Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breaking Dawn - The Irish Coven

Click on the cast name to go to their imdb page and the character name to view their bio.

Marlane Barnes will play Maggie

Lisa Howard will play Siobhan

Patrick Brennan will play Liam
The Irish Coven, a relatively young group, was founded by Siobhan and Liam, but Maggie’s talent made her an important element of it. They are not vegetarian but they are civilized.
 I am absolutely thrilled with the casting of Maggie! If anyone can direct me to the correct imdb page for Patrick Brennan I would greatly appreciate it. My detective skills aren't working well at the moment and I'm blogging on my own since the fantastic Eimear is off to visit her own Irish coven! LOL She is certainly missed around here!
Thanks to @debb24601 for coming to my rescue with the info I needed!

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