Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wuthering Highs (yes, I mean Highs :))

Yet another confession. I have not read Wuthering Heights. My high school's reading program was slightly different from the one in Forks, WA. So, even though the darn novel was mentioned probably a hundred times in Twilight, I still haven't until now ventured to brave the stormy waters of this classic piece of English literature. Published in 1847, the only novel of Charlote Brontë's sister, Emily. Although considered quite scandalous in it's time, it's never been out of print. But again, I haven't read it... yet.
What I did, was watched a 2-part TV drama starring Tom Hardy. And now, I confess again, I'm completely smitten with the dark and tortured Heathcliff. Even though I enjoyed quite recently Mr. Hardy's acting in Inception, I had no idea that he also starred as this famous literary character as well. If you haven't seen WH in this version, I highly recommend it (it's available for instant play on Netflix, btw, if you have it). Moreover, I fully intend to buy the new "twilightly" edition of the book (perhaps with a few others?)

Have you read it? Which video version do you prefer? Can't wait to hear what you have to say about it :)


Anonymous said...

I would have to say the 1992 version is the best still. It sticks very close to the actual book.

RaShell said...

Thanks for your comment, Azara! I will definitely check out the 1992 version!

shay said...

I've seen both films, starring Sir Laurence Olivier and Tom Hardy. I love them both. Now, I've not read the twilighted version but I've read the barnes & noble classic of Wuthering Heights and the original unabridged several times (i am as bad as Bella)lol. This is something EVERYONE needs to read if they love Twilight. It explains the need that Edward & Bella has for each other. In my opinion, if you don't know Wuthering Heights you truely don't unstand B&E's relationship. It is my all time favorite love story and The Twilight Saga comes in 2nd. I shouldn't say that. They go hand in hand, can't have one without the other.

RaShell said...

Thanks for your insight, Shay! I actually might be better off with slightly modernized version (if that's what the B&N has), since English is not my first (nor second or even third :)) language. But I might brave the original after all. Plus other versions of the movie.