Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't get misled by 'Love & Distrust'

There is a movie poster going around for a movie called 'Love & Distrust' and it says the 'film' stars Rob, Amy Adams, Robert Downey Jr and James Franco. Your first thought may be what a very, very talented cast. Your second thought maybe, hold up a second I am a huge Rob fan and I have never heard he was working with Amy Adams (who will star in 'On the Road' with Kristen) James Franco and RDJ. What's going on here?

Collider (as usual) has an excellent synopsis of what this 'Movie' actually is;
"This is a compilation of 5 movies. One of which is “The Summer House” With a short appearance by Robert Pattinson. The DVD has quite a misleading description and cover. Makes it look like Rob is starring in a film with Robert Downey et al....So the only part Rob has is in it is the short role he had in “The Summer House”. Just letting people know who may have it already."

Read their full article on it HERE.  I must admit to being sucked into this one a few months back and being totally confused that I hadn't heard of this movie Whilst it is a legitimate compilation with good quality content it isn't clear from the DVD advertising that it is a compilation of shorts which Rob is in for less than five minutes. The lesson for us all here - read the fine print and trust your judgement when purchasing DVD's/Merchandise claiming to be associated to/star Rob or any of the 'Twilight' cast. They are such hot commodities right now everyone is trying to cash in on their fame.

Great article Collider!


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