Wednesday, September 8, 2010

'Breaking Dawn' Fiming updates and set visit Auction!

We are getting nearer and nearer to 'Breaking Dawn' filming time and small details are starting to filter out about Pre Production and filming.  Peter Facinelli tweeted yesterday;

"Had a three hour wardrobe fitting for Breaking Dawn today. I think my body is chafed from trying on clothes." You can follow Peter on twitter HERE

Daily Blam is reporting that  "Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the highly lucrative film series The Twilight Saga, announced that filming for the franchise's final chapter, Breaking Dawn, will partially take place in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A source within the Louisiana Film Commission has disclosed to me that members of the Breaking Dawn production crew have already scouted out the location they are planning to use for the film; which the studio is releasing in two parts.

The scene will be the final confrontation between the Cullen clan, who are joined by the Quileute wolf pack and their friends, and the Volturi. The scene, most of which is taken directly from the novel, has been extended to include several physical fights. It is expected that many Twilight fans will be flocking to Louisiana when the studio begins filming in the area; which is why the exact area the production team has decided on is being kept tightly under wrap." So it sounds like the final 'battle' has been extended into an actual battle...

Finally EOnline is reporting that a visit to the 'Breaking Dawn' set is one of the auction items for this years Stand Up To Cancer fund raising drive. Marc Malkin reports that 
"We can't guarantee you'll actually hang with R.Pattz & K.Stew, but the package includes travel accommodations to the Vancouver set. And how much for the opening bid? Just $100!"
The opening bid didn't last too long, it is now up to $6300! If you are feeling particularly flush with cash and want to donate to a great cause you can bid HERE

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