Monday, August 30, 2010

Carlisle Cullen - Worst Vampire Ever?

Rolling Stone Magazine has named Carlisle Cullen as the worst movie vampire. Writing in his column Rolling Stone movie critic Peter Travers says;

"Facinelli is a solid actor, but playing Carlisle Cullen, the white-haired head of the fang-challenged Cullen vampire family, he looks about as terrifying as Project Runway winner Austin Scarlett, whom Carisle closely resembles."

Peter Facinelli promptly responded via Twitter;
 "YES! I finally came in Number 1 in something!

....Thank you Mr. Travers. As Carlisle is a compassionate humanitarian, and anti-vampire in nature, being the worst Vampire was quite the compliment. Although, you had me at "solid actor". :) I did find the comparison to Austin Scarlett utterly ridiculous though ... He has way better cheek bones."

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