Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vampire Career Counseling

As I sit here, on this fine, warm and sunny September afternoon, surrounded by tissues and medicine bottles, my nose stuffed all the way up to the brain, I'm thinking... It's not the super speed and the strength I envy the vampires... It's the lack of the common cold.
So, besides the occasional hunger pang during a surgery, Carlisle really picked the perfect occupation for his compassionate self, didn't he? He's never tired, doesn't have to worry about catching whatever his patients are having.
That actually brings me to the only topic for the post I could fish out of my meddled brain today. Isn't it a bit strange that in all of their hundreds years, none of the Cullens (besides Carlisle) ever worked... Or am I wrong? I know they look young and don't really need money (considering Alice's stock market talents and all), but still... So, the question of the day is, who do you think each of the Cullen clan would like to be "when they grow up"? ;) Rosalie as a super hot automechanic comes to mind right away, although I'm not sure she'd want to have her pretty hands covered with grease all the time... So, what are your ideas? Let's pick some jobs for these vampire lazy bums. shall we? :)


Anonymous said...

Rosalie--AAA Auto Inspector, because of her mechanical skills.
Emmett--Personal Trainer, for his physical strength.
Jasper--Counselor, because he can 'influence' people.
Alice--fashion designer, wedding planner, obviously.
Esme--Home decorator, restorer, again, obviously.
Edward--he doesn't need to do anything, just look gorgeous!!!

RaShell said...

Great suggestions! Oh, yeah, and if Edward really gets bored, say in 20 years he can play young Robert Pattinson in a biography movie :)