Rileys arms.  Seth jumps up and starts after Riley. Seth finishes Riley off and then the terror comes over Victoria as she realizes that she is alone. She turns to run but Edward is too fast. He catches up to her and the last thing you see is Victoria’s flaming red head bouncing along the ground. 

My personal thoughts on this chapter are a little conflicting. On the one hand I understand Bella’s want to bring something to the fight more or less by cutting herself.  By doing this she thought that she might distract the newborn Riley and Victoria for a second so that Seth and Edward could get the upper hand.  I personally know the feeling of not being able to get into the fight and help some comrades out and wanting to help anyway possible.  

On the other hand Bella says herself that she can’t see what is going on with Edward and Victoria. If you can’t tell what is going on with the fight, why are you going to hurt yourself for no reason? Not to mention that if it did not work and distract Riley and Victoria, now you have only added another factor to the equation that Edward has to deal with.  Bella’s once again reckless behavior throws yet another issue at Edward to deal with, not to mention that he has a more pressing issue at hand with Victoria. Also, she previously made the bonehead move of kissing Jacob.  I swear no wonder teenage girls are all screwed up in the head.  This is one of the main problems I have with Bella’s character throughout the books. She makes terrible decisions left and right and yet somehow always ends up with the fairytale ending.  I mean seriously, careless after careless decision and someone is always there to bail her out.  As big as these books are, I think that the people that read this book, particularly females, are going to get the idea that they could behave this way and expect someone to put up with their stuff and give them their fairytale ending. 

Bottom line ladies, don’t try to help your man in a fight. If you want to help call the police, but don’t go knife yourself to distract someone.  Let them do what they do.

So what do you think about Shaun's take on this chapter? Let us know in the comments!

Fandango premieres exclusive clip!

At 9 am PST on only, watch the exclusive TV spot "Missing" from THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE. The spot introduces Riley Biers and the newborn vampire army. Click below to check it out...
Watch the Eclipse TV spot "Missing" exclusively on Fandango!

Eclipse score tracklist revealed

Twilight Saga: Eclipse the Score
  1. Riley
  2. Compromise/Bella’s Theme
  3. Bella’s Truck/Florida
  4. Victoria
  5. Imprinting
  6. The Cullens Plan
  7. First Kiss
  8. Rosalie
  9. Decisions, Decisions…
  10. They’re Coming Here
  11. Jacob Black
  12. Jasper
  13. Wolf Scent
  14. Mountain Peak
  15. The Kiss
  16. The Battle/Victoria vs. Edward
  17. Jane
  18. As Easy As Breathing
  19. Wedding Plans
I'm beyond excited for the score after spending the day listening to the soundtrack! I must admit, I'm incredibly psyched for this movie now and so glad to be clinging to my Twi-purity!
Click to pre-order your copy! Twilight Saga: Eclipse the Score

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    Meet Bree

    A new behind the scenes look of Eclipse has been released this time focusing on newborn Bree played by Jodelle Ferland. You can see the still and watch the clip below.

    Last few days of MTV movie award voting!

    There are only two days left to vote for the MTV  movie awards on June 6th. 'New Moon' has five nominations!

    • Best Movie
    • Best Female performance (Kristen Stewart)
    • Best Male performance (Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson)
    • Best Kiss (Robert and Kristen) * Kristen is also nominated for her kiss with Dakota in 'The Runaways'!
    • Global Superstar (Robert, Kristen and Taylor are all up for this)
    Anna Kendrick is also nominated for 'Up in the Air', congratulations to her also!  Voting is now open here with the results being announced during the live show on Sunday June 6th. Get voting!


    More stars to appear at the Official Twilight Convention!

    Creation Entertainment who run the official Twilight conventions have announced even more additions to the line up for June 12th in Los Angeles. Joining Rob, Kristen, and Taylor will be Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, and Ashley Greene.  Also director David Slade, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and producer Wyck Godfrey, new Victoria Bryce Dallas Howard and new born Riley Xavier Samuel, the Wolfpack Chaske Spencer, Julia Jones, and Alex Meraz.

    This is a great line up for those lucky enough to have tickets! Limited tickets can still be purchased here 

    Rob to appear on The Tonight Show

    Gossip Cop has confirmed that Rob will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on June 15th to promote 'Eclipse'!

    Remember Jimmy Kimmel will have an hour long 'Eclipse' special on June 23rd as well.

    Only 29 more days until 'Eclipse'!


    'Eclipse' women in Vanity Fair

    For the July issue of Vanity Fair, Norman Jean Roy photographed the spooky beauties of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse—five vampires (Dakota Fanning, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Bryce Dallas Howard) and one lone lady werewolf (Julia Jones).

    Ashley Greene, who plays psychic vampire Alice, anticipates success: “You don’t have to be psychic to know how this movie’s going to do,” she says. “Obviously, it’s going to be a hit.”

    Read the rest of the article here.

    Watch the behind the scenes video below;


    Eclipse Soundtrack to be streamed for 24 hours!

    The Eclipse Soundtrack is to be streamed today for twenty four hours only starting at 12pm ET. You can listen here.

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Taylor appears in promo for MTV awards with Tom Cruise!

     Following on from Rob's very funny promo for the MTV awards with Tom Cruise here comes Taylor's equally hysterical one. Watch below!

    What are the chances of a Kristen promo now MTV??


    Kristen and Taylor travel Down Under!

    Kristen and Taylor spent the Memorial Day weekend promoting 'Eclipse' in Australia.  As well as various television and radio interviews the duo attended a huge fan Q and A event in Sydney's Luna Park.

    Tons of videos of their interviews whilst in Australia are below after the jump!

    Kellan on cover of 'Doggie Aficionado'!

    Kellan stars as coverboy for this months edition of 'Doggie Aficionado'. In the article he talks about how he found his puppy Kola;

    “I saw this dog hiding in the corner in the same cage as this really aggressive dog who was growling by the door. I saw a real sadness in this beautiful dog in the back of the cage and called the dog out from hiding.” Lutz goes on to recount how Kola “looked [him] in the eyes and slowly and softly licked [his] open hand…I knew she was the one.”

    You can read the full article here.

    Source and Source

    New Scott Pilgrim Trailer released!

    A new trailer has been released for Anna Kendrick's new movie 'Scott Pilgrim Vs the world'. Enjoy below!


    The Runaways DVD cover released!

    After Amazon revealed over the weekend that 'The Runaways' will be released on DVD July 20th in the USwe now have a view of the cover courtesy of MTV. MTV also reveal that the DVD will have commentary from Kristen, Joan and Dakota.

    What do you think of the cover?

    You can pre order the DVD here and the Blu Ray here.

    'Remember Me' will be released on DVD June 22nd in the US you can pre order the DVD here and Blu Ray here.


    Twilight stars on FHM's Sexiest!

    Twilight stars have all placed on this year's sexiest list.  Kristen has the highest place coming in at number 6 on the list. Ashley is in there also at number 20. Congrats to both girls!


    Sunday, May 30, 2010

    Get Twilight Crafty for Your Grad

    Sorry guys that I didn't get a chance to post yesterday, as usual. I was attending a big graduation party, as probably some of you did too this time of year. So, to make up for this delay and also to show off my "crafty" side, I decided to create a little project for you to make, in honor of all TwiHard Grads ;)
    So, we're making this clever Card/MoneyHolder/GradCap out of 2 sheets of paper and a ribbon, using glue, scissors, x-acto knife (or a holepunch) and a little imagination.
    I used 2 sheets of 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper (one black and one blood red, of course).
    1. To start making the cap, folded all corners to exact center point of the black piece of paper.
    2. When you end up with a smaller square, do exact same thing all over again, folding all 4 corners to the middle.
    3. Go over the edges with a bone folder or just your nail, to make it lay flat.
    4. Open up the flaps in the middle, like petals and fold them back so the sharp corner of each touches the middle of corresponding side.
    5. Flip over and either cut little slits near (but not too close to) all 4 corners. These will be used later for threading a ribbon through them.
    6. Next, I took care of the round part of the cap that sits on the head. I simply cut a long strip of red paper.
    7. I folded a narrow strip and cut it up from the edge to the fold line to make the little "lips" that will be later attached to the top of the hat.
    8. Now, it's time to decorate. I cut out shapes for each of the books out of the red paper and attached them to each corner of the square piece. Then I wrote a personal message in the middle (check it out, I thought I was being very clever there, it's from Edward ;)).
    9. I closed all the folds, threaded a ribbon through the holes in the corners that I cut out earlier (criss-cross).
    10 Final steps: Tied the ribbon in a pretty bow, flipped the square over, so I could attach the round red part.
    Voila, the very festive and special card/keepsake is ready to be presented to your very special Twi-Fan, who, just like Bella is graduating this spring. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have after reading my crazy directions :) Enjoy!

    The Runaways has DVD release date

    We now have official word that 'The Runaways' will be released on DVD July 20th in the US according to

    You can pre order the DVD here and the Blu Ray here.

    'Remember Me' will be released on DVD June 22nd in the US you can pre order the DVD here and Blu Ray here.