Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trailer for Xavier's 'The Loved Ones'

Check out the trailer for Xavier's new horror movie 'The Loved Ones:
"After being spurned by high school hotshot Brent (Xavier Samuel from Twilight: Eclipse), a pretty young nutbar with a sweet smile called Lola (Robin McLeavy) exacts revenge by kidnapping him, strapping him to a chair and nailing his feet to the floor.
It's a lovely scene she's prepared for Brent, and all with the help of her loving-but-in-the-wrong-way Daddy (a glassy-eyed John Brumpton) There's a dinner table, good food, soft drink, party hats, whistles, a catatonic mother and power tools. And to keep Brent from complaining too much, Lola - aka Princess to her dad - injects bleach into his vocal chords."

This one is NOT for the faint hearted!

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