Monday, September 20, 2010

Where in the World is Stephenie Meyer?

Sorry for missing my "usual" Saturday posting date, "for personal reasons" (*wink-wink), which I'm sure you "could keep up with" (*wink again), but I don't want to bore you with. Anywho... since I was MIA, I was wondering, what is our darling Stephenie was up to these days? The last time she registered on my celeb-radar was when the Brie book came out.
The website is being updated approximately once a month by some webmaster guy with some very bland one-sentence "notices" about upcoming dvd-releases and other non-events that everybody knows about already. What happened to the personal messages, music and book recommendations? I kinda feel neglected... don't you?
Also, there's this Twilight Saga Official Guide - yeah, yeah, it's probably total rip-off and money siphon for suckers like me, but it's been on my wish list for what? a year? more?) I haven't heard when that's supposed to come out, have you?
I'm just brimming with questions I could've asked her... Nothing intrusive or personal, just the respectful fangirly stuff: What are her plans for the future? Any new projects in the works? Where's the Host continuation? What is the final destiny of Midnight Sun? Stephenie, we miss you! Come back to us!!!
p.s. In case you missed it, my last post, Open Letter to TwiHaters has received some very thoughtful and interesting comments. Please take a look and join the conversation!


cutie said...

DUDE!! I've been thinking the very same thing. Where is she? What's up with her plans for The Host? Hell, ANY book by her would do me at this point! Truly, it's a sadness. Has she disappeared for ever? Will she be back??? Did she get stage fright?! *gasp*

And isn't her website run by her brother (Seth? Sean? um...S something.)? Or did that change? Truth be told, it use to be a sorta okay website but now it's just lame and compared to other author's websites it's lacking for sure. You'd think she'd have this awesome blog that would shame all the rest, but alas... Maybe having a billion twi-blogs is enough?

Why am I rambling at you? Sorry! LOL

Cat said...

So here is the latest on the guide from SM's mouth:

and I saw a rumor that it's been pushed to April 2011

And that's SM's brother that runs her website.
She's also probably being quiet since she has to uproot her whole family to wherever Breaking Dawn will be filming (which is going to start very soon, squeeee!!!!) :)

btw, I loved your letter to the twi-haters

RaShell said...

@cutie I knew I wasn't alone!! I'm not blaming the guy from the blog for anything, but you're absolutely right, it's totally stale in it's lameness. I still check back once in a while out of habit, but there's NOTHING... Sad.

RaShell said...

@Cat Oh, thanks for the update. I totally understand that the woman is busy, and her life is not what it used to be, and the fame/fortune thing is probably getting old and tiring. I guess I just miss the "good old days" when she was more accessible on the web and used to interact with the readers through other blogs, and give book/music recs on her own. That was nice.
Thanks for reading my ramblings :)