Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Twilight stars surprise fans at the movies!

'Eclipse' cast members all made appearances in support of the movie at theaters all over the country over the long weekend.  Peter Facinelli even made an appearance in Hawaii where he was on vacation with his family!

The most exciting appearance of the weekend came at the very end last night when Rob and Kristen appeared together to surprise a theater full of movie goers in Los Angeles. Rob has been very busy shooting 'Water for Elephants' so for him and Kristen (who only has a short amount of time off before pre production of 'On The Road' begins)  to appear was very generous of them. Check out the video below of Rob and Kristen's appearance and click HERE to see pictures of the other cast members surprising fans on the Twilight Facebook page!

Source and Video Source via The Twilight Lexicon

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