Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Things that Twilight Changed

Sorry for posting so late, busy weekend in RL :)
I was just thinking... there are so many little (and big) things that Twilight changed for us, Twifans. Looking at the news right now, total Eclipse, instead of being a distant, NASA-related piece of scientific information, seems quite familiar and the picture reminds me of a certain recent movie poster. Good old reliable Volvo cars all of a sudden turned into a cool vampmobile (and clever advertising people finally caught on and started riding the TwiWave for promoting their sleek piece of German engineering). Wolves, Native American reservations and the entire Washington State received a complete makeover and became hot trendy stuff. Seemingly overnight, Jacob and Isabella moved to the top of baby name charts and Edward is climbing those, steadily. Every self-respective Twihard knows by heart all the stages of mitosis, re-read Shakespeare and Brontë, and can recite Muse's discography.
I would love to hear from you, what places, objects and events have become "unconditionally and irrevocably" associated with Twilight and hence, part of your everyday life. DO TELL!


Jenny said...

I would have to say Washington. I love how it is now a hotspot to vacation at.

RaShell said...

I agree... geographically - so many spots, the entire state of Washington, Forks, Seattle, Port Angeles, plus Chicago, Volterra, Florida. If only we could find Isle Esme... ;)