Monday, November 8, 2010

Eyes of Amber, Breaking Dawn filming and Pap pictures

Many of you have been coming to Eyes of Amber for a long time (from well before I started blogging) and you know our site policies by now. However I wanted to take a moment to refresh and explain why we are not posting the 'Breaking Dawn' filming pictures/videos.

1 - We are paparazzi free - a lot of these pictures are pap pictures (many are fan pictures also) but it hard to distinguish that and it would go against our policies to post them here.
2 - A lot of the 'Breaking Dawn' information coming out has included actors locations/schedules. We feel this is not information that we should share, we want Rob and Kristen and the rest of the cast and crew to feel safe and secure on set and in their downtime.
3 - Amber and other readers are trying to remain 'BD Virgin's' (Amber did this for 'Eclipse' also (I don't know how!)) and I totally respect her and other readers rights to remain 'spoiler free' (in so much as you can having read the books!). If and when official stills of the production/movie are released we will post these under a cut like we did all through 'Eclipse' and Amber did previously for 'New Moon' and 'Twilight'

Thanks again for visiting we really appreciate all of our readers!

**For full disclosure - I loved seeing the pictures and have happily visited the many sites that have had great coverage of the cast's time in Rio. I have absolutely no issue with anyone else posting these on their site and there is no judgment from me on anyone else posting these.

***Amber here - I have seen some of them too, and they're fantastically exciting, but they aren't being posted here for all the reasons that Eimear has explained above. We're not judging anyone else's coverage, just sticking to our own policies

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