Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last Airbender some promo shots and how Jackson got his role!

'The Last Airbender' promotion kind of got buried in the deluge of 'Eclipse' promotion and we are still finding new articles and images from the movie promotion. Twifans has some great promo images of Nicola and Jackson - he looks so young! Check some out to the right and see them all HERE.

Secondly there is a great story behind how Jackson got the role in TLA; 
"Jackson recalls, “I originally started about three years ago and I originally auditioned for Prince Zuko. And I read for the casting director and I read again. Night came out to Los Angeles with a few of us and I read for him as Prince Zuko and we hit it off right then and there, but he wasn’t certain of me for that role. He said he liked me and he wanted to keep me in mind. And then, almost like a year later, he called me in for Sokka and I read for that. And then, we did a mix-and-match chemistry read in Philadelphia and as soon as Nicola [Peltz] and I read together, we just felt kind of a brother/sister dynamic.” 

“It just kind of worked and everything kind of fell into place,” he adds, “And I found out a little bit later after that that I booked the role and it was just a matter of trying to balance it between Summit and Paramount and seeing if that could happen. And it did. They’re both amazing companies. They worked really closely together and a lot of Summit’s executives had been in Paramount previously, so there’s a lot of common bond there and I’m lucky for that and it all worked out.”"

As Amber pointed out to me earlier "Poor guy never gets what he auditions for...LOL. First it was Edward and he got Jasper. Then he auditioned for Zuko and looked so much like the actress playing Katara (Nicola Peltz) that they cast him as Sokka."

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