Monday, October 4, 2010

Tinsel tweets and has movie in 'Shockerfest'

Via Gossip_Dance Tinsel Korey's new movie 'Stained' will air on TV as part of the ShockerFest International Film Festival.   For those in California the movies will air every night in October at 11pm on KAZV-TV (Comcast Channel 195, Charter Channel 14 and broadcast Channel 14).   Stained is scheduled to air on October 8th.

Thanks to Gossip_Dance for the heads up on that. Also Tinsel took to her Twitter last night to 'blog' about fame and her experience. Check out her thoughts below;

"I know Twitter is not meant for blogging. But I'm going to break the rules. These are all just my thoughts and opinions. Read at your own risk :)

It's almost Midnight. Almost Monday, the start of a new week & new month is in the works. Sitting here looking at my computer going through all the pics from over a year ago, that I haven't had a chance to look at. Go, go, go, pretty much non stop till this last week. Looking through all the images I realized I haven't had a chance to really reflect.

Reflect upon my life since I entered the Twilight Zone. From the outside it seems so glamourous, and exciting, which for the most part it is. But it's also lonely and really isolating. It's weird, I book a part in this film and it seems that the number of friends I had dropped. I guess they weren't friends to begin with eh? Oh well, who needs em right? Yeah.

LA is weird; well at least to me. I don't get it yet, maybe I never will. All these artists all fighting for the same piece of the pie.

"Who's that"?
"Who's that"?
"Is that somebody"?
"Maybe they can make me famous"
Fame. What's the big deal about being famous? The spotlights on you one second and then you do something not to everyone's approval then it's as Jay-Z says "on to the next one". I'd rather work all the time doing what I love then be famous. I'm not famous, some people say I am, but I'm not. Tom Cruise is famous, Oprah is famous, I'm just, just, well I'm not famous I know that much.

You know what I miss? Rain. I miss walking on Kits beach in the rain, because nobody else would be there. It was serene, just me, the ocean, mountains and a ton of animals. There's too many people in LA. Everyone always seems angry, and in a rush. Rush, rush, rush. Slow down! Where y'all going to? Somewhere cool I bet. Maybe it's not LA, maybe it's me. I don't know anyone here, so I don't know where to go. I guess anytime you move to a new city it seems weird.

What was I on about? Who knows. I haven't blogged in a while. I was told things could be used as quotes so to watch what I say. I guess I took that as shut your pie hole, and I haven't really expressed myself since. Probably why I haven't reflected.

I thought about my cast mates while looking through the photos. I thought about how much I love them, how I lucked out. How they couldn't have cast a better bunch. Chaske is still my favorite. He can make any day of sorrow turn into a world of Sunshine. He truly is the definition of a leading man :)

There are days when I'm in my apartment where I think about my trip to Quileute and Makah. I think about the kids, how precious they are. How much I learned from them. How much I miss them. I know I'll go back again, just hoping that time will be soon.

For most of this journey I've learned to become tougher. To not let what people say affect me. Cause in the end, it doesn't matter. The sun will rise and fall again, and tomorrow will be a new day, fresh with no mistakes. And things can only affect you if you let them.

I don't know what's next for me, where I'll go or what my dream will turn into. I just know for every good and bad part of this life that I am thankful. I may not always seem like it, but I am. Life is strange, wonderful, painful, thrilling, every emotion you can think of all rolled up into one. And everyday we go through it, till one day we wont. So make the best of it right?

Anyways, I should probably get to bed. Apparently I'm going to have a busy week, so I should be rested for what's to come. Nighty Nighty Cyberland. "May the road rise up to meet you" :)


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