Thursday, September 2, 2010

Could Breaking Dawn DVD have a rating greater than PG-13?

Things are about to change for the world of Twilight. The book and film series that were filled with abstinence and restraint are about to make a major turnaround after the wedding in Breaking Dawn. While fans have been satisfied with the PG-13 love scenes thus far, the visuals that Stephenie Meyer has written into Breaking Dawn are causing some to now ask if that’s going to be enough.

First things first. The rating for Breaking Dawn has already been decided by the powers that be. The film will be PG-13. There are a list of wonderful and valid reasons for this. Among them, the fact that a giant chunk of the Twilight fandom are teenagers and it would not make sense to alienate them. This post is not in any way meant to debate the rating of the theatrical version of the film.

Having said that, fans have already started to talk about the DVD. In recent years it has become very common to see movies released on DVD with different ratings than their theatrical counterparts or simply no rating at all. Could an unrated or R-rated version of Breaking Dawn on DVD be the compromise that fans are looking for?
There is certainly a market out there for it. When the subject came up on twitter there was a huge response. Not only do people want to see this option, they’re willing to pay for it. There has even been a petition set up for those wanting to see an R-rated DVD version. Summit has become king of the multiple DVD release with New Moon. Could this just be added as another option?

What are your thoughts? Do you want to see an unrated version or a Director’s cut that includes footage that exceeds the limits for a PG-13 rating? If you’re not sure just what they can include in a PG-13 movie, check out this post that Kerry did a while back giving some details. If you do want the more explicit footage, is it for story integrity or just to see more nude and/or semi-nude Robert Pattinson?

I can’t wait to hear all the thoughts on this one. Watch for a follow up post with responses.

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AngiDe said...

I think it’s ridiculous that fans want to see a rated R Breaking Dawn… especially since the author SM, has said that she would NOT agree to such a rating. I think it de-moralizes the books. Those people who claim they are “fans” and want the movie to remain true to the book are NOT fans of Twilight. They are fans of Robert Pattinson.
In Breaking Dawn SM never goes into explicit details about the wedding night, nor does she describe it. She merely lets it “fade into the sunset”…. And the rest is assumed and left up to the reader to imagine. And to be honest my imagination is not as explicit as I’m sure those who are signing the R-rated petitions imagination is.
Releasing a DVD with a different rating is also ridiculous and I hope Summit doesn’t sink to such lows.

rpattzlawyer said...

Absofuckinglutely. Hi, the movies are meant to flesh out the books. And none of the books have been entirely consistent with the movies. That's how movie-making works. It's an adaptation, not an exact copy. And frankly, Stephenie's readers -- if they were young when they started reading the books -- have grown with the movies. It's taken years for this shizz to get off the ground.

Do I think we need a full frontal or anything like that? No. But a mere fade to black is kinda like flipping off the readers. All of the movies have contained bits that were left black for the readers -- hello ballet studio fight, Eclipse fight, etc...
Why not for this?

eimear said...

I don't know if I necessarily need this scene to be 'R' rated but I definitely DO NOT want a fade to black. I don't think it has to fade to black either, look at 'Remember Me' it was PG-13 and had a substantial sex scene in it. I think it would be HUGE disappointment to everyone if we get a fade to black for this scene. I agree with rpatzlawyer the audience has grown in age with the books and movies and i see no reason to exclude this part of the story.

I am not a huge fan of 'Breaking Dawn' as a story, it is my least favorite in the saga, so if they gip us out of critical scene like this by fading to black can they also change Renesmee's stupid name and make Jacob imprint on Leah?

RobandKrisChick said...

I really think the rating should stay pg-13 for the DVD, but for those who don't share that there could be a R rated version that would only be available on DVD and not in theaters.

Anonymous said...


We are talking about a DVD here and not the theatrical release. And with that said, I'm thinking if they give us at least THE NOTEBOOK type scenes in Breaking Dawn in theaters, I'll be happy. Now in the privacy of my own home, I'll take a Rated R, because I can imagine the intent that Stephenie Meyer leads us to in her writing in Breaking Dawn; and as a loyal reader I deserve to be rewarded. On my honeymoon, I certainly did not Fade to Black, know what I mean!

Holly said...

rpattzlawyer said it exactly. Movie makers take liberties all the time...and it doesn't even have to be that..just a depiction of what the general reader is lead to imagine,without being too explicit, is I think what most fans want. Sure some fans wouldn't mind seeing RobSten going at it but I don't think they would take that if it were a determent to the story. Come on, are there any RPatz fans that *aren't* die hard Twi-hards?

Breaking Dawn is my favorite of all the books and like everyone else with their fave, I want to see it done right. No fade to black please...Even a few glimpses will do ;)

Anonymous got it right too. It CAN be done tastefully too!

In the each their own..

Anonymous said...

R please! We've waited 3 years for the climax.......don't make it an anti-climax.

Anonymous said...

I take offense to AngiDe and anyone saying those of us who want to see a Directors Cut/Rated R DVD version are not true fans. Talk about sanctimonious. You can't realistically portray the flood gates of desire opening after a 2 year drought in a PG-13 format. Bella and Edward finally let loose you mean to tell me that baring their skin while they bare their souls to each other isn't being truthful to the emotions of these characters??? Furthermore, when I read their love scenes I envisioned nudity because, um, that's what you do when you have sex: you get naked. The Puritanistic attitude of people in this country never ceases to amaze me. I'm not saying I want it to be dirty; sex is a beautiful thing between people who love each other, especially as deeply as Edward and Bella do. So is the human body. So don't tell me I'm trying to ruin Stephanie Myers vision.