Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nikki talks Rosalie's 'Need to be a Mother'

Nikki Reed has talked about Rosalie's 'need to be a mother' and her support for Bella's pregnancy in 'Breaking Dawn' while promoting her latest movie with MTV.

"I think that Rosalie just always wanted to be a mom, and that's how I look at it," Nikki said. "It has nothing to do with being pro-life or anything. I think it's about her want, her need to be a mother, and this is the only opportunity she's every going to have, so she's willing to let Bella die so she can have that and fulfill that, and that's how I look at it. It's her own personal desires."

Watch the video below. Why do you think Rosalie is so supportive of Bella's pregnancy in 'Breaking Dawn'? Do you agree with Nikki?


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