Saturday, August 28, 2010

Isle Esme

In lieu of recent violence in Brazil, which was considered as one of possible shooting locations for part of the Breaking Dawn, I have been thinking of the actual/imaginary palace from BD - Isle Esme. As we all know, it's an fictional island near Rio de Janeiro, owned by Cullen family which was a present from Carlisle to Esme. Edward manages to keep the actual location of his and Bella's upcoming honeymoon an absolute secret 'till they actually get there. Even though the Isle Esme is not on an actual map, there's plenty of little uninhibited (or privately owned) island off shore that could serve as a prototype for this one. According to online travel guides, most of these islands feature fine sand beaches, jungle-covered wilderness, abundance of marine life and very few inhabitants. A perfect honeymoon spot, right?
Naturally, since our beloved couple gets to finally consummate their relationship on Isle Esme, it has a very special spot in every fan's little romantic heart. There are numerous fanfictions written about what happened there (of course, who can be possibly satisfied with the "dimming the lights" version of Spephenie's PG-13 book? ;)). There's artwork, jewelry and scents created in attempts to express beauty and sensuality of the time Bella and Edward spent there.
So... anybody had an amazing honeymoon experience inspired by Twilight? Planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip with your loved one and have Breaking Dawn images stuck in your mind? I'd love to hear your reactions/stories. Pictures? Even better :)

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