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Eclipse -- Chapter 10: Scent

This post contains book spoilers through Eclipse chapter 10. Go Read.

This is actually another one of my favorite chapters. Despite the serious nature of the events in the chapter, it's fairly humorous, with some sweet moments between all the major characters.

Edward prepares to leave Bella's house so that Jacob can come get a whiff of whatever has been creeping around Bella's house. The breathing on the hair cracked me up, I knew immediately what our sneaky boy was up to, and probably would  have high-fived him on his way out the door. That might be the Team Edward in me talking though. Sexier than peeing on her leg, at least.

Jacob arrives a few moments later, to a great remark from Bella about not being afraid of anything that can be deterred by a locked door. Seriously. Bella would probably beat up your standard burgler herself for scaring her half to death if one showed up.

We get the explanation about why Jacob is half-naked all the time. It's a matter of convenience. And not fursploding out of your entire closet. Jacob, being the teenage boy he is, jokes with her about it 'bothering' her that he's half-naked. Team Jacob? Do you agree? I have to admit I never read it that way. I like ogling a well-sculpted man as much as the next girl, but I might get a little annoyed if he was always half-naked. Distraction would be part of it, though not all.

Jacob tends to business, catching the scent of the mystery vampire easily within the confines of Bella's room. The conversation they have when he comes back downstairs, though, is one of my favorite Jacob/Bella moments. I think she is able to communicate to Jacob a little about her feelings, for BOTH of them. At least, it's the first time I really get the idea that Jake is actually listening to her, taking her feelings for Edward seriously. He wants to know where he fits in, and she tells him. And again, shows that the vampire/werewolf thing is not important to her. They are just Edward and Jacob to her. As long as the werewolf is being nice.

The news of the planned timing for Bella's transformation upsets Jake, though, as expected. There's a brief hubbub over the blood created from the cut. Maybe another peek into Bella's world for Jacob, and a reminder about the healing ability of the wolves.

He invites her to a bonfire on the reservation, and she promises to consider it. She's still a little nervous about Edward's reaction to things of that nature, I guess. He's promised to be better about it, but that's yet to be tested.

The next part makes me laugh. "That's not nearly as fun as the way I imagined it." says Edward, upon asking about why there's a knife covered in Jacob's blood on the table. What I love is the vampire may have been set aside, but the 17 year old boy is still there. Now that he's putting aside his prejudices, the petty jealousy shows a bit more. And since he's behaving himself, I see it as fairly adorable.

I've always wondered what strings Edward pulled for Bella's Dartmouth acceptance. Or even if he had to pull any. She's a smart girl, gets good grades. Probably did well on her SATs. But Dartmouth is pretty picky. It's  possible, but I've always wondered, and they never confirm anything. Sneaky Edward, indeed!

Is this a plea to extend her human life again? Probably. Confirmed, I think with the most heartbreaking line. "It gets easier. After a few decades, everyone you know is dead. Problem solved."  It makes me wonder. We know that Edward's parents both succumbed to the Spanish Influenza before he was changed. What about his friends? Extended family? He may not have had a 'girl', but I'm sure there were some that were interested. Did he remember them after he was changed?

Bella changes the subject by asking him to have Alice bring back her missing things. Except Alice didn't take them. With that knowledge, it's quickly obvious that who ever was stalking Bella's room took them. Things with her scent. What was the purpose, though? To prove she was still smelling like a human? That she had been found?

A consultation with Carlisle turned up no new ideas, but Carlisle mentions the murders in Seattle. It's getting worse, and more obvious that it's more than one newborn vampire. The fear that these newborns will draw the attention of the Volturi is increasing. After all, no one wants them to drop by 'while they are in the neighborhood'.

Edward is aware of the Quileute plans for the night, and brings it up. I'm sure he knew she'd be reluctant to, and it's a good opportunity to prove his new attitude about the wolves. His requests are easily accomodated and make them both feel better. A cell phone, a ride to the boundary line.

Bella decides to bring her motorcycle back to the reservation, and it's then that she discovers that Edward has purchased one for himself, presumably so he could join her in her new hobby. I was always sad for Edward that she wasn't thrilled, but even with my uber Team Edwardy-ness I understand having things you associate with a certain person, and it's not always your significant other. This is a scene that I'm dying to see into Edward's head though.

He settles for getting her to wear a leather jacket and a helmet. (Something she should have been doing from the beginning! *mom mode*)  Apparently, Edward likes a little leather, because we get to hear him use the word "sexy" finally. I'd imagine that word doesn't find its way into his vocabulary that much, but we love to see the man come out in him, don't we? Bella in leather on a motorcycle, maybe fueled with a little jealousy, and we have some make out time in the garage.

He drives her to the Quileute border, where we (or at least Jacob) is treated to another minor make out session. *snicker* I love jealous Edward, Have I mentioned that?  Jacob isn't much better, greeting Bella with big hug, which I'm sure was accompanied by a big smile, a la New Moon school parking lot scene in the movie. Boys boys boys.

At least Jacob knows where it's at.

"Don't push your luck" says Bella.

"You can't push what you don't have."

Rosalie and Victoria are on the way...

While we've already seen the new characters for the New Moon series, the Eclipse action figures will start to show up in stores mid-May. Glad to know that Victoria and Rosalie are coming, but I certainly hope we're getting more of the "supporting characters" that we all love! He mentions Jasper again for Eclipse, you think he'll be in uniform???

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Forever is a really long time...

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