Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'Welcome to the Rileys' distribution and box office update!

Welcome to the Riley's' is on it's nearly fourth week of release and so far it's box office is at $100,881. The movie's producer Giovanni Agnelli tweeted today;

"If you contact your local art house / indie theater and they express interest in showing Welcome to the Rileys, I will try to get it there"
"The distributor wants to get the movie out as much as possible. Its a VERY crowded time of year for movies, its up to the theaters now"
"Contact the owner/manager of your local theaters. Distributor may not know some of the smaller theaters in your town."
"Studio is still expanding WTTR. I want fans to have a voice where it shows too. Check w/your local theater, if they want it, let me know"
"WTTR scheduled to open in: Washington DC, Nashville TN, Plano TX, Dallas TX, Rochester NY, Chigago IL, San Francisco CA, Philadelphia PA, Kansas City, Miami Beach Winter Park and Sarasota FL, San Diego CA"
Again as we have said before this film will only get a wider release if people in the limited release areas go to see the movie so go see it if it is in your area!


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