Saturday, July 3, 2010

My 3 Eclipse Cents (non-spoilery)

This time, I tried really hard to block out the incoming avalanche of pictures, early reviews, tv-spots, full-blown trailers (except for highly anticipated first one, of course), etc, etc. I was a good little Eclipse virgin when I finally entered that movie theater late on Friday (yeah, yeah, I know, I'm not a twihard enough for the midnight showings in the middle of the week). I had no expectations (well, maybe I expected to see some very bad wigs... again...). All I had was tingly anticipation and excitement, ready to be immersed into the favorite story. So, here's what I have to say about it, hopefully without revealing major story twists (in case that there's still somebody in the universe who has no clue how it's gonna end ;)) Disclaimer: Eclipse is my least favorite book of the 4.
* My googly-eyes internal fan girl was satisfied. After long incursions into the strange world of fanfiction and observing the beloved actors in non-twilight roles, it was very-very nice to see them back in their "natural habitat", totally "canon", in all their gold-eyed glory.
* My sarcastic movie-critic self had a field day. OMG, they still can't get the wigs, clothes and makeup right... What is it with you, big shot Hollywood stylist people? It's not even funny anymore...
* After hearing tons of criticism of "amateurish" special effects and CGI, I was pleasantly surprised with some very effective visuals. The beginning of the film was out right scary (although more in the classical "scary movie" style, the kind that makes you jump in your seat from unexpected appearances and hints to the lurking evil). The battle scene was quite impressive, despite being relatively short with all "battling" consisting for the most part of fast running. The wolves look great, imho, in their animal form.
* Reading Bree's story before the movie was quite helpful in understanding Volturi dialogue and in feeling more sorry for the girl herself.
* If in NM I was perplexed and a little dizzy with all the camera circling around the actors, this one had a TON of closeups. I mean, seriously, the main character's faces in gigantic proportions were plastered on the screen for like 60% of the time, I swear. I am now painfully familiar with every pimple on young Jacob's forehead, every hair in Edward's sideburns and every single freckle on Bella's nose. Btw, am I going crazy, or did anybody else notice that Jacob's face was kinda blurred out during and before the "big kiss" scene? The same way they do with the aging TV personalities when they do those tearjerking one-on-one interviews, and want minimize the appearance of wrinkles on your screens? I thought it was really weird.
* What else? Overall, I have to say, Twilight is the most naive yet true to the whole "teen movie" idea, New Moon is the most emotional and strangely... romantic of the three, and Eclipse, I suppose is the most fast-paced and action-packed, in my book. I did not get the butterflies in my stomach, even during the "don't try to take your clothes off" moment and even the happy Edward right after the proposal didn't do it for me :(
* I'm sorry to say, but I still miss Rachelle. No offense to Bryce, who, I'm sure is a fine actress and all, but after the "original" fiery Victoria, hers seemed sort of fake and flat...
* Riley was cool though. I wish his head didn't have to roll at the end... Ooops, I think I should stop writing until I reveal too much secret information (it's the super Russian spy in me speaking, in case you didn't notice).
Sooo, share your most adored and least favorite moments in the Eclipse. What impressed you the most and what disappointed? Since the comments go under the "jump", those who wish to remain "pure" before watching the movie for themselves can safely move on to the next post.

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