Monday, October 4, 2010

'Twilight' hand model 'wants to act'!

According to the New York Post 'Twilight' hand model Kimbrey Hickey wants some recognition for her contribution to the saga. According to the article;

"Hickey's lack of fame has her cracking her knuckles in frustration.
"It was major exposure for my hands," said the petite, 40-year-old model. "But nobody knew who I was." So Hickey now stops anyone she sees reading the book to inform them of her contribution. "I see people reading it on the subway, and I say, 'Those are my hands! I'm a hand model!' " she explained. "I'm sure they think I'm crazy -- a crazy lady on the subway."

The good-natured Hickey sometimes hangs out near the cash register at the Barnes & Noble near her Greenwich Village apartment to spread the word. Surprised customers sometimes ask her for her autograph or to trace the outline of her hand on the book jacket. She even carries around a Gala apple in her purse at times so she can recreate the pose for people. "It was too big of a deal just to let it be," she said, although she admitted that she has become "a little goofy" about the whole thing...Her goal is to break into acting. She's trying to contact the casting director for the fourth installment in the "Twilight" series.
"If I could get a little background part, it would be fantastic," she said -- "even if they only wanted my hands in it."
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