Monday, August 30, 2010

Melissa Rosenberg talks 'Breaking Dawn' at the Emmys!

MTV spoke to Melissa Rosenberg at the Emmys last night and she revealed some news about the 'Breaking Dawn' script and her progress so far. She told MTV;

"They're coming along...I just flew in last night from working with ['Dawn' director] Bill Condon, prepping the scripts. It's a lot of work, I'm exhausted," Rosenberg also revealed that she's between 75 and 80 percent finished with the two screenplays. "But we're intent on making them the best scripts yet."
Regarding the biggest challenge she faces in finishing "Dawn," parts 1 and 2, Rosenberg said it's the climactic "battle scene" — in which the two opposing vampire groups face off in dramatic fashion at the end of the book — that's proving to be her biggest obstacle, rather than the infamous "birth scene".
"The final battle sequence is a big challenge because it lasts 25 pages," Rosenberg told us. "It's almost an entire three-act story in and of itself. You have to track (kept all in one setting) hundreds of characters. It's an enormous challenge to choreograph on the page and for Bill to choreograph on the stage."
Check out video from MTV below!

[Can I just say that I am a bit confused by the reference to the "battle" it may have just been my interpretation but I don't remember a 'battle' per se - more a lot of standing around in a field - do feel free to correct me in the comments. I am, however, heartened to hear how much input Bill Condon seems to have in the script process so far -E]

What do you think about what you have heard to date on the 'Breaking Dawn' Scripts? Are you concerned or do you think no one need worry? What 'Breaking Dawn' scenes need the most emphasis in your mind? Let us know we love to hear from you!


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