Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More 'Breaking Dawn' filming information

As we all know by now  'Breaking Dawn' is to be filmed in Louisiana and Vancouver.  We now have more details on the Louisiana filming. According to the Daily Reveille  "Summit has been scouting locations and researching Baton Rouge for “well over a month.”

"Summit is still deliberating what will specifically be filmed in Baton Rouge, Mitchell-Smith said, but the production will begin sometime this fall.  Mitchell-Smith said she couldn’t confirm specific dates, but she expects the project will  remain in the city until spring 2011.
In addition to Louisiana’s tax incentives to production studios, Mitchell-Smith said Baton Rouge offers a wide array of benefits that lure projects to the city.
“The film industry obviously spends so much money locally that another major reason you have local offices like our Baton Rouge Film Commission is so we can be aggressive promoters and marketers of our area,” she said.

The production’s prolonged presence in Baton Rouge will be advantageous for local crew members who will have work for as long as the project is in the city.  “Sometimes you’re on a show for two to three months, then you’re looking for another production,” Mitchell-Smith said. “Folks on this [project] will have consistent employment and a huge resume builder, never even having to go to California.”

Mitchell-Smith said “Breaking Dawn” will be an “enormous boost” to Baton Rouge’s economy through set building and production work, as well as the stimulus of cast and crew who stay in hotels and eat in local restaurants.  “There is a constant multiplication on the dollars the production is spending in our community,” she said.

As the “Breaking Dawn” production swoops into Baton Rouge, the city also has a chance to promote itself by offering local haunts for members of the production to sink their teeth into.“There will be so many people temporarily in town, including actors, actresses and crew, who are, in effect, visitors,” Arrigo said."

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