Saturday, October 9, 2010

What's Missing in the Land of Harry Potter?

I highly doubt anybody noticed my absence in the blogosphere this past week, but I was visiting land of milk and honey Disney and Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, aka home of the new Harry Potter Wizarding World. What can I say? Snow covered crooked houses of Hogsmeade Village with Hogwarts Castle looming in the background was almost magical. The crowds of eager Harry Potter fans from all over the world - not so fun, but understandable (hey, readers from GB, do you have some kind of holiday or promotion going on now? Cause I've never heard so much "british" in all my years in the US ;)). But from my TwiMom point of view, you can probably easily guess what was missing... Young, pink-cheeked and handsome Robert Pattinson as super popular, yet fair and honest Cedric Diggory. There's really not too much in terms of using movie actors throughout the park, really, inside Hogwarts castle, containing the famous Forbidden Journey attraction. And even there, most of it was on the way to the ride, while passing Dumbledor's study and Defense Against Dark Arts classroom, where Harry, Ron and Hermione "talked" to a room full of eager fans patiently waiting in long and slow line. I know, Cedric is a secondary character in only one movie (out of many)... But still, a twifan can dream, right?
P.s. In case you're interested, I started posting my travel notes on my own blog, If you're planning a trip to Florida's parks or are just curious about my experiences there, everybody's more than welcome to read and comment :)


Amber (EyesofAmber) said...

Glad to have you back! Hope you enjoyed your trip.
I am a total sucker for Cedric. He's my favorite character in the books and the movies. I even smile every time I read his name. I have it pretty bad.
I'm sad he's not represented in some way. He did lose his life in a trap that was meant for Harry! He deserves some recognition for that.
When I went to the Twilight convention last year, I ended up coming home with two HP posters. A small one of Cedric in the maze and the theatrical size of the one from your post that shows Cedric and Cho.
Yes, I am seriously addicted to Cedric.

RaShell said...

Well, he's certainly the reason why I watched Goblet of Fire roughly 10 times more than all the other HP movies combined :) To tell you the truth, the whole Wizarding World is much smaller than I imagined, and there's a TON of potential that they can tap into if they spread out and add to it. All the "secondary" characters are nowhere to be seen, especially Cedric. I'm sure that attendance would spike the minute they used holographic Rob/Cedric in any of the attractions. Other than that, we had a blast in all the parks.