Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nikki Reed's Horror past and landing 'Twilight'

Nikki stars in the new horror movie 'Chain Letter' and Radar online has an exclusive chat with the movie's director who shares pictures of her on set and her reaction to landing 'Twilight' 
"Before her fame skyrocketed thanks to her role as Rosalie in the Twilight saga, Nikki Reed was already working on chilling material for the horror film Chain Letter. Deon Taylor, the director of the film, raved about the actress and revealed what she was like off screen and what happened when she learned she landed her vampire role. RadarOnline.com also has exclusive photos of Nikki on the Chain Letter set.
 “Nikki does incredible in this film and she’s very witty in person,” Taylor said. In the film, Reed plays Jessie, a high school student hunted by a maniac. Jessie’s friends are brutally murdered after not passing on a chain letter. Taylor described Chain Letter as “a very smart horror movie. It has the most incredible kills of this generation.”
During the shoot, Reed found out that she got the role in Twilight. “One day she came in and told me she was up for a really cool role,” Taylor remembered. “And the next day she said they’re going to have me in a really cool new movie and I’m going to have blonde hair!!” He said the news thrilled his leading lady. “It’s great to see her on the upswing,” he added.
 “She’s gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, really smart,” Taylor said of his leading lady. “She’s always one step ahead of you.”

Read the full article and see the pictures HERE on Radar Online

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