Thursday, September 30, 2010

Florence and Machine to release 'Eclipse' soundtrack song as a single!

For most people who bought the 'Eclipse' soundtrack the Florence and the Machine song 'Heavy in your arms' was a particular favorite. As a fan of Florence Welch long before they were ever on the soundtrack I always thought it was kind of sad that only those who bought the soundtrack ever heard the song. Well now comes the news that Florence and the Machine are releasing 'Heavy in your arms' as a single in it's own right! I posted the video for the song a couple of weeks ago (check it out here).

According to the Independent newspaper in the UK;
"Florence and the Machine will re-release its 2009 top-selling debut album, Lungs [awesome album you MUST take a listen to! - E], on November 15. The package will include a new single, "Heavy in Your Arms," from the Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack and a bonus CD.  Dubbed Between Two Lungs, the release will feature new sleeve art, liner notes penned by frontwoman Florence Welch, and an extra ten-track CD including live versions, remixes, and the singer's mash-up collaboration with Dizzee Rascal, "You Got the Dirtee Love." [Awesome collaboration by the way - E]  Also included is the single "Heavy in Your Arms," produced by Paul Epworth, from the Eclipse soundtrack. The song will be released as a single the same day as the Between Two Lungs release. Of the track, Welch wrote on her website that it "is about the weight of love, and how sometimes it can be a burden between two people." She adds, "I felt this was a strong theme in the Twilight series. Is someone being rescued or are they being condemned? And is the love you carry bringing you down?"

Check out Florence's website for further updates on this

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