Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rio being considered as possible 'Breaking Dawn' Location!

The LA Times Ministry of Gossip is twittering that Rio is being considered as a third location for 'Breaking Dawn' and the Isle Esme scenes! This tip came from an interview the paper had with Melissa Rosenberg. Summit has previously announced that the book will be split into two movies and filmed in Louisiana and Vancouver.

"Rio being considered as 3rd location for breaking dawn pt 1 - where the book says Isle Esme is located. full scoop in the a.m. @mattdonnelly 

The Rio tip comes from our follow-up chat with Melissa Rosenberg. Great interview, pt 2 if you will, coming tomorrow @mattdonnelly"

What do you think  Rio as a possible Isle Esme? If they don't use Rio where do you think Summit should film the Isle Esme scenes?


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