Friday, March 26, 2010

Fanmade Friday - Eclipse posters

With the one sheet being released this week, I wanted to take a look at some of the fanmade versions. These were made before the release of the one sheet by the incredibly talented twilight-saga-fan-trish (used by permission) You can read my reaction to the official poster at t5m.
These two posters contain images from the Eclipse one sheet or I'm putting them after the jump...

Eclipse Quote of the Day #97

"It's a bit late for me to worry about who I fall in love with. But even without the warning, I seem to have managed fairly well." - Bella

Gorgeous art by Robbuz

Introducing Furry Fridays - Stop the Jake hate!

With the release of the official Eclipse poster this week, it seemed that we've had a flood of extreme Jacob hate, mostly with people who are upset to see him as a prominent figure in the poster. Now first, let me give my disclaimer: Despite my recent Team Charlie leanings, when it comes to the Twilight Triangle, I've always preferred Jacob. I don't hate Edward (although I always get really mad at him during New Moon), but I would've chosen Jacob if I were in Bella's shoes. I know that 3/4 of the free world is in love with Edward/Rob, but I really have trouble understanding why that loyalty to Edward equals animosity for Jacob. So, without further ado, I present to you five reasons for the Edward lover to stop the Jake hate!

1. Without Jacob, there is no Bella.
Say what you will, but if it weren't for Jacob, Bella would have been damaged irreparably during Edward's prolonged absence. Laurent would've eaten her in the woods. Yes, Alice would have seen it, but since he didn't make the decision to kill her until that exact moment, none of the Cullens would have made it in time. Of course, who's to say that simple heartbreak wouldn't have killed her.

2. He's cute!
I've seen it said that Jacob/Taylor is ugly. Okay, people, be objective. There is absolutely nothing physically unattractive about TL. I understand that, in your eyes, he may pale in comparison (har har) to Edward; however, take a step back for a second and realize that he's a cutie!

3. Dog isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Some of the Cullens, and now many of you TE ladies, use dog in a slanderous way to describe any of the wolf pack and Jacob specifically. Dogs are cute! They are loyal. They protect their masters. They comfort you when you're feeling down. They're funny, smart, and furry. Hmm... how 'bout that? Sounds like Jacob, too. See... it's not necessarily bad!

4. Jacob's a fantastic friend
Good friends are hard to find, and I challenge you to find somebody who'd still give up everything- home, family, shelter even- just to protect you, even when he believes to the core of his soul that you are making the biggest mistake of your life. Jacob's whole world shifted for Bella whenever she needed him, and all the time he knew he had nothing to gain from sacrificing for her. How can you not at least respect him?

and, finally...

5. No Jacob = No Edward
During New Moon, Bella would have met her demise in a hundred different ways if Jacob hadn't been there to save her. If you recall, Edward refused to live in a world where Bella was not in it. So, if there were no Jacob, then Edward would have succeeded in his plot for self-destruction, and the Volturi would have destroyed him. If for no other reason, be grateful that Jacob saved Edward's life!

I hope that I've given you guys something to chew on, and from now on, when you call Jacob "dog", I'm going to take it as a compliment!

Eclipse fever is coming upon us!

Don't worry Eyes of Amber is a spoiler free zone for those of you wanting to keep everything fresh for June 30th but two exciting developments were revealed this week. Amazon now has the Eclipse soundtrack and Eclipse Movie companion book available for pre-order! Once again as with Twilight and New Moon Mark Cotta Vaz takes the helm for the illustrated companion.

There are no cover images for either the album or book and more importantly no track listings for the soundtrack yet but keep your eyes here as soon as we have it we will post all the info.

The soundtrack can be pre-ordered HERE and the illustrated movie companion is HERE.

'Boyz n the Hood' director for Taylor's next project

The 'LA Times' has confirmed that 'Boyz n the Hood' director John Singleton will be directing Taylor's next movie 'Abduction'. Singleton is known to be an 'edgier' director so it is an interesting choice! Taylor will be shooting the movie this summer hopefully prior to 'Breaking Dawn' in the fall. Are you excited to see Taylor in another role aside from Jacob Black?


Anna Kendrick in 'Scott Pilgrim Vs The World' Trailer

Twilight's own Oscar girl Anna Kendrick stars in Edgar Wright's (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) new movie 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World'. Michael Cera stars as Scott Pilgrim who in order to date the girl of his dreams must defeat her seven ex boyfriends. The trailer for the movie, which debuts in August 2010, was released yesterday. You can check it out here:


Peter Facinelli's 'Nurse Jackie' picked up for Season Three!

Congratulations to Peter Facinelli, Edie Falco and the 'Nurse Jackie' team. The Showtime network announced yesterday that they will be picking up the quirky hospital drama for a third season! If you aren't familiar with 'Nurse Jackie' Peter plays the slightly inappropriate Dr. Fitch Cooper who acts out regularly. The show also stars the adorable Ruby Jerins who we all remember playing Tyler's little sister Caroline in 'Remember Me'.


Welcome Eimear to the Eyes of Amber family!

We are very happy to introduce you to the newest member of the Eyes of Amber family. Eimear is joining us a a newsposter! We have never had a newsposter before so we are thrilled. Let's all give her a warm welcome! Here's a little introduction...

'I am a 28 year old happily married Irish native now settled in Houston, Texas.  I love fashion, music, books and film. I discovered the 'Twilight' books early last year after the first movie had been released (full disclosure I sadly never saw 'Twilight' in a movie theatre).  I decided to buy the books on a whim during a grocery trip with my husband. He laughed when he saw these huge books going into our cart and said 'There is no way you will read all of those'.  Little did he know! I started reading about a week later and I was hooked.  I read the first three books in one sitting and 'Breaking Dawn' on a plane during a business trip.  I was gasping out loud during Renesmee's birth, I am sure the other passengers thought they were sitting beside a mad woman!  I ordered Twilight on pay per view and that was it, I was obsessed with the 'Twi' world.  The fandom is a great community, it is so nice to talk to other people that love the stories and subsequently the movies as well.'

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eclipse Quote of the Day #98

"You think I should be as forgiving as you are? We can't all be saints and martyrs." - Jacob

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eclipse Discussion - Chapter 14. Declaration

We start with Bella and Alice arguing the appropriateness of the graduation party. Bella thinks it is inappropriate considering the impending arrival of the newborn army. Alice counters that a party is exactly what is appropriate at a graduation and since all they can do is wait, then they might as well have the party.

Edward mentions that the Cullens are looking for some help. Since the Denali coven has refused their assistance, they are considering involving their allies and acquaintance among the various nomadic vampires. After all, no one wants the Volturi to visit. Unfortunately, these allies do not hold to the Cullens' standards of life, and that makes everyone a little uncomfortable.

Bella expresses her wishes to help. If she were changed immediately, there would be time for the conversion to take place before the newborns arrived.

Kerry: What's fueling the desire to be changed is the feeling of helplessness. These people she loves are risking their lives for her and she is powerless to contribute to the battle
Sabrina: In simplest terms, she's just flat do anything to protect him.
Amber: bit of foreshadowing...she's interested in helping, yes, but in offering protection for them
Amber: exactly, because if she loses Edward, none of the rest of it matters

We then learn that Bella's mother is unable to attend her graduation. Phil, Bella's stepfather, was injured and needs constant care. Bella is so relieved that Renee will be far out of Forks, and therefore out of harm's way that she's not even concerned that Renee will be missing her graduation.

Sabrina: Anybody else find it odd that Stephenie chose not to let Renee be there for Bella's graduation?
Kerry: I always thought it was weird that she didn't come. She couldn't find someone else to care for Phil for 2 days?
Kerry: Is high school graduation not considered that important in some parts of the country?
Amber: yeah, that is a pretty big deal to miss out on
Sabrina: Definitely.
Kerry: But I guess it really defines the relationship
Kerry: that Bella is the parent
Amber: they have a very unconventional relationship
Kerry: Phil is her focused relationship.and the beginning of making the separation easier for Bella
Amber: and you notice that it wasn't planned to start with, Renee was going to come to surprise Bella
Amber: her being there isn't something that Bella is expecting
Kerry: Honestly, Bella doesn't even seem that excited about graduating. Whether its just being overshadowed by the more pressing events, or she just doesn't care that much it's hard to say

Bella and Edward return to her house. Bella calls her mother and Edward plays with her hair. Kerry has flashbacks to highschool/college, when the now Mr. Kerry would do the same thing. After the phone call, we're treated to a little kissyface time. Somehow, in our discussion the other night, we managed to miss this line:

Okay, okay, the picture is out of context, but you liked it as much as I did, didn't you?
It's a very brief moment, but do note they both have a similar reaction to the necessity of a fairly chaste relationship. Just in case you're thinking Edward's a little too easily restrained.

Edward and Carlisle plan to hunt the next day, leaving Bella under the watchful eyes of his brothers. Bella protests being 'babysat' and expresses a wish to go to the reservation and visit Jacob while he's away. True to his word, again, Edward agrees that Bella would be just as safe in La Push as she would be in Forks.

There's a brief discussion of vampire mechanics. Human blood makes a vampire stronger, though big game blood is very nearly as good. It is explained that the reason newborn vamps are so strong is because they have so much blood, they're own blood, still in their systems. While that information is useful, the key to this discussion is a joke about Bella challenging Emmett to an arm-wrestling match when she's turned. It's difficult to tell if either of them noticed the moment, but it is a humorous moment regarding their future. Together. And a rare sign from Edward about just how much he is looking forward to having Bella forever.

We had a great discussion about the end of the chapter, though, so I will let that tell the bulk of it.

New video from Sam Bradley

Sam fan's have been seriously missing him since he started recording his first album with his band, The Men. Still no tour news, but Sam has been entertaining us with his tweets. Speaking of which, yesterday he gifted us with this beautiful video.

You can hear the original song at Shack of Soul, thanks to the lovely LiLi.

Countdown to Eclipse - Quote of the Day

The lovely T came up with the idea to count down the last 100 days to Eclipse with a quote a day. I thought this was an absolutely fantastic idea, but as usual, I'm running a bit behind. Today there are 98 days left so I'll catch up with the quotes thus far.

100. "Penguins. Lovely." - Edward

 99. "I wasn't about to send you off alone. With your luck, not even the black box would survive." - Edward

Feel free to leave your favorite quotes in the comments and they may show up some day soon!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Eclipse Poster Revealed! Now HQ

Oops! I was a very bad girl and neglected to make this post spoiler-safe for the Eclipse virgins out there. (While I am avoiding most things, I did watch the trailer when I saw Remember Me and obviously I looked at this poster.) to see the pretty!