Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Liz hangs with 'The Good Wife' for another while!

Elizabeth Reaser has been appearing in 'The Good Wife' for the past few weeks and according to she will be there a few more episodes;

"How many episodes of ‘The Good Wife’ will Elizabeth Reaser be in? Is she a real love interest for Will? – Trish
Josh Charles tells me that Reaser’s character, sportswriter Tammy, “is here for a little while” – at least two more episodes, I’ve heard – and that as an actor he really welcomes what this new beauty brings out in Will. “I don’t know how it all ends up, but I’m enjoying how they’re writing it,” he says. Beyond the triangle with Alicia and Peter, “It gives Will something to have on his own.”"

Check out video of her on the show below!

Good Wife
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