Friday, July 9, 2010

'The Summer House' is being released July 13th!

One of the movies Rob made long before Twilight is being released for fans to purchase via ITunes on July 13th. Director Daisy Gills spoke to MTV about the short movie and casting Rob.

The movie "was filmed for a week back in the summer of 2006, but is only hitting film festivals and iTunes this year. You can watch the trailer here.  First-time director Daisy Gills said she actually cast Rob because she was recommended him by Campbell Mitchell, who had worked on props for another of his early projects, "The Haunted Airman."  "He said, this guy is amazing, and he's really nice, and I think he'd be really up for working on a short film," Gills told MTV News. "I saw a picture of him and I thought, he's fantastic."
Up until that point, Rob's costar Talulah Riley was best known for her work in Joe Wright's "Pride & Prejudice," and hadn't yet starred in her big hit, "Pirate Radio" (known as "The Boat That Rocked" in the UK). Gills hired a cast director to find her an actress to play the short's main character, Jane, and thought Talulah was the perfect fit."

Read the rest of the article here and follow the links to  purchase the movie on iTunes or to watch the trailer here


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