Monday, November 15, 2010

New Michael Welch interview!

Team Twilight had the honor of interviewing Michael Welch, who we all know as hapless Michael Newton, about his new movie 'Unrequited' and his role in the upcoming 'Breaking Dawn' filming. Some highlights of the interview include;
"Have you read the [Breaking Dawn] script?
But you’re signed on?
Yes, I will be in Breaking Dawn.
Do you think it’s possible for Mike to get any closure?
It just depends on how you look at it. I’m thinking back to my lost first love from high school into my young adult life. I don’t recall getting closure, you just sort of move on. Rejection sucks and it certainly can’t be easy for Mike to watch this woman he loves committing herself to another man. Well, another “man” as far as he knows. But at the same time, I’m sure there’s also a layer of him feeling happy for Bella. It’s pretty clear how much Bella loves Edward. So I think there’s an element of someone that you care about being happy, so there might be some closure there.
Do you think you’ll get more screen time than you did in Eclipse? You were in Eclipse for about 5 seconds. That was disappointing.
Yes, in Eclipse I had my little cafeteria scene and then I had the graduation with that stupid look on my face sitting behind Bella and Edward in soft focus. I’ll probably get at least as much screen time in Breaking Dawn. New Moon is my peak in the franchise, which is strange when you think about it.
The theater scene is a great scene, though, when you get sick. It’s excellent. Very enjoyable to watch. I feel sorry for Mike at the time.
I’m very proud of that sequence. That’s my mark on the Twilight franchise, that little 3 ½ minutes and the cafeteria.
I’d like to see you and your other human friends have a little more time, but knowing the story…
Yeah, there’s not a lot of opportunity for additional scenes in a book that’s close to a thousand pages, they’re not looking to add scenes. They’re looking to cut out whatever they can."

Check out the full great interview on Team Twilight!

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