Monday, July 26, 2010

Rachelle heads 'Off the Map'

EW is reporting that Rachelle LeFevre has joined the cast of ABC's 'Off the Map'. Rachelle herself also tweeted her excitement;

"So unbelievably excited to been joining "Off the Map"!!!!! Such a talented group of people to be working with and for! Yay!!!"

"Rachelle Lefevre apparently isn’t going to rest until she plays a doctor on TV. The ex-Twilight actress, who had a role in John Wells’ ill-fated CBS medical drama pilot, is joining the cast of ABC’s upcoming Shonda Rhimes-backed physicians-in-paradise soap Off the Map.
Lefevre’s character, Eva, is a free-spirited missionary doc who is well versed in international medicine and global health. She worked at the clinic before, but left due to her troubled romantic history with its founder, Ben (Martin Henderson)."

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